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What Are The Best Skateboard Brands?

Cruising on your board feels incredible, dude!

BUT, there's something that might be getting in the way of you being the best you can be and that something is your BOARD!

Is YOUR board getting in the way of you being the BEST you can be?

Do you have the BEST board or is there a BETTER one out there for you?

Before we look at our TOP 10 skateboard brands for 2020 we've listed our TOP 3 favorites for you.

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RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard

Best on the Market

#1. RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard 

Why is it our WINNER?

  • Unbelievable price for the quality of board - best on the market
  • The 3" truck is make from solid aluminum, making it durable
  • Comes in 17 crazy good designs - click below to check them out
amazon logo
Our Score


KPC Pro Skateboard

Fully Assembled

#2. KPC Pro Skateboard 

Why is it our RUNNER UP CHOICE?

  • Ready to use out of the box - nothing to assemble!
  • The wheels are tight, making it great for learning
  • It looks amazing - voted the sexiest board a couple of years ago
amazon logo
Our Score


Hikole Skateboard

Heavy Duty

#3. Hikole Skateboard 


  • Super smooth wheels with anti-shock features
  • Can hold up to 220lb of weight - this board is heavy duty!
  • Made of 9 layers of maple wood ensuring that it will last a long time
amazon logo
Our Score

Does The Brand Of A Skateboard Matter?

There are SO many skateboard brands to choose from and SO many opinions about which one is the best, but does the brand actually matter or not?

It does and it doesn’t.

Whilst brands do vary in quality and reliability, the top ones are all good choices and generally their decks, trucks, wheels and wheel bearings stand up to The Street.

There are a few stand-out boards, like the ultra-cool Retrospec Zed Longboard, which we both have and cherish, but it’s really up to you which brand you relate to most and which design you like the best - everyone will have their own preference and most people buy with their heart instead of their head, and that's okay.

A lot of people prefer to use the board used by their favorite skaters, and that's okay too.

Some brands make their boards and parts in the USA, but most don't, although some are assembled here, but to be honest that doesn't matter either as long as the quality is good, which it usually is.

Sometimes you may want to change, replace or upgrade your trucks, wheels and wheel bearings, and that can make sense depending on what you want to use your board for, such as skate parks, street skating, cruising or tricks.

How Do You Choose The Best Skateboard?

A skateboard has a few parts to it and the most important one is the deck in terms of the shape and size and how well it suits you and your own style.

The deck is the board you stand on when skating and they come in different lengths and widths.

You can read our guide on how to choose the right size skateboard for you right here.

If you want some advice, please leave us a comment in a post or contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Best Skateboard Brands


There Are Our Top 10 Skateboard Brands In 2020  With Reviews:

     1. Zero Skateboards

     2. Globe Skateboards

     3. Punked Skateboards

     4. Element Skateboards

     5. Alien Workshop

     6. Birdhouse Skateboards

     7. Blind Skateboards

     8. Enjoi Skateboards

     9. Plan B Skateboards

   10. Powell Skateboards

1. Zero Skateboards

Zero SkateboardsZero Skateboards

Designed by pro skateboarder Jamie Thomas, the Zero brand is reputed for being one of the best. The brand was started in Carlsbad, CA and has gone on to become one of the top brands there is. The brand name is associated with boards that offer great stability and are easy to maneuver.

This works wonders for grinds and while learning new tricks. The inbuilt features all contribute to making the boards fantastic. The Zero team is made up of a close-knit group of skateboard pros who share their passion for skating and bring their expertise and hands-on know-how to the brand to come up with products that work for skateboarders with varying levels of skills.

Their first-hand knowledge regarding what makes for a great skateboard goes into their designs and innovations. This takes the brand right to the top and ahead of the competitors.

Best Features of Zero Skateboards

The decks have a mild concave design: Zero boards feature a mild concave design. Stability is an important feature, as it keeps a skater from losing the board while performing tricks, and while turning.

This protects from falls, and your performance also improves as the board is top-quality. The concave design is useful for stability, makes rides and cruising much smoother, which is important for grinds and everyday skating.

It helps to make sure the skater stays on and retains the board; this is a helpful feature especially for beginners and intermediate level skaters. It makes it a board of choice for skaters at any levels of expertise, especially so for beginners.

This combination of innovation and inbuilt features that permit at-any-level skaters to sharpen their skating skills makes Zero among the best skateboards there is.

Standard Hardware Goes Into Its Making: The brand realizes the importance of easy assembly and uses original hardware to make the boards easy to assemble. It still uses the original skateboards hardware.

It always has and plans to stick to this tried and tested, and it works, feature, making their boards especially skateboarder friendly. What this also means is that assembling the board does not necessitate buying new tools, as some other boards now need different bolt sizes.

Smooth maneuverability for high trucks: Rider maneuverability is an essential and the Zero brand is well aware of this. The high trucks also offer better stability for grinds. This is a big plus for all those skateboarders getting just getting started.

Video Transcript

hello I'm Jamie Thomas and we're here at

the 20 years of zero photo and art show

we have a hundred of my favorite most

some of the most iconic boards of all

time and I'm going to talk about a few

of them that are reissued in the current

season so this is the original Smith

grind board was released in 2000 this is

the first edition we wanted to reissue

it but I wanted to do something special

so I reached out to Lance mountain and

Lance Mountain redrew the Smith grind

graphic and then made me into a skeleton

that's like the style of artwork that he

does so we're super hyped on Lance

Mountain they do an original piece of

artwork of the Smith grind board which

is probably my most iconic graphic of

all time this is John Ali's first board

it's called evil dead this was like

really kind of his most memorable

graphic and it was his first graphic

John rides for slave skateboards now I

reached out to him and talked about

doing a reissue for a twenty year he was

super hyped on it so this is the board

he chose and anyway so it's awesome this

is screaming for vengeance

I think it's called vengeance in the

catalogue this board was the rat

released around 2001 I always loved this

graphic and I found this one in a

warehouse and it been beat up for like I

don't know moved around a bunch and the

graphic had all fallen off and I was

super hyped on just the way it looked so

I hung this board up but this was one of

the one one of the board's that I wanted

to reissue so it's in the current line

this was Eric's first board and he was

always really hyped on it because one of

his good friends did the graphic and it

was really meaningful to him so when I

reached out to Eric to do a reissue

board this is the board he chose and

were hyped on it so we did it this is

the original board

but the reissue is exactly as this board

was we tried to like make them as close

as possible to the originals this is the

vine board vine boards from 99 it was

seen being skated a lot and mislead

youth so it became like one of the more

identifiable boards just because the

graphic was so bright and vivid you

could always see it in all the photos so

you could recognize it so when I asked

the team what board they wanted to

reissue they all chose this board we had

to take a photo of this board and then

re recreate the artwork from this board

this is the original but the board is

pretty much spot-on - exactly the way

this one was made the bold graphic was

the second board that Xero ever made and

the black colorway was the original

colorway in 1999 we issued we issued one

run of the boards with the graphic

backwards and I have a 500-foot egde in

misled youth where I hold up my finger

one more and it was on this board so

that board was only out for a really

small period of time and some of the

like true zero skate nerds always talked

about that board graphic so this one's

the regular one but the one in the

catalog that you see that's the reverted

board or inverse board where it spells

zero backwards anyway that was the

that's the reason why we reissued that

board the American zero board was the

first board we ever made when we first

made it I had the idea of trying to do a

full top graphic and at this time a full

top graphic and skateboarding hadn't

been done because you had to make the

screen print upside down in order to be

able to print on the top so no one

wanted to deal with that but luckily

that when I wanted to make this board

they made it and I wanted to board to be

like it was see-through so we made the

top graphic you know inverted so the a

starts here that goes backwards so it

looks like the board would be

see-through that was my original thought

I'm not sure how cool that was but we

remade the American 0 reissues exactly

as they were made in 1996 so this was

our first board and that's why we

reissued exactly as it was all right

thanks for listening to the story behind

some of the boards

thanks for

the 20-year show hopefully you see this

online if you're not able to be here and

I don't know thanks for reppin our stuff

and I appreciate it take care peace

2. Globe Skateboards

Best Globe SkateboardsBest Globe Skateboards

This brand got started in ' 94 and had grown in size and renown ever since. As a brand that’s known the world over, the Globe line creates skateboard decks, trucks, wheels and apparel.

