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​What​ Are The Best Skateboard Brands?

Cruising on your ​board feels incredible​​, ​dude!

​BUT, there's something that ​might be getting in the way ​of you ​being the best you can be ​and that something is your BOARD!

​Is​ YOUR board​ ​getting in ​the way ​of you being​ ​the ​BEST you can be?

Do you have the ​BEST​ board or is there a ​BETTER​ one ​out there ​for you?

Before we look at our ​TOP 10 skateboard brands ​for 2020​ we've listed our ​TOP 3 favorites for you.

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RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard

​Best on the Market

#1. RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard 

Why is it our WINNER?

  • Unbelievable price for the quality of board - best on the market
  • The 3" truck is make from solid aluminum, making it durable
  • Comes in 17 crazy good designs - click below to check them out
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Our Score


KPC Pro Skateboard

​Fully Assembled

#2. KPC Pro Skateboard 

Why is it our ​​RUNNER UP CHOICE?

  • Ready to use out of the box - nothing to assemble!
  • The wheels are tight, making it great for learning
  • It looks amazing - voted the sexiest board a couple of years ago
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Our Score

2020 ​​3RD FAVORITE!

Hikole Skateboard

​Heavy Duty

#3. Hikole Skateboard 

Why is it our ​THIRD PLACE CHOICE?

  • Su​per smooth wheels with anti-shock features
  • Can hold up to 220lb of weight - this board is heavy duty!
  • Made of 9 layers of maple wood ensuring that it will last a long time
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Our Score

Does The Brand Of A Skateboard Matter?

There are SO many skateboard brands to choose from and SO many opinions about which one is the best, but does the brand actually matter or not?

​It does and it doesn’t.

Whilst brands do vary in quality and reliability, the top ones are all good choices and generally their decks, trucks, wheels and wheel bearings stand up to The Street.

There are a few stand-out boards, like the ultra-cool Retrospec Zed Longboard, which we both have and cherish, but it’s really up to you which brand you relate to most and which design you like the best - everyone will have their own preference and most people buy with their heart instead of their head, and that's okay.

A lot of people prefer to use the board used by their favorite skaters, and that's okay too.

Some brands ​make their boards and parts in the USA, but most don't, although some are assembled here, but to be honest that doesn't matter either as long as the quality is good, which it usually is.

Sometimes you may want to change, replace or upgrade your trucks, wheels and wheel bearings, and that can make sense depending on what you want to use your board for, such as skate parks, street skating, cruising or tricks.

​How Do You Choose The Best Skateboard?

​A skateboard has a few parts to it and the ​most important one is the ​deck in terms of the shape and size and how well it suits you and your own style.

The ​deck is the​ board you stand on when ska​ting and they come in different lengths and widths.

​You can read our guide on how to choose the right size skateboard for you right here.

If you want some advice, please leave us a comment in a post or contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Best Skateboard Brands In 2020


There Are Our Top 10 Skateboard Brands ​In 2020  With Reviews:

     1. Zero Skateboards

     2. Globe Skateboards

     3. Punked Skateboards

     4. Element Skateboards

     5. Alien Workshop

     6. B​irdhouse Skateboards

     7. ​Blind Skateboards

     8. ​Enjoi Skateboards

     9. Plan B Skateboards

   10. ​Powell Skateboards

1. Zero Skateboards

Zero SkateboardsZero Skateboards

Designed by pro skateboarder Jamie Thomas, the Zero brand is reputed for being one of the best. The brand was started in Carlsbad, CA and has gone on to become one of the top brands there is. The brand name is associated with boards that offer great stability and are easy to maneuver.

This works wonders for grinds and while learning new tricks. The inbuilt features all contribute to making the boards fantastic. The Zero team is made up of a close-knit group of skateboard pros who share their passion for skating and bring their expertise and hands-on know-how to the brand to come up with products that work for skateboarders with varying levels of skills.

Their first-hand knowledge regarding what makes for a great skateboard goes into their designs and innovations. This takes the brand right to the top and ahead of the competitors.

Best Features of Zero Skateboards

The decks have a mild concave design: Zero boards feature a mild concave design. Stability is an important feature, as it keeps a skater from losing the board while performing tricks, and while turning.

This protects from falls, and your performance also improves as the board is top-quality. The concave design is useful for stability, makes rides and cruising much smoother, which is important for grinds and everyday skating.

