Watch out!

The most phenomenal skateboard is on the way.

If you're looking for a smooth and impressive ride, then we humbly introduce to you the Volador Maple Longboard.

Everyone will love the fun, thrill, and excitement that it offers.

The board is not too long or too short, just perfect for a comfortable ride.

Meanwhile, the deck has amazing physical performance that will make you ride it for long hours.

The durability is satisfying, plus the board can also make you stand out with its geometric art, adding old school to its design.

Imagine riding a sturdy skateboard made from natural hard-rock maple and epoxy glue that can handle most riders. Whenever you kick it to move, the wheels are quiet and offer a smooth ride.

Padding and acceleration? No problem.

Volador 40 inch Maple longboard has a concave design that adds more power every time you paddle using your foot.

The deck is hard, but the board has a combination of rigidity and flexes balancing it all.

Additionally, it also has a good grip on top securing the rider's feet.

Plus, the 77 mm wheels are awesome. It's responsive, rolls quiet, and can pass through hilly streets.

While the bearings can get better with few upgrades, for most board riders it already glides smoothly.

Considering how its price is much lower than other longboards, you wouldn't expect that this will have an excellent quality of wheels. 

Are You In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

VOLADOR Maple Longboard


VOLADOR Maple Longboard

Why is it the BEST?

  • Made of pressed 8-ply 100% hard maple deck for superior strength.
  • Its hardware is all made from top materials such as carbon steel bolts, chrome steel bearings, high rebound PU wheels, and genuine aluminum alloy trucks.
  • Their reverse 7-inch aluminum kingpin truck is adjustable to 50 or 45 degrees for best maneuver.
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Final Words

Overall, the Volador Maple longboard is a great buy.

It is suitable for all ages who know how to skate.

The manufacturers did an excellent job of building a well-designed and a prominent skateboard.

It is a sweet skateboard specially for its price. We'd definitely recommend it to all skaters out there who wants durability, and authenticity in one board.

There's no need for significant adjustments or upgrades.

Just glide and enjoy your ride.

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