Essentially they design everything you need for your skateboarding needs and skating lifestyle. They enjoy global repute and market and distribute their products to a worldwide market. Their products are available and popular worldwide.

Over the years, their skateboards have come to be known for their high-quality and reliability when it comes to performance. Their worldwide presence and everything you need for skateboarding approach and the sheer great quality of their product line ensures a place for Globe among the best skate brands in the market.

Best Features of Globe Skateboards

Innovative Designs: The Globe outlook is reflected in each of their offerings. The innovative designs make for stand-out-in-the-crowd kind of skateboards.

Professional skateboarders developed the brand as they realized that top-line skateboards were not available anywhere and were not there in the market. All that changed, once Globe got started and developed their line.

Unique Features: The Globe founders are pro skateboarders. They knew at the onset that the market need and demand existed for top quality products. Their products emphasize unique designs and reliability.

Like the brand, they have a strong presence in the market and have grown and expanded since they got started, with the focus always being on bringing varied and superior quality products to their customers.

Impressive Product Line: The brand provides skateboarding equipment and gear. It's a brand that brings you anything and everything that's related to skateboarding. The company has a far reach and is involved in movies, events and a Globe team that you can join.

If you live for and breathe skateboarding, when it’s a part of your everyday life and you want more of it, movies, events, skateboarding lifestyle, this is the brand that matches perfectly.

Video Transcript

all right so I don't have much of an

intro as I don't make videos often at

all and I also have two very bright

lights shining at me so I'm going to

make this review pretty quick I have

terrible internet um nothing was ideal

today I tried to I was going to skate

this today and it's ranked so that's

great I'm gonna do an unboxing of a the

globe big blazer 32 inch not the one

with wheat all over it um it's orange

and I don't really know what else

actually to say for this so I'm just

going to try to make it short to the

point I never saw any videos online of

people unboxing this I looked them up it

was I got it on Amazon for $94 now it's

116 it just got restocked and shipping

just went up to like 14 from 9 I was

gonna do it on Saturday but this is just

telling me about it yep

there you go big blazer Brown orange

completely 32 inch it's a globe board I

have globe is not known generally for

their great boards but I figured since

it was a cruiser it's kind of hard for

people to screw up a cruiser so I could

already feel this box is 32 inches long

in the board is also 32 inches long so I

also played on doing this little ground

but it didn't work at all that's nothing

worked for me trying to do this this is

all gonna be one peso I don't care what

I screw up it's still going up because

by uploading it straight from my phone

also that's why this is a 720 rather

than 4k my phone can record 4k but I've

really bad internet living in

cradle country Alabama so like I said I

was gonna skate this on Saturday but you

gives us ship Saturdays even though it

wasn't raining then everything was ideal

on Saturday it was only 20 minutes away

I'm doing so I'm actually really happy

for this awesome

first impressions are it's bigger than I

thought it was going to be while already

knowing it was gonna be 32 inches I have

my other board actually sitting right

over there but it for a long time and

alright that seems to be actually all

that comes in a box it's a lot of

packaging bubbles wheels are really soft

I've never had a cruiser like this

before especially with wheels this big

there are 62 millimetres 63 maybe um I

think they're 83 a so they're a lot

softer than I thought they would be a

lot more well made honestly than I

expected to be but of course I paid a

lot for this after you know shipping and

everything was $104 so I'll get up a

little closer to the camera hopefully

this doesn't look ridiculous I know I

look ridiculous sitting there I reviewed

this a lot um let's get behind the

camera hold it up for you so you see

wheels I sense it's a phone I can't

really tell it to focus so it is 32

inches long and nine and a half inches

wide at its widest point I think um

very large risers actually that I didn't

expect they're uh slanted probably from

1/4 inch to 1/2 inch almost looks like

but of course these are big wheels also

has a wheel wells

so no wheel bike because I've got that

before it absolutely sucks also has a

bottle opener right there so that's


and a little globe right there on the

grip tape also this globe on the back

right here that you can barely see it's

actually in the board so overall this

actually looks pretty well made I'm

happy with it I'll show you my other

board actually that's an actual

skateboard right here it's a lot thinner

I beat it up and if you can see stuff

does not roll near as well as it should

any more also it's just old and I've

never replaced anything on and I got it

when I was in fourth grade so I had no

idea what I was doing for the board so

ended up not being as well kept as it

could have expected a riding video soon

um everything seems to roll really well

and also very quietly very very quietly

so as compared to at least a normal


of course that's after a lot though

so guess I'm approaching six minutes on

the video it's I get half a megabyte

upload actually less than that so it's

gonna take me really long time to upload

this but I really wanted to have this

review up so that people can see what

this is like since I could find nothing

online of the sort first

also trucks are really loose and the

board is really long I've never skated

anything longer than my 31 normal over

there also nothing wider than that my

friend has a Santa Cruz

I think it's about 28 inches long and

about 8 inches wide and it's similar to

this but it's nothing near like this the

wheels aren't near as big or soft and he

also has a penny board and I can't ride

up any more that's why I opted for

something big like this because I'm six

foot one I wear size 11 or 11 and a half

and people that big can ride penny

boards but I just opted not to as

opposed to this much larger or and I

also opted for the kick tail as opposed

to other things I looked online on

Amazon at another board um I don't even

remember what it was it was quest and I

didn't really know how to reliable those

were going to be considering you know

they were $120 in an on sale there were

60 most of the reviews said good for

beginners I've been riding long enough I

know how to ride a board so also um I

need this kick tail because how much I

pick up my foot to move it back and

forth I'm

not a good great order but I think up my

feet enough that I wanted to be able to

do that so I guess that will be my

review of the globe big blazer 32 inch

brown and orange and this is all going

up in one take there's no editing at all

because I'm on my phone and I didn't

want to put it on the computer so there

you go

hope you liked it hope it's useful all


3. Punked Skateboards

Punked SkateboardsPunked Skateboards

It's natural that Punked skateboards are hot selling ones, their boards and longboards are extremely popular. What makes this brand one of the best skateboarding brands that you can buy from is the thought and expertise that goes into their designs and the usefulness of the features that give skaters more balance and control of their boards.

Their graphics have a special appeal; they are creative, eye-catching and attractive. They give you the kind of boards you are proud to own and love to call your own. Their brand creates boards for beginners, intermediates, and professionals.

Look at their line; there's a board that's perfect for you. It’s no surprise that Punked finds a place on the best skateboard brands there is.

Best Features of Punked Skateboards

Durable and lightweight: The Punked skateboards are strong. They are also lightweight and durable. Each board is designed from robust 9 ply maple wood. It makes the boards sturdy and flexible.

Eye-Catching Graphics: The Punked graphics are always unique and attractive. Any skateboarder can find a board that appeals and expresses their style. It makes the brand a prime choice.

Long Distance Boards: Smooth rides are at the heart of cruising. Unintended stops do ruin the fun, but that never really can happen with their boards, they are designed for smooth riding and cruising that you can enjoy.