It helps to make sure the skater stays on and retains the board; this is a helpful feature especially for beginners and intermediate level skaters. It makes it a board of choice for skaters at any levels of expertise, especially so for beginners.

This combination of innovation and inbuilt features that permit at-any-level skaters to sharpen their skating skills makes Zero among the best skateboards there is.

Standard Hardware Goes Into Its Making: The brand realizes the importance of easy assembly and uses original hardware to make the boards easy to assemble. It still uses the original skateboards hardware.

It always has and plans to stick to this tried and tested, and it works, feature, making their boards especially skateboarder friendly. What this also means is that assembling the board does not necessitate buying new tools, as some other boards now need different bolt sizes.

Smooth maneuverability for high trucks: Rider maneuverability is an essential and the Zero brand is well aware of this. The high trucks also offer better stability for grinds. This is a big plus for all those skateboarders getting just getting started.

2. Globe Skateboards

Globe SkateboardsGlobe Skateboards

This brand got started in ' 94 and had grown in size and renown ever since. As a brand that’s known the world over, the Globe line creates skateboard decks, trucks, wheels and apparel.

Essentially they design everything you need for your skateboarding needs and skating lifestyle. They enjoy global repute and market and distribute their products to a worldwide market. Their products are available and popular worldwide.

Over the years, their skateboards have come to be known for their high-quality and reliability when it comes to performance. Their worldwide presence and everything you need for skateboarding approach and the sheer great quality of their product line ensures a place for Globe among the best skate brands in the market.

​Best Features of Globe Skateboards

Innovative Designs: The Globe outlook is reflected in each of their offerings. The innovative designs make for stand-out-in-the-crowd kind of skateboards.

Professional skateboarders developed the brand as they realized that top-line skateboards were not available anywhere and were not there in the market. All that changed, once Globe got started and developed their line.

Unique Features: The Globe founders are pro skateboarders. They knew at the onset that the market need and demand existed for top quality products. Their products emphasize unique designs and reliability.

Like the brand, they have a strong presence in the market and have grown and expanded since they got started, with the focus always being on bringing varied and superior quality products to their customers.

Impressive Product Line: The brand provides skateboarding equipment and gear. It's a brand that brings you anything and everything that's related to skateboarding. The company has a far reach and is involved in movies, events and a Globe team that you can join.

If you live for and breathe skateboarding, when it’s a part of your everyday life and you want more of it, movies, events, skateboarding lifestyle, this is the brand that matches perfectly.

3. Punked Skateboards

Punked SkateboardsPunked Skateboards

It's natural that Punked skateboards are hot selling ones, their boards and longboards are extremely popular. What makes this brand one of the best skateboarding brands that you can buy from is the thought and expertise that goes into their designs and the usefulness of the features that give skaters more balance and control of their boards.

Their graphics have a special appeal; they are creative, eye-catching and attractive. They give you the kind of boards you are proud to own and love to call your own. Their brand creates boards for beginners, intermediates, and professionals.

Look at their line; there's a board that's perfect for you. It’s no surprise that Punked finds a place on the best skateboard brands there is.

​Best Features of Punked Skateboards

Durable and lightweight: The Punked skateboards are strong. They are also lightweight and durable. Each board is designed from robust 9 ply maple wood. It makes the boards sturdy and flexible.

Eye-Catching Graphics: The Punked graphics are always unique and attractive. Any skateboarder can find a board that appeals and expresses their style. It makes the brand a prime choice.

Long Distance Boards: Smooth rides are at the heart of cruising. Unintended stops do ruin the fun, but that never really can happen with their boards, they are designed for smooth riding and cruising that you can enjoy.

The boards are created to be ridden long distance. You can get to work, ride on it around the block or on campus; it's all a smooth, enjoyable cruise.

4. Element Skateboards

Element SkateboardsElement Skateboards

The element is one cool brand, and their line reflects this. The brand first featured on our best list as their boards are top-quality and their pricing is affordable. It's an environmentally friendly brand; their boards cause no damage to the environment. The cool factor of this popular brand ensures they are featured on our best skateboard brands listing.

​Best Features of Element Skateboards

Varied Materials Used For the Decks: Many brands use standard construction, this brand uses thrift wood, making the boards affordable. Their feather light and fiberglass boards are lightweight boards.

Clean Lines For The Graphics: When It Comes To Graphics; Element Charts Its Course. They favor clean lines and minimalistic designs for their graphics.

