Welcome to SkatesZone.com, ​THE skateboard site FOR skaters, ​BY skaters!

​NO ONE knows skateboards better than skaters themselves and ​NO ONE is more passionate about skating than ​us!

​​SkatesZone.com was created in 2017 by Jesse Silva and Ryan Knox​ - that's us in the photo f​ilming tricks near where we live.

​Our site is ​something we always ​wanted ​when we were ​starting out as skaters - a place for skaters ​to ​find​ honest and independent reviews of everything to do with skateboards and skateboarding.

​Whether you’re a keen beginner looking for some help buying or building your first skateboard or you’re a seasoned pro who’s been building custom boards for years, ​we'll give you all the information you need to ​help you make the right buying decision.

​You can contact us here​​​​​.

You can also find us on​ social media... or filming tricks in our local town or skate park​!

​Thanks for visiting​ us!

See you on the ramps!

Jesse & Ryan

Jesse Silva


Ryan Knox


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