The boards are created to be ridden long distance. You can get to work, ride on it around the block or on campus; it's all a smooth, enjoyable cruise.

Video Transcript

what's up guys my name is I can guess

what I got in the mail today no I did my

first duck are you so anyway but anyway

I got that thing I was talking about and

I already cut off the sides and the tape

and stuff and I'm just gonna open up and

show you guys what I got it's fantastic

I'm so excited so yeah here you go right

there okay I got this from social

skateboards and just came in today I

skated it a little bit so yeah I got a

little fact but here he is

she's beautiful there's a punk

skateboard with punk skateboard wheels I

don't know what kind of bearings this is

Oh punched that I'm sticky

but it's from punk decks I have my bone

Swiss Reds stickers on there and then I

have a vaulted ketchup sticker on there

which is pretty cool but yeah that's

what we got it's awesome I love it it's

so C's and I don't know what kind of

trucks these are but I'm pretty sure

they're punked okay everything else on

it was gone but yeah um yeah I mean they

do a little session right

please know that I'm just now getting

back on the skateboard so yeah let's go

oh yeah and I forgot to show you I did

do a revive design online

it's pretty awesome but thank you guys

for watching this video if you liked it

leave a like and subscribe for more


I didn't say drop a new drop a new kind

of like fun see you later guys

4. Element Skateboards

Best Element SkateboardsBest Element Skateboards

The element is one cool brand, and their line reflects this. The brand first featured on our best list as their boards are top-quality and their pricing is affordable. It's an environmentally friendly brand; their boards cause no damage to the environment. The cool factor of this popular brand ensures they are featured on our best skateboard brands listing.

Best Features of Element Skateboards

Varied Materials Used For the Decks: Many brands use standard construction, this brand uses thrift wood, making the boards affordable. Their feather light and fiberglass boards are lightweight boards.

Clean Lines For The Graphics: When It Comes To Graphics; Element Charts Its Course. They favor clean lines and minimalistic designs for their graphics.

Air Chambers: The air chambers in the helium lines have planted the length of the deck. It adds strength without adding weight to the board, making them sturdy and strong.

Video Transcript

today on this gloriously dim day I'm

gonna be starting the element review of

the Sasha daily 8.25 deck so this

element deck is thirty-one and three

quarters long it has a 14 and a quarter

wheelbase and it is an 8 and a quarter

it's basically eight and a quarter at

the top and bottom and it's got a super

pointy nose and tail which turns a lot

of people off element boards but let's

take a look at it because it actually

looks better with griptape on than

before okay so here's the nose and you

really can't get how pointy it is from

the camera angle but it's quite tapered

here's your tail the tail is very short

and tapered a really short tail okay so

when I first set this deck up it was

actually like a super light and snappy

and crispy deck and not much has

actually changed it's only about two

weeks old right now and it softened up a

little bit but not soggy at all it's

still really crisp and light and snappy

and this one is way better than the Toy

Machine I had in terms of being a PS

sticks board I'm actually really

impressed you know people always talk

about PS being really good board and I

just didn't have a lot of experience on

them but this one really shows me that I

think just like real has some extra

special juice put in by bear back in the

press plant

I think element boards get a little

extra special attention at the PS plant

so let's look at the fingers of flat I'd

say we have about two and a half right

here and about two and a quarter here so

not too much it's been really crispy and

really snappy on it nice I think it

could be even a little bit snappier on

Thunders but I've been loving how light

it makes it feel the one thing I would

say about the super pointy 8.2 fives is

if you're somebody who likes to ride 149

s on eight point two fives like me when

they're really pointy it does make the

trucks look like they stick out a little

bit more but let's clear this up really

quick because people like I don't like

my X's sticking out but let's measure

the wheels so my wheels are eight inches

so they're still narrower than the bore

and to me that's actually the point that

matters is how wide are your wheels if

your wheels are actually getting wider

than your deck then it's a problem well

because this park is covered in goose


I can only skate the manual pad and the

good news is this board has a great

manual point look what those jerk Birds

did everywhere everywhere and there's a

massive lake over there to shoot my

board into


I'm taking anything I can get cuz it's

raining a ton I only fell in a bit of

goose poop alright it's over for today

it's raining way too much can't get a


well that was Monday evening it's now

Tuesday morning 7:00 a.m. and it's gonna

rain all week so you guys are just gonna

have to watch me skate curbs and manuals


all right let's get it I just waxed the

crap out of this curb I definitely have

some opinions on this pointy nose and

tail so what isn't it good for well

doing long slides I find it's really

hard to keep my heel from dragging for

example very obnoxious isn't it but a

lot of that's my form still I like a

blunt or nose and tail to keep my heel

off the ledge another thing that I have

a hard time with with a pointy nose and

tail is squaring up my heel flip tricks

so I have a 50/50 chance of whether or

not I'm gonna do a solid heel flip trick

on this deck because for some reason

when my nose and tail hit the ground not

having a more blunt nose or tail makes

it more likely to flop around okay but

pointy nose and tail what are they good



so spoopy tricks like 360 flips and

frontside flips hard flips really nice

with a point to your tail in terms of

its tipping and sort of poppin point

it's really nice for tricks like

backside flips when you get a deck that

has less fingers of flat so it's like

down to two and it makes the nose and

tail feel heavy that can take a lot more

effort for an older guy to do a backside


hard to get a good flick when your

boards way

let's see if I can get a few men well

tricks on my favorite eight-foot man

well pad nose tap damn it

well that's enough to make this cranky

old carpenter happy this morning you

know I was about to tell myself you get

what you get and you don't get upset but

sometimes you got to tell yourself work

harder for it today I did well I think

that's enough manuel's for one video it

is cold today and I have switched to

thunder one 49s on this deck this deck

was amazing with those Indy 149

Titanium's however I find that once I

get to the second half of a decks life

sometimes Indy's can actually lead to my

deck feeling a little bit soft kind of

prematurely and once I add thunders then

it kind of crisps it up nicely so this

is feeling really good again you know I

have to be honest I think I might

actually like this board better with

these thunders than I did with the

Indies I got goose bumps

and my wheels are going green yeah

Canada geese I'm definitely getting used

to the pointy kicks on this board I'm

learning how to adjust my feet on my

slide so I'm not getting as much savage

heel drag and when I look down at the

board it doesn't bug me anymore like I

can't tell that it's pointy it's just a

deck that I'm used to now this deck is

now a month old in terms of the quality

of the wood I think it's really nice

like I said in the beginning super crisp

poppy snappy and light feeling like this

is a really nicely proportioned board so

I'm glad I've tried an element board I

would definitely ride another one I'll

be riding this one for the rest of the

week unless I get dreadfully impatient

and put on a new setup but anyways if

you've been wondering if element boards

are decent I hope this helps answer your

question some people see it as a kid's

brand but like this is a good skate

board and I'm happy that by buying this

I'm helping support a local pro sasha

daily so thanks for watching as always I

hope your next session is your best

session yet

until the next video

5. Alien Workshop Skateboards

Best Alien Workshop SkateboardsBest Alien Workshop Skateboards

Created by Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender, Alien Workshop is a brand to reckon with. This team remains committed to bringing exceptional quality boards to you and at affordable prices. We like this brand as they make special efforts to bring the most innovative designs to their customers, at prices that many can easily afford.

Some may call this one of the skate brands that are available, but we think that they belong to a place with the top skateboard brands as their top-notch innovations and quality boards deserve this.

Best Features of Alien Workshop

Corrugated Technology: This brand uses the standard 7 ply which makes the boards lightweight but one that can use frequent usage without wearing out easily, the same way heavier boards do. The lightweight factor is useful when ollies are performed. Their boards are also great when learning new tricks and practicing.