Air Chambers: The air chambers in the helium lines have planted the length of the deck. It adds strength without adding weight to the board, making them sturdy and strong.

5. Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop SkateboardsAlien Workshop Skateboards

Created by Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender, Alien Workshop is a brand to reckon with. This team remains committed to bringing exceptional quality boards to you and at affordable prices. We like this brand as they make special efforts to bring the most innovative designs to their customers, at prices that many can easily afford.

Some may call this one of the skate brands that are available, but we think that they belong to a place with the top skateboard brands as their top-notch innovations and quality boards deserve this.

​Best Features of Alien Workshop

Corrugated Technology: This brand uses the standard 7 ply which makes the boards lightweight but one that can use frequent usage without wearing out easily, the same way heavier boards do. The lightweight factor is useful when ollies are performed. Their boards are also great when learning new tricks and practicing.

Affordable Pricing: Alien Workshop creates boards with non-treated exteriors and sparse graphics. This impacts the price of the board, making them less expensive to manufacture. At their prices, top-quality boards are within reach, which otherwise may fall outside the budget.

Innovative Designs on Offer: Innovation is the key to this brand. It’s at the core of the approach to the kind of products they want to bring to their customers; it’s always designing quality products that every skateboarder can afford to buy easily. They continue to design new skateboards that are created using the very latest and this sets it apart from the other brands.

6. Birdhouse

Birdhouse SkateboardsBirdhouse Skateboards

Brought to you by Tony Hawk and Per Welinder, this brand gained overnight recognition, and it was turned into a professional skateboard brand. Many professional skateboarders favor this brand due to the expertise that goes into its making.

Their boards are built to last, are easy to maneuver and offer greater stability. That’s just some of the many reasons they are here, featured among our best skateboard brands picks.

​Best Features of Birdhouse

Created Using Black 6 Technology: This brand designs boards using the black 6 technology for their decks. This means that the ply that is used is a lot sturdier and more pop. More pop means more control and is used for tricks.

Medium Concave: Decks with medium concave are more stable. This is useful while lifting the boards. It also means that the tail kick is substantial and maneuvering is easy for upkicks.

Heavier decks minimize chipping: The heavier deck aspect minimizes the chances of chipping. Other skateboards from other brands may wear out easily, but never this one. The lifespan of the board gets extended due to this.

7. Blind Skateboards

Blind SkateboardsBlind Skateboards

Created by Mark Gonzales, this one of the best skateboard brands is reputed for durability and the boards come with unique features. Made and marketed for hardcore skaters, this brand is also a great choice for all-level skaters, including beginners.

​Best Features of Blind

Skateboards are of 8 plies: ​Blind create boards from 8 plies. The boards are strong and for hardcore skating. This use of 8 plies adds strength and adds durability. & ply decks are also created for all those who look for decks that are similar to other available boards.

Vertical Laminated Cores for Decks: The construction uses vertical lamination. It adds more flex, and when decks are more flexible, it’s really useful for performing tricks.

Use Their Signature Sick Graphics: The bLind signature sick graphics uses the grim reaper. Other graphics feature blazing skulls, graffiti blocks and grim reaper with high details. The bLind message gets through with their graphics.

8. Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi SkateboardsEnjoi Skateboards

Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen founded the Enjoi skateboard brand. This brand has gone on to be known as one of the most innovative brands for skateboards. Other pro skaters and the founders of Enjoi put their heads together to create the notorious “A-team’; this group represents Enjoy.

The team has seen some changes over the years, but their panda boards stand out from the rest for its uniqueness. This brand is committed to providing best quality boards for beginners and finds popularity among skateboarders with more advanced skills, as well. Another top skateboard brands, this is.

​Best Features of ​Enjoi

The Decks have wide dimensions: Famous for creating their wide decks, their boards are popular with skaters with advanced skills. The wider decks prevent injuries, this is a big advantage for beginners and when learning new tricks.

Easy To Maneuver with Standard Trucks: Enjoi skateboards are made to be easier to maneuver. This is a big plus; this is useful when just starting out with skateboarding. As your skills improve, the trucks are designed to enable adjustments; they can be tightened to offer more resistance.

Their Signature Graphics: The Enjoi brand boards all feature their signature panda. The panda stands for the essence of skating; it represents the passion, commitment, and the enjoyment skating holds for skateboarders.

