Are Converse Shoes Good for Skating?

Converse shoes have been a popular choice for decades, but are they good for skating? With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know what will work best. This article will help you understand the different types of skate shoes and pick the best Converse Skating Shoes!

Converse Shoes are good for skating because of their flexible soles which offer great boardfeel and rubber tops that provide great support for skating tricks.

In order to buy a good shoe, it is important to understand what really makes a good skating shoe.

What Makes a Good Skating Shoe?


Skating is a rough sport, and you want your skates to be able to take the beating! Look for high-quality materials that can handle being bent, scraped, and dragged without ripping or breaking.

Impact Protection

The impact from jumping and falling will be a lot less if you have shoes with good shock absorption. No one likes sore feet after skating all day long!

Comfort for Long Sessions

There’s nothing worse than having skates that make your feet or ankles hurt during practice, so look for a comfortable fit.

Board feel

Having a good board feel is essential for skating. This means that the shoe has to be close enough to your foot so you can feel what’s under you, but not too tight where it will inhibit movement or cause discomfort.


You don’t want your skates to be so stiff that it takes away from experience, but too much give can cause problems in balance and turn. Look for a flexible shoe with just enough support!

Fit and Style

Don’t forget the style! Some skaters choose their skating shoes based on what other people think, while others care more about comfort and practicality. The best skate shoe is one that matches your personal preference for both fit and style!

Pros and Cons of Converse Shoes for Skateboarding


Rubber Sole for Good Traction

Rubber soles are great for stability and grip, especially when you’re just beginning to learn. They also work well in wet conditions!

Comfortable Fit with Roomy Toe Box

The toe box is an important feature that allows your feet to move without getting blisters or feeling too cramped. Converse shoes are known for having a wider toe box that is comfortable and flexible.


Converse shoes are known for being comfortable. They have a nice cushion and flexibility that feels good on the feet, minimizing blisters or pain after hours of skating! Converse has been known to be easier to break-in.

Converse Shoes Look Cool

Another benefit of wearing Converse is that they’re stylish! Skaters love the classic look, and you can find them in just about any color.


Lack of Support/Stability on Edges

Many skater shoes are designed with a low profile to give freedom of movement, but this also means that they don’t offer much support or stability for those new to the sport.

Lack of Side Support/Traction on Rails and Slides

Converse shoes lack side support, making them a poor choice for skating rails and slides, as you will most likely slip off your board!

Uncomfortable for Sore Feet

If your feet are hurting from a long day of skating, you probably won’t want to put Converse shoes on. They tend to be stiff and can cause blisters or pain after hours of use!


The converse is not known to last long. If you are looking for a shoe that can take an intense beating, look elsewhere! The soles of your chucks get totaled pretty fast! Ideally, you could use shoe glue on your shoes before using them to fortify their durability.

Vans or Converse for Skating

Selecting a pair of shoes for skateboarding is a personal choice that depends on what you like and your skill level. We recommend wearing a shoe with thicker rubber soles for more support and grip if you are new to skating!

Both Vans and Converse have thin soles and great board feels, which makes them ideal for professionals. Similarly, both these shoes have very minimal impact protection.

Converse Shoes come with a rubber toe cap which will help you flick your board better. The Canvases are also easier to break-in. Canvas also grips the board better than suede. Vans mostly use suede material on the outer area. Vans also need a longer break-in period. Typically around two days till you get used to them.

How to Pick the Best Converse Skating Shoe

If you’re in the market for a new pair of skating shoes, we recommend checking out:

Converse is an iconic sneaker brand that has been around since 1908. Worn by athletes and musicians alike over the years, Converse Skateboarding Shoes are known to be comfortable with roomy toe boxes and flexible rubber soles. They are also stylish and come in various colors, making them great for both skating style and practicality.

Converse Cons are a range of special skateboarding shoes with a specific focus on durability, impact protection, and board feel. Several varieties are available – Louie Lopez ProSean Pablo One Star Pro, High Tops range, etc.

Select a shoe depending on your skill level and your skating style. Those who love board feel and can manage with a high-impact shoe can choose a thinner sole. Those who prefer a comfy feel must look for products that have a thicker sole.

Wearing Chucks with socks can make your feet feel sweaty, so wear them without socks if you want more comfort!

Converse Cons are designed specifically for skateboarding and are made with extra robust materials for maximum comfort while shredding the streets. Their skate shoes, including CTAS Pro, One Star Pro, and Louie Lopez Pro, offer style and comfort because they’re produced with various styles available.

Converse CONS skateboarding shoes, designed for both men and women, offer you a distinct style with skate-ready features.

Converse Skateboarding shoes come in different shapes and sizes to suit skaters’ individual preferences. Be sure to do some research before buying yourself new skate sneakers!

If you aren’t feeling confident in the Chucks, Here are some of our favorite Skateboarding Shoes:

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