Affordable Pricing: Alien Workshop creates boards with non-treated exteriors and sparse graphics. This impacts the price of the board, making them less expensive to manufacture. At their prices, top-quality boards are within reach, which otherwise may fall outside the budget.

Innovative Designs on Offer: Innovation is the key to this brand. It’s at the core of the approach to the kind of products they want to bring to their customers; it’s always designing quality products that every skateboarder can afford to buy easily. They continue to design new skateboards that are created using the very latest and this sets it apart from the other brands.

Video Transcript

what is up guys it's time for another

board review this time I in Alien

Workshop hack smart board Michael with

these review videos is to give you guys

honest feedback on different skate

products that you guys don't have to go

out and buy all them yourselves so that

you can better select products that will

be best for your skating now before I

get into the review I will show you guys

my favorite tricks I did on this board

so enjoy





all right so let me start with the pop I

would say it had pretty snappy pop I

really liked it it definitely felt

snappier than the zero or antihero

boards I skated recently it did feel

lighter than those boards that being

said it is an 85 but I don't think that

Whittle size difference was enough to

really make the board feel lighter I

think the wood of the skateboard slashed

the board Construction is probably more

responsible for that the fact that I

felt lighter also I did notice the size

difference just in terms of how the

board felt going from all the eight

three boards I've been skating recently

down to this 85 now some people say us

too insignificant of a difference to

notice but I definitely noticed hit the

board definitely felt smaller I would

have gone in 8 3 8 but they only had 85

or 85 hex marks probably should've just

gone with 85 actually as someone who has

pretty large feet size 11 and a half

u.s. I feel like a 3/8 size boards are a

pretty good size for me because if you

have larger feet then you kind of want

to have more board under you you know so

it's easier to control and you feel more

comfortable at least those are my

viewpoints on that not saying is the

sole determining factor but I would also

argue that it's a very important factor

in what size boards you want to ride

anyway so in terms of the concave I

would say it's pretty steep concave

always challenging to show this but I

try the nose has definitely pitched

pretty well probably the most of any

board I've written except for obviously

the other alien workshop exmark that

I've read in now I really do like when

the nose is pitched a lot because I feel

like it catches my foot better for

Ollie's and flip tricks as I said before

that's just my personal opinion on that

all right so now let's get into the

where I skated for 14 days

so here is what graphic looks like how

it wore down only chipped I was even

noticeable was right here and it wasn't

really in a bad location at all so I

didn't really mind that I did kind of

just randomly fall off though that was

interesting but anyway what's most

important in my opinion is that the tail

stays pretty pristine in there no chips

coming out of that you can see there's

like nothing wrong with the top of the

board early now on the topic of chips

coming out the tail of boards the 2p2

boards I skated I was not too happy with

giant chips came out of both of the

tails over the course of about a month

since I started skating the boards you

know that was not a month's worth of

skating I'm saying since I first stepped

on the board till the end of the month

or about 30 days since there's a giant

chip in the tail and I did not skate

every day so how is just I don't know

that really affects performance you know

so there was some paint whatever that

came off but it's nothing that affected

anything I don't know if you can see but

I've been getting some serious wheel

bite marks from these wheels and

these wheels were I believe 54

millimeters when I got them they're

definitely a good deal smaller now but

man I got a lot of wheel bite when I

first had these cheese anyway so yeah ed

wore down pretty well in a sense that it

didn't wear down a lot if that makes

sense all right that about does it for

this review video I did want to ask you

guys one thing though so there are three

more boards that I plan on reviewing

that I already have a baker board a

magic method skateboard and a numbers

board now besides those there are still

a lot that I haven't reviewed yet that I

want to review and I want to see which

ones you guys want to see reviews of

just give you an idea of some that I

haven't reviewed yet

I've not skated a girl a blind a

chocolate and enjoy a creature

Carolee think of any other ones right

now but I know there are a lot more that

I have not skated and if there are any

in particular you guys want to see then

please leave a comment down below and if

one of them gets a lot of votes then I

will go for that one because I want to

review products that you guys want to

see whenever you see someone do

something amazing instead of distancing

yourself from them why not think to

yourself if they can do it why can't I

that's just how I like to see things you

know I don't believe in putting people

on a pedestal and thinking like all this

person is so different you know I could

never be like them I hate that way of

thinking I just no no I believe in the

potential of everyone anyway thank you

guys so much for watching the support

means a ton keep doing what you love and

have an awesome day 

6. Birdhouse

Birdhouse SkateboardsBirdhouse Skateboards

Brought to you by Tony Hawk and Per Welinder, this brand gained overnight recognition, and it was turned into a professional skateboard brand. Many professional skateboarders favor this brand due to the expertise that goes into its making.

Their boards are built to last, are easy to maneuver and offer greater stability. That’s just some of the many reasons they are here, featured among our best skateboard brands picks.

Best Features of Birdhouse

Created Using Black 6 Technology: This brand designs boards using the black 6 technology for their decks. This means that the ply that is used is a lot sturdier and more pop. More pop means more control and is used for tricks.

Medium Concave: Decks with medium concave are more stable. This is useful while lifting the boards. It also means that the tail kick is substantial and maneuvering is easy for upkicks.

Heavier decks minimize chipping: The heavier deck aspect minimizes the chances of chipping. Other skateboards from other brands may wear out easily, but never this one. The lifespan of the board gets extended due to this.