​9. Plan B Skateboards

Plan B SkateboardsPlan B Skateboards

Pro skater Mike Ternasky originally founded this Brand. The Plan B team changed hands later on; this was as Ternasky was in an accident and didn’t pull through. The team bounced back from the unfortunate events and had come back stronger and with a whole range of innovative skateboards.

Best Features of Plan B

Design with Flex: The decks are designed for more flex. Flex boards are useful as every time you jump or do the trick the board moves with you. Even the shock on impact is muted with flex boards.

Come with Or without Grip Tape: The choice whether to buy the skateboard with or without tape makes it a more versatile choice, you can buy standard tape or change and customize the board any way you like.

Easy To Assemble: The Plan b skateboards are easy to assemble, this ease of assembly continues for future upgrades or when you want to customize your board. The assembly process is nice and easy and gets done on location. It is also useful if the wheels need changing between jumps.

10. Powell Skateboards

Powell SkateboardsPowell Skateboards

Powell skateboards go back to the ’70; they were and are a brand favored by many generations of skaters. Although the founders split for a while, they got back on board, and Stacy Peralta and George Powell regrouped to come out with top-notch products. Since then, the brand has gone on to conquer its share of the market and has known great success since then.

​Best Features of Powell

Best-Quality ABEC 7 Bearings Are Used: With their long experience in this field, the Powell brand knows how important the bearings are to the board and performance. For this reason, top bearings are used, which means faster speeds, and it also eliminates sudden stops.

Strong and Durable Decks: The decks are manufactured to be durable. They are compressed to achieve this. This is an important feature as when the board is strong it can handle rough-use. The strength is also required to support fluctuations in weight while skating or performing tricks.

Wheels Are Smaller For Better Stability: When it comes to skating, wheels are essential to the performance part of it. The Powell brand knows that skaters cruise, but they perform tricks, learn new ones, practice them or will be learning and practicing them at some point. They make their wheels smaller which works well for street skating.

Things to Consider When ​Buying The Best Skateboard Brands

​Skating is much more than a skateboard designed from maplewood and coated with polyurethane.

A skateboard is essential for the sport but so are passion and commitment.

All these factors, plus skills, are what skating is all about.

The skateboard brands are well aware of this and manufacture the kind of skateboards that do justice to the intensity and commitment you bring to the sport.

When you look at skating from only the equipment perspective, you are looking at it from one angle, while there are these many other dimensions to it.

This combination of a great skateboard, your skills, and determination to ace skating, can take you from beginner’s level to skating like a pro.

When you are on the lookout for a good or one of the best skateboards, you will come across numerous brand names and a huge variety of products.

Many skateboards that feature among the best and most popular ones come backed by formidable reputations for being awesome products regarding style, color options, and quality.

To get to intermediate level from beginners and on to expert type jumps from the intermediate level, having a skateboard from the best listing lets you hone your skills, this way you can fully enjoy the fun and thrill of skating as you learn to master it.

How Do We Define The Best Skateboard Brands?

Skate like a pro and look fantastic while at it!

This best skateboard for beginners list consists of brand names that are reputed and have been on the market for years.

The superior quality of their products ensures popularity and great reputations for their brands.

While defining good skateboard brands, we let quality be the first consideration, and it took precedence over the price of the product.

Skateboards are available is vibrant colors, in funky styles and eye-catching hues, and there's sure to be one that's perfect for every skater.

Skateboard brands that are top performers are the ones we deal with.

You can read through the reviews that we have compiled for you and choose the skateboard that, in style, color and performance, embodies the passion and commitment you have for skating.


Skateboarding is fun, the lifestyle, the mindset, it's all you.

You bring passion and commitment to the sport; the best skateboard brands give you the kind of boards you can learn new tricks on and hone your skills.

From this perspective, skateboarding is thrilling, but an element of danger lurks somewhere, falls and injuries can be taken out of the quotient when a board from one of the top skateboarding brands is used.

The best skateboard is designed to give you superlative skateboarding experiences; it’s designed with superior materials and can withstand rough handling without needing frequent replacements.

You buy a great one, you have fun and hone your skills, and when the brand offers it at a price you like, it puts a special shine on your skateboarding days.

The best boards are those that give you control, maneuverability, smooth riding and exhilarated cruising.

The brands listed here bring these and a lot more on board.

Now, ​g​et skating​!

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