When looking for electric skateboards, you need to keep the same things in mind when buying an ordinary board and then add technological complications to the mix.

If you’re into boarding but not very tech savvy, this can get confusing and it can be difficult to discern what makes one electric skateboard superior to another.

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That’s where we come in. We’ve searched the current online market for electric skateboards and ranked five of them based on criteria described in the buyers’ guide at the bottom of this page.

In ranking them, we’ve also detailed the pros and cons of each board so you can see why we like them at a glance.

Reading the buyers guide can also help you find your own quality boards in the future too, since it tells you which features to look for.

In a hurry? This is Our Favorite!

Our rating:
SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller, 25 MPH Top Speed, 22 Miles Max Range, Dual Motors Electric Longboard with LED Taillights-3rd Updated Generation (Tires Skin Replaceable)
  • Upgraded Performance - Skatebolt Electric Longboard can reach the range up to 22-25 miles with 7500 mAh battery capacity. 4 speed and braking modes available. Its running speed goes up to 24-27 MPH and you can adjust the brake mode according to the speed you choose.
  • Cruise Control - The cruise control function has added to the 3rd Tornado and it also comes with the new version screen display remote controller. Always keep you an update for the speed, battery power, range and brake mode of the motorized skateboard.
  • Swappable Motors - With dual hub motors, it’s strong enough to climb a 25% steep hill.You can change the PU wheel on the board when they get damaged instead of replacing the whole motor.
  • Durable and Stable - This longboard is made with 8 layers of northeast maple which make it sturdier to support a weight up to 280 lbs. The wheels (90 mm) and the deck (38*9.4*5.5 in) are wider for a smooth and stable skateboarding.
  • Taillights for Safety - The powered skateboard is equipped with 2 red warning taillights. To ensure a safe riding in the dark street. They will keep blinking to warn any vehicles coming behind you when you hold the brake.

We have our top electric skateboard right here if you need to get some power behind your boarding in a hurry.

We chose the Skatebolt Tornado Pro Electric Skateboard, a heavy but powerful board with an unrivalled distance and a host of other great features.

See why we liked this board in more detail below:

  • The board is unrivalled in the range it offers, able to travel up to approximately 22 to 25 miles at a speed of up to 24 to 27MPH. It has multiple speed functions, including an easy cruise control mode for easy riding.
  • It’s a powerful board that, whilst bulky, packs a 7500mAh battery that enables it to have its impressive distance capabilities.
  • The body of the board is made with 8-ply northeast maple hardwood that can support up to 280lbs of weight. At the back of the board are two red safety taillights that keep you safe when boarding in darker situations.

Best Electric Skateboards – Comparison Table

Best Electric Skateboards – Reviews

Our Favorite!
SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller, 25 MPH Top Speed, 22 Miles Max Range, Dual Motors Electric Longboard with LED Taillights-3rd Updated Generation (Tires Skin Replaceable)
Our rating:

Our top pick for the best electric skateboard you can get online right now is the Skatebolt Tornado Pro, a performance electric longboard with a very impressive twenty-two to twenty-five mile range and a max speed of around twenty four to twenty seven miles per hour.

There’s also a brake mode that you can adjust depending on which speed setting you’ve chosen.

Amongst those speed settings is a cruise control for those who aren’t after a faster performance and instead want a chilled, hands-off boarding experience.

It also comes with a handheld remote controller that keeps you updated on speed, battery power, and range during use.

All these features are kept working with a powerful 7500mAh battery that can carry this board, and you on it, further distances than so many electric skateboards out there.

As for the board deck itself, it’s made with eight-ply northeast maple wood that’s sturdy and will support about 280lbs of weight, more than enough for most people.

The board also has your back covered when used in dim or nighttime conditions thanks to the two red safety taillights. They even blink to warn any vehicles behind you when you brake.

The braking itself with this board is very sensitive, which some of you will appreciate but some of you may not.

  • Long range of 22 to 25 miles with a maximum speed of 24 to 27MPH.
  • Cruise control function lets you keep a chilled pace.
  • Powered by a high capacity 7500mAh battery.
  • 8 layered northeast maple wood supports up to 280lbs of weight.
  • Safety tail lights keep you safe when boarding.
  • Stopping is sensitive and takes getting used to.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard
Our rating:

The second board we have is one that’s great for commuting, the Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard. It’s a compact board that’s easy to carry and transport but is good on performance in its own right with a fourteen-mile range and a top speed of approximately twenty miles per hour.

The speed of these boards is managed by three riding modes that come built into the board and controlled with your handheld controller.

The composite deck of the skateboard is described as “deep dish,” where the edges of the deck are elevated to better keep your feet on the board.

The wheels are also Boosted’s own Lunar 80mm wheels that are great for providing a smooth roll when cruising through the streets.

This battery’s charging time is about one hour and forty-five minutes, which is less than you’d expect for the distance and speed that this board can command.

This power-efficient battery is also great for keeping the board going as you climb hills and other elevated terrain.

  • A compact electric board that goes 14 miles at a top speed of 20MPH.
  • Three riding modes built into the board.
  • Deep dish composite deck keeps you on the board.
  • Boosted Lunar 80mm wheels allow for a smooth roll.
  • Modest 1 hour 45-minute charging time.