Video Transcript

hey you kids want drugs another video

this is John Hill and today is an epic

day we're going Street skateboarding

with Willem it's gonna be a really good

time and simultaneously we will be

talking about how I got on burn house

skateboards and the juicy deets behind

that and then after all of that we're

going to a photo shoot for progress

daily sinsemilla long pack fun day stay

tuned for the ride and intuition let's

go what's up everyone today we are at a

very very special location this right

here is Guantanamo Bay what's this area

called New York we're in New York City

but we also found this crazy crazy skate

spot where there's a lot of people so

I've no idea how that's gonna go

but we're gonna try our damnedest right

now to get the session in and I guess

part of the game I think that's a

constant thing when this channel is to

say that everything is gonna get


especially the game by me and Willem

thanks for filming by the way ok thanks

alright this one's empty dude

something stopping dead in my tracks the

last person to stop me his name is John

Hill he's gone

potential blockage what do you say you

can't you can't put your bike there

either I can I can see in here you know

it's definite not allowed we'll both

make bad decisions today so I do tricks

going the other way other tricks going

this way - this way it doesn't do

anything it only does anything if you

grind it okay really yeah it's fine do

you want to fell from that side and not

just go this way

so with the spot unfortunately somebody

came up and we had a bit of a little

back-and-forth but at the end of the day

I understand that some people find this

off-putting and I respect that to an

extent the guy was a total loser I

didn't like him at all but the whole

premise of this video

the birdhouse thing it's gonna be told

in three parts because I want to keep it

exciting and I wanna go skateboarding

have fun as we're telling this story so

the whole idea of this video is actually

originating because I found the sponsor

me tape that I sent to bird house

skateboards when I first got on but that

is not exactly how it works because in

skateboarding a lot of people need to

know that you can hang with them that's

way more important than how good you are

at skating so the cool thing was bird

house actually took a trip to Columbia

South Carolina last minute and it was

such a productive trip for them that

they used for photos out of a six-page

article all from Columbia South Carolina

and I got to skate with him the entire

time hanging out with Tony Hawk at

Street spots and people kicking us out

and being like are you Tony Hawk and

he's like yeah it was it and I was like

so that's how we made the introduction

met all the crew hung out with all them

we got along really well went back to

the hotel we kicked it it was cool it

was a good environment because we were

all skating and having fun and that was

basically when I decided to move to


not the place to do it okay I was just a

young man's looking to build a bucket

list so she danced keep it down

hate you kids want drugs

what is this thing

no is this real

so here's the strange thing about the

whole birdhouse thing I was in

Cincinnati hanging out with my dad I've

been all of a sudden I sent my sponsor

me tape and the cool thing was it wasn't

100% necessary because he had I'm trying

to get you look right at man for that

the whoops like dude please I'll give

you a dollar but if I just went out when

I was like hey what do you need and I'll

go I'll fix the problem for you please

let me I can help you so you best

believe it was extremely surreal to be

sitting there working with my dad and I

had my future planned out like I was I'm

gonna do this job that my dad's doing

that he's introduced me to and that's

why I'm here in Cincinnati working with

him I sent off this video that wasn't

100% necessary because he had already

seen me skatin curtains and I lost my

mind because I opened the email and in

skateboarding all you want to do is you

want to be in house flow once you're in

house flow that pretty much guarantees

you a spot on the team like that's them

bringing you in giving you boards but

shop blow it's a whole different thing

in out slow is like you're in your am

your pro that's how the cycle begins so

right then and there it's when I decided

on the path that I was gonna go down so

I talked to my dad I was a dead I'm

gonna be a pro skater like I'm moving to

California and he was like all right

they don't really they don't really care

they weren't against it but they were

like that's cool I guess

whoa whoa whoa whoa we're doing this

spot there's like a super famous law

that I used to watch them skate videos

you know it's just it yo all right

sorry we got sued the world has invited

us and we are taking that invitation and

eating it with our buds

oh it caught me stickin if I can get a

little butter on there without being


oh my god this is the slickest thing

that's ever happened sir

do you mind if we it's just this one

spot and we just put a little bit of wax

on it honestly even there's fine


this would be for Sarah so you can see

the babies in the background that's how

many that's how many kids I plan on

having so long story short I ended up in

California pursuing my dreams and

birdhouse was there the whole way it was

actually really supportive of the

company they were like if you move out

here we got your back we'll help you out

we'll go on trips with you we'll hook

you up with boards like whatever you

need we got you and they were even

talking about maybe some sort of

compensation while I was there it was

sort of a small plan but it was enough

for me to go full ham move to California

so there's a lot to this story that I

think is really juicy but the point of

how I got on the company was more or

less skating with them in person it was

hanging out with the team showing that I

could actually get along with them and

that is just so crucial in skating

nowadays so if you are the best skater

ever if you're the best in your hometown

none of it really matters unless they

feel a personal connection to you that's

also kind of why I think that YouTube

has such a powerful effect right now

because you see someone's personality in

videos so I actually think companies

would be more likely to sponsor a kid

who they could watch youtube videos of

just this cool collective kid that's

Killian on the platform but also such a

good skateboarder who also knows how to

hold his own create his own audience

market himself companies look for all

that when it comes to sponsorships and I

think Bert house saw the potential in me

and that's why they originally put your

boy on

I just saw something that looks so

awesome this gate I'm gonna Ollie into

it just right out let's just head out

dude did you see how much my face was

hitting the trees I was like playing

daily my arm

by the way smoother than I thought whoa

yo and a lot of people now know that I

am no longer on birdhouse skateboards

the thing is I heard somebody else talk

about this the other day a lot of pros

and people will mention this it's just

different once you're out there once

you're actually embraced in a team

you're in a van you're trying to go on

these little trips you sort of see that

it's different people aren't exactly

like you and your friends back home it's

just a whole different environment and

for me it was hard to deal with that was

pretty much over it instantly and

realized that all I wanted to do in

skating was to be able to support myself

and just escape where whenever I wanted

without all the politics involved which

there are a lot of in skating all I

gotta say is that I wouldn't be able to

do what I do now if I were to pursue the

last path that I had because you tubers

there's a difference in the two worlds

and one might not be cool with the other

ones so I wouldn't be able do what I do

now and this is my favorite thing by far

to be able to do as a job is to make

youtube videos etc so I would pick this

every time

okay so I put a lot of emphasis on this

photoshoot that we were doing today and

then I have forgotten to film all of it

but here I am with the one the only

Jeremy Cohen hi guys it's really

fast-paced for this day it happens like

instantly they put the shirt on look

that way

smile or I'll murder you and I'm like

all right I mean and we actually came to

the one of the best places in Manhattan

it's the best time so row actually such

a peaceful place and everyone really

respects your space right no one's

yelling at anyone or running into anyone

el bikes or anything like that I'm like

I'm like hoping someone's affinity stop

talking yeah it's so insane here

Brooklyn Bridge Times Square

you can't do it so then what you do is

you try to walk through the bike lane

but then the bikers this is rigid and

that nude photo shoot you might see some

of those yes gotcha

would you rather your Instagram or what

shot it out here oh actually I just made

a YouTube channel I have two vlogs two

blogs on the YouTube channel he just

started up one yeah his instagrams have

been popping for awhile and he's been

killing it with the photography but hey

he just happened to video so go check

out his YouTube channel show yeah well

people like John and Sarah inspired Misa

dude yeah he knows what he's doing with

the camera he's very creative extremely

creators know check out the channel down

below for my mother there you go yeah

coming up oh my mother fight fight fight

it's been such an amazing day I wish I

could have showcased more of the

photography session we just really got

into it because it's about to get dark

so we got it in there but if you don't

keep up with my Instagram at John Hill I

now did the Instagram story of pretty

much the rest of the day that you don't

see here so the morning vlog the night

vlog all that continues on the Instagram

so if you're not already following me at

John he'll go over there and check it

out and say hey and by the way I have to

say that I have not had more fun making

videos as I have recently it's been so

sick going out every single day trying

to live multiple adventures making sure

we're skating and doing something fun

with skateboarding every single day it's

been so unbelievably fantastic but I do

have a quote of the night that I wanted

to drive because I feel like a lot of

people out there have mentioned to me

that it's hard for them to get started

because it is a lot of times it's really

scary starting a new adventure but the

quote is by Tim Kennedy and he says

hurry up and fail there's this mixed

version of success that I think a lot of

people feel constantly and it's

basically if they took something they

need to be successful at it and if they

aren't they 100% fail but every step

that you take forward even if you are

failing is a step in the right direction

so hurry up and get out there and fail

try things rapidly if you have something

in mind that you want to attempt go for

it if you fail that then you know where

to go from there that's where it's

obvious the next step is obvious from

failure or success but from sitting

there and doing nothing there's no way

for you to tell which direction you need

to go and on that note I will say thank

you guys for watching thank you for

tuning in tomorrow stay tuned for more

fun more

here in New York City living an

adventure every single day has been

insane and it's going to continue and

it's been such a blast I thank you for

subscribing liking these videos hit that

notification bell if you have not and

make sure to comment down below let's

have a conversation about whatever

whenever love you so much progress daily

and keep 

7. Blind Skateboards

Best Blind SkateboardsBest Blind Skateboards

Created by Mark Gonzales, this one of the best skateboard brands is reputed for durability and the boards come with unique features. Made and marketed for hardcore skaters, this brand is also a great choice for all-level skaters, including beginners.

Best Features of Blind

Skateboards are of 8 plies: Blind create boards from 8 plies. The boards are strong and for hardcore skating. This use of 8 plies adds strength and adds durability. & ply decks are also created for all those who look for decks that are similar to other available boards.

Vertical Laminated Cores for Decks: The construction uses vertical lamination. It adds more flex, and when decks are more flexible, it’s really useful for performing tricks.

Use Their Signature Sick Graphics: The bLind signature sick graphics uses the grim reaper. Other graphics feature blazing skulls, graffiti blocks and grim reaper with high details. The bLind message gets through with their graphics.

Video Transcript

what is up guys Oh what is up guys I got

a box as you can see here if you have

mine snapchat you might have seen it

earlier tell me how I was saying some

weird things like what your thing is in

the box I know you guys are just joking

but some of you guys are just weird but

yeah I got a new box coz this board that

is used

thanks to Tyrone and Matt forgive me

this board after they used it I just

broke it even some more so it's like

super crack right now and I started

skating my brother's board he's actually

behind the camera up on the tripod but

uh thanks to Jason he let me get his

workers otherwise I'm in the very little

before so thanks to Jason for that and

now we're just gonna see what Bor this

is so I know from the title you probably

already know or like the thumbnail but

this is actually isn't a custom

skateboard so this is kind of like going

back to a name-brand deck again there's

really no specific reason a skate

warehouse just had a huge sale on their

website it was a presence a sale and

they were selling 20 and $30 decks so I

picked up three but I got two of them

because I paid actually for shipping for

one since skate church is Friday and I

needed a new board for skaters so that's

why and I can't even get this open there

we go all right so yeah that's the

reason why I didn't get a custom

skateboard hope I can get a new one soon

but yeah I already got a pre grit

because I'm a noob and I suck at like

gripping my boys most the time so they

always do a perfect job but uh yeah so I

wanna be see right now but the brand I

got this time I I don't even think I've

owned this brand myself like I know some

friends who have before but the brand I

got was a blind you can see here it says

uh damn it's probably like that what's

that one mean damn son where'd you find

this oh yeah that one oh yeah I got a

blind deck I've never tried these out

before so we're just gonna see how this

skates um I got Jessop grip on it

because last time it was pretty fine and

it came

with it so I was like why not just get

that because I'm super cheap and I

always get free stuff if I can try to

get the most budget option oh yeah so

you got the skate warehouse sticker I

don't know if you can scan they're not

but yeah shop skate warehouse and what

else I get is anything else here you

have nothing else so I'm just gonna take

apart this board and then I'm gonna put

on this board and then we're gonna go

the skate part and get some clips

no worries I got another one

okay guys and that is the setup just to

go over it this is a blind skateboard

it's the damn bubble Edition and for


I have thunders they're just the normal

polished kind four wheels I have

Spitfire formula fours 53 millimeters a

bearings inside them are bones super

reds Shorty's hardware with a mixer some

other hardware because I keep losing

them and jessup grip tape is on the

board and I'm pretty sure that's it so

now we're gonna do the kickflip test and

then get some clips of the park if the

weather stays pretty good so that's good

today right now

hi what's up guys I'm at Apex Gate Park

and nice you want to have your Instagram

ZK freerunning like Z okay fr EE R UN

and ing a mission gonna follow them

right that was sick go follow them okay

that's alright I just set up my new

board so we're gonna get some this kid

talks so much whenever I'm filming a

video yeah I'm just gonna get some

tricks my new board and if I never wrote

a blind before

I'm out like comment subscribe pick up

some merch for a shout-out you guys want

to see a dank meme cleveland car in the

top right corner here and yeah I'm

loving that everything he said yeah or

wait to the outro and click it either

way yeah don't subscribe him yeah he's


8. Enjoi Skateboards

Best Enjoi SkateboardsBest Enjoi Skateboards

Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen founded the Enjoi skateboard brand. This brand has gone on to be known as one of the most innovative brands for skateboards. Other pro skaters and the founders of Enjoi put their heads together to create the notorious “A-team’; this group represents Enjoy.

The team has seen some changes over the years, but their panda boards stand out from the rest for its uniqueness. This brand is committed to providing best quality boards for beginners and finds popularity among skateboarders with more advanced skills, as well. Another top skateboard brands, this is.

Best Features of Enjoi

The Decks have wide dimensions: Famous for creating their wide decks, their boards are popular with skaters with advanced skills. The wider decks prevent injuries, this is a big advantage for beginners and when learning new tricks.

Easy To Maneuver with Standard Trucks: Enjoi skateboards are made to be easier to maneuver. This is a big plus; this is useful when just starting out with skateboarding. As your skills improve, the trucks are designed to enable adjustments; they can be tightened to offer more resistance.

Their Signature Graphics: The Enjoi brand boards all feature their signature panda. The panda stands for the essence of skating; it represents the passion, commitment, and the enjoyment skating holds for skateboarders.

Video Transcript

what up dudes I'm EJ Morita and today

I'm doing a setup video and look at my

grip tape it's too short I know in my

last set of video I said I was going to

get hand grip but how to get grip tape

for my art project because I didn't make

a skateboard for my art project and I

need to put grip tape and it was a mini

escape word so that's why I cut out a

little piece from my grizzly grip you

know I need it immediately and I just

went to my local skate shop and got some

grizzly grip and yeah because of cutting

this for the little skate board I made

I'm sure to grip tape I think I'm just

going to do like this won't board having

the tail on the nose sticking out isn't

that bad at least just one right best

feeling ever I say this in every set of

video lighting is so bad today actually

had a new hardware today

got so much hair on it

dude that looks so weird I guess it

makes gripping easy because I don't have

to go around the edges and my board it's

got a bunch of cracks but one of the

main reasons I'm switching is because

I'm moving out this week and I don't

want to carry a bunch of boards with me

so I'm setting one up do that does not

look cool it's going to be pretty sad

moving I miss a lot of people I had one

of my finals well by the time this video

goes up one where you don't like finals

just people I met you know in Japan

you're just so awesome those are you

guys for our seniors in high school I

hope you guys chose to go to college

outside of your city just because I

think it's great to meet new people and

staying in the same place all the time

isn't quite all so I always recommend

people to go out of their comfort zone

go different places and honestly the

first time when I'm going to County I

was like dude I hate it but that's time

went on you know I got used to it and

turns out I'm over here

more than XD honestly looks so freakin


dami I put it on crooked too

rip job after oh so quote comes at the

gold bolt

the union is

take it you want it

Oh baby I know you guys can take it

along I'll give you some weird kids shut

up to the part

I'd be talking right now but there's so

great kids saying right next to me so

it's really awkward you guys don't see

him but he's literally sitting right

there is a camera watching hey huh

is your camera actually new

so update on some skateboarding I don't

know if you guys know but Mark Johnson

let the cod and then one song FTEs and

they're booked now on adidas I think

it's pretty crazy because Mike Johnson

was all like dude I'm never going to

join a corporate company and yeah cuz

I'm gonna do this now

pretty crazy - round if you guys heard

about active edition but inky hack and

joy pepper left the team and joy pepper

dude they put on keep put them on flash

because say like oh dude the expedition

doesn't pay them I guess like the whole

team puts in so much effort they have

been getting checks for real

just like last great static here

sticker time I usually don't do much

with stickers but

weird kid is getting really mad

we're going to make the weird kid from

my tickle test laid out hey wait I gotta

show that's the part security I got show

them what's up

I forgot my good people all right this

is got to be the only trick I do because

my freaking feet her like my leg hurts

like crazy my knee still hurts but

you're fucking right okay Bravo

oh wait

how's the ugly kicks yeah he's got could

kick my first shot I did it too

I see it i exclus is skating and you

only get one try dog

either one okay better not hit my board

all right let's see keep going

alright you get that correct or get that

crook wise nollie heelflip out there you

suck I wonder what people think

am I freaking good tape because it looks

so stupid I'm gonna put every single a

chunk just to show you guys how bad he

is I was skater

we're kid I'm not mean but it's just a

personality joke kappa thinking gets the

joke so don't don't trip alright you got

to do one more trick ne5 oh yeah alright

let's see a lot of fondant on this one


alright go

let's try and

disappointed this is supposed to be my

set up video and not filming him do

tricks I don't know why I'm sorry family

let's show I'm a patient man I mean

she's already taking this long on a

warm-up trick and I'm not mad so yeah

that's how nice I am I'm actually pretty

nice because you suck

sketchy lino you want to redo it

that wasn't even a lipslide I put in all

the chess with the correct but I'm not

putting all the chest with a lipslide

fucking rancho kitty Oh with you to get

you again Dugan Oh finally finally Targa

homey found a solution to fix this up

I'm gonna use scrap and put it on to you

I'm not gonna film it though but I'll

show you guys the finished product okay

so I finished

looks really stupid Chapas on instagram

me and him usually don't give this shots

but yeah link in the description and

like comment subscribe thing show peace


9. Plan B Skateboards

Best Plan B SkateboardsBest Plan B Skateboards

Pro skater Mike Ternasky originally founded this Brand. The Plan B team changed hands later on; this was as Ternasky was in an accident and didn’t pull through. The team bounced back from the unfortunate events and had come back stronger and with a whole range of innovative skateboards.

Best Features of Plan B

Design with Flex: The decks are designed for more flex. Flex boards are useful as every time you jump or do the trick the board moves with you. Even the shock on impact is muted with flex boards.

Come with Or without Grip Tape: The choice whether to buy the skateboard with or without tape makes it a more versatile choice, you can buy standard tape or change and customize the board any way you like.

Easy To Assemble: The Plan b skateboards are easy to assemble, this ease of assembly continues for future upgrades or when you want to customize your board. The assembly process is nice and easy and gets done on location. It is also useful if the wheels need changing between jumps.

Video Transcript

hey guys so this is a very weird angle

for you this I bet but I just got a

package now and I'm about to open it

so I new skateboard and some other spare

parts and I don't think this is the best

angle or the best camera to do a

unboxing but I wanted to anyways cuz you

know I'm getting my new camera tonight

and yeah I want to do a video on that

too and might as well do a video on this

cuz you know it's kind of kind of cool

against I want to try to do one of these

unboxing videos yeah I can't can't wait

to get my good camera so let's open this

over skateboard misty blue how weird of

an angle this is

careful with ice is awkward open your

beans while recording it there it is

and they're complete for create a opens

ribbon do rush when you're doing these

schedules but oh wow pretty nice so

there it is a new board 7.75 width I

think it's a whip and uh yeah it's an

upgrade for my my present board because

because I have big shoes like size

eleven ring and my worth for my my my

main board which is going to be my spare

board uh for now on when like the

weather's bad and I it's raining and


I'll use that board but that one's like

a seven point six seven point six with

and my feet just don't fit on that I

think of this board 7.75 I think it's

inches inches 7.75 inches will be better

for me and be better for our landing

tricks and you know progressing in my

skateboarding because I am just not

doing well uh progressing in my

skateboarding skills with my other board

four years old

super rusty not good so yeah that's my

my new complete board

I bought put a link in the description

on where I got it

and mother

Oh usually opening this weird tip hold

on camera that's new red berries bones

bearings I'll show how you come look how

clear that is the autofocus sucks on

that too on the camera

uh well bones bearings Reds now tools

I made that use I use like a little of

never scold like I use some weird tools

so this will come in handy

52 ah I think millimeter or centimeter

wheels bones again yeah bones is pretty

cool I like 19 pretty much it and their

their design looks pretty nice you like

I'm gonna open that yet or should I just

open it oh just open it uh even though

that's not good I'm not sure if you guys

see you clearly beat those are the

wheels probably can't see it clearly

just wait till tonight for my new camera

that's a wheels and got some spare spare

uh whatever they circle with this right

here because my old board is just to

Russell and I got replaced some stuff

from ports

so that's pretty much it for my

skateboard things that I got today and

yeah hopefully I'll dress a lot faster

on my skateboarding cuz I I'm just I was

just in a slump dude with my old

skateboard and hopefully this set up now

which I only be using this board when

it's you know it's not terrible weather

where I'll roll into um like a like a

puddle and then get my my bearings to

rust that's not a good idea

some I'm gonna be using this more

conservatively I'm not gonna be using it

as much during the fall season and the

winter season I might use it more in a

spring season so yeah but hopefully I'll

press a lot more not quicker with this

board and then I replaced the rusty

parts on my overboard with now the


well actually the wheels on my other

board is okay because you know people's

don't rust but steel does rust so I got

replaced the port's bearings so yeah

that's myself a video right there our

setup video I mean unboxing so see you

guys later bye


10. Powell Skateboards

Powell SkateboardsPowell Skateboards

Powell skateboards go back to the ’70; they were and are a brand favored by many generations of skaters. Although the founders split for a while, they got back on board, and Stacy Peralta and George Powell regrouped to come out with top-notch products. Since then, the brand has gone on to conquer its share of the market and has known great success since then.

Best Features of Powell

Best-Quality ABEC 7 Bearings Are Used: With their long experience in this field, the Powell brand knows how important the bearings are to the board and performance. For this reason, top bearings are used, which means faster speeds, and it also eliminates sudden stops.

Strong and Durable Decks: The decks are manufactured to be durable. They are compressed to achieve this. This is an important feature as when the board is strong it can handle rough-use. The strength is also required to support fluctuations in weight while skating or performing tricks.

Wheels Are Smaller For Better Stability: When it comes to skating, wheels are essential to the performance part of it. The Powell brand knows that skaters cruise, but they perform tricks, learn new ones, practice them or will be learning and practicing them at some point. They make their wheels smaller which works well for street skating.

Video Transcript

so I have here a lightly used Powell

flight deck now I did actually film an

intro with a nice brand new Powell

flight that can manage to delete it so

here we have a lightly used one okay so

this was an eight-point to five now

let's start with the measurements so

across the front truck we have just a

hair under eight and three eighths so

eight point three eight across the back

truck we have just a hair under eight

and three eighths again and in the

middle so it's pretty consistent from

the trucks down to the middle let's

check the length it is 31 and thirteen

sixteen so that is just above 31 and

three quarters nice length check the

wheelbase 14 in the quarter even let's

check the nose and tail length

seven-inch nose just under six and

three-quarter tail so these are some

pretty standard and popular measurements

here next I want to check the weight of

this board okay so the flight deck is

twelve eighty five and just for

reference I have a similar size coin

machine deck that's just under 8 and

three eights as well twelve eighty six

so that's incredibly similar I mean a

gram we're talking nothing and I think

most skateboarders know how much a gram

weighs so let's get into the

construction a little bit so I believe

this is five plies and it has one carbon

fiber layer underneath the bottom ply or

in between the bottom ply and the rest

of the plies and then it has a carbon

fiber layer on the top and what you

can't see now is there's also a

reinforced layer around the trucks so

that's probably to stop you from

breaking your board like this or getting

pressure cracks so what we got is five

maple plies in two carbon-fiber plies

and if you think about how this is

strengthening it so what you've got is

you've got the wood that has some

tensile strength and tensile strength is

the resistance against snapping so this

reminds me a little bit of reinforced

concrete so

when we say build a concrete slab so

imagine you've got like an 8-inch

concrete slab so what you've got is the

concrete itself has incredibly poor

tensile strength so if you have a long

band of concrete with no steel in it

it's just gonna crumble under its own

weight and then you've got the steel in

it that has incredible tensile strength

and the concrete however has incredible

compressive strength so if you have an

8-inch concrete slab on the ground and

somebody puts a lot of weight on it it

can hold an incredible amount of weight

so how this works is we put the steel in

the bottom of the slab because when you

put the steel say you've got eight

inches and the Steel's in the bottom

what that does the steel stops it from

being able to flex so the top layer of

concrete is all of a sudden compressing

against itself and the steel is stopping

it from being able to flex so you get

the best of both worlds you get the

tensile strength of the steel and the

compressive strength of the concrete now

why I bring that up is this has a

similar effect so when you jump down say

in the middle of this this is why we've

seen people drive over these with cars

when you jump down on the middle of this

normally the wood would crack but this

carbon fiber layer that's just next to

the bottom has this incredible tensile

strength that's able to withstand

something like a car driving over it so

the wood does not crack because it's

able to sort of help it help the wood

get that compressive strength as it's

being flexed now same thing you've got

this carbon fiber layer on the top so

you're not gonna be able to snap these

noses and tails either because it's got

so much strength from the tensile

strength of the carbon fiber layers so

this is me making up things from my

construction brain as to why these are

so strong but anyways let's get on to

the skating in the review that I filmed

a couple of weeks ago

okay so that skating was the first week

where I was starting to get used to this

board and it was big shock coming on to

this board after being on the Lowepro

which is like such a steep board and

this one is I would say a lot mellower

in fact what I'm learning is that medium

to mellow concave boards actually feel a

bit soggy when they're brand new and

this kind of has that feel and when I

had stood on other people's flight decks

I was apprehensive about trying one

because I thought that they were a soggy

deck but what I've learned is that

medium con caves don't feel as stiff

some people are actually really going to

prefer that now I don't want you to get

the wrong impression and think that this

deck is soggy it's actually been a

pretty crisp nice feeling board it's

just not stiff so when a board is a

medium concave it sort of has like a

band of strength around in here and you

can feel the outside edges of it flex a

little bit and this has that so getting

on to how this feels now three weeks in

is the feel of it has not changed at all

so typically a medium concave board goes

from feeling a little bit softer a

little bit springy to quite soggy after

three weeks to a month and this board

has remained exactly the same the whole

way through and what's great about this

is it's actually giving me a chance to

get used to a flatter deck and I would

also like to say I think if Powell came

out with some steeper flight decks some

steeper kicks in deeper concave that I

think they would be amazing because I

couldn't break this board

and if I could get one that had a feel

that's more my taste I think they'd be

really great although I'm not a board

breaker so I actually don't need to

spend the extra money on these let's

quickly take a look at the shape and

then get to some more skating so one

thing that threw me when I first got on

this deck is that the nose is slightly

more tapered than the tail here's the

tail it's quite round and would make a

nice nose here's the nose and it has

just slightly more taper so it's

actually almost identical but the fact

that it had just slightly more taper on

the nose kind of threw me off for a

while because I'm used to it being the

other way around

and I actually bugged me but now I'm

used to it and of course it doesn't

matter and somebody has been out here

skating at the Richmond oval because

this ledge has about two segments that

are perfectly greased up so we got about

14 feet of ledge that's broken in so

nicely now

I hit the part that wasn't broken in

all right I'm low on battery you're

gonna have to take those ones so I've

really been enjoying this deck on lower

ledges because of the sort of mellow ish

nose and tail and I've chosen to keep

the thunders on it because I know that

if I put Indies on this I would find

this deck for me personally to be

unridable I just really like things

steeper especially within these I find

it's very well balanced on thunders and

works quite nicely for a lot of my flat

ground tricks too but I do have a

tendency to rock it flip a bit from time

to time because I have to like flick

really hard to get my kick flips to

level out nicely

but the rest of my stuff seems to work

out pretty decently it also for some

reason seems to chip a little bit easier

so I've got just like chunks coming out

of my board there's another one right

there still though for a deck with one

two three four five maple plies is that

correct one two three four five so this

is only five maple plies as opposed to

the traditional seven with the two

carbon fiber layers it's still quite


so I think I'm going to be setting up a

new deck soon even though this has tons

of life there's been so many reviews of

these things I mean we've seen people

driving over them with cars we've seen

people rege ripping them after about a

month and I can see why like so they're

a very long-lasting deck the only thing

to note is because they're so skinny

like is in thin you're going to get

razortail faster because there's two

less plies kind of to go through like

you can feel it's noticeably pin when

you hold these boards so you might even

end up like kind of sanding it down if

you want to get rid of the razor tail

and make it feel a little crisper for a

bit regrip the deck I mean you're gonna

get a lot of life out of these if you

want so I'll admit I haven't tried all

the other shapes this is the one with

the blunt or nose and tail they have

ones with point to your nose and Tails I

don't know if those are steeper or if

they're still mellow with just a

triangular nose and tail can you guys

let me know in the comments so in

summary I think these are a great deck

like I think they really hit the nail on

the head for the market of people who

break decks a lot or who want a

long-lasting deck while it does cost

almost 50% more than a regular deck if

you break boards a lot this is going to

be a good investment the only downside

being of course if the shapes aren't to

your personal tastes it'll be something

you'd have to get used to so overall I'd

say the Pala flight deck is actually a

really good product I'd happily ride

another one when you guys put out some

more shapes so anyways thanks for

watching again I'm in the flight path if

you can hear all these planes I hope you

found this review useful if you were

thinking about buying one or just wanted

to know what the heck these are like so

again see you guys

go click on something else now I don't

know go learn how to do some

construction or sup and go watch my

other channel 

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Skateboard Brands

Skating is much more than a skateboard designed from maplewood and coated with polyurethane.

A skateboard is essential for the sport but so are passion and commitment.

All these factors, plus skills, are what skating is all about.

The skateboard brands are well aware of this and manufacture the kind of skateboards that do justice to the intensity and commitment you bring to the sport.

When you look at skating from only the equipment perspective, you are looking at it from one angle, while there are these many other dimensions to it.

This combination of a great skateboard, your skills, and determination to ace skating, can take you from beginner’s level to skating like a pro.

When you are on the lookout for a good or one of the best skateboards, you will come across numerous brand names and a huge variety of products.

Many skateboards that feature among the best and most popular ones come backed by formidable reputations for being awesome products regarding style, color options, and quality.

To get to intermediate level from beginners and on to expert type jumps from the intermediate level, having a skateboard from the best listing lets you hone your skills, this way you can fully enjoy the fun and thrill of skating as you learn to master it.

How Do We Define The Best Skateboard Brands?

Skate like a pro and look fantastic while at it!

This best skateboard for beginners list consists of brand names that are reputed and have been on the market for years.

The superior quality of their products ensures popularity and great reputations for their brands.

While defining good skateboard brands, we let quality be the first consideration, and it took precedence over the price of the product.

Skateboards are available is vibrant colors, in funky styles and eye-catching hues, and there's sure to be one that's perfect for every skater.

Skateboard brands that are top performers are the ones we deal with.

You can read through the reviews that we have compiled for you and choose the skateboard that, in style, color and performance, embodies the passion and commitment you have for skating.


Skateboarding is fun, the lifestyle, the mindset, it's all you.

You bring passion and commitment to the sport; the best skateboard brands give you the kind of boards you can learn new tricks on and hone your skills.

From this perspective, skateboarding is thrilling, but an element of danger lurks somewhere, falls and injuries can be taken out of the quotient when a board from one of the top skateboarding brands is used.

The best skateboard is designed to give you superlative skateboarding experiences; it’s designed with superior materials and can withstand rough handling without needing frequent replacements.

You buy a great one, you have fun and hone your skills, and when the brand offers it at a price you like, it puts a special shine on your skateboarding days.

The best boards are those that give you control, maneuverability, smooth riding and exhilarated cruising.

The brands listed here bring these and a lot more on board.

Now, get skating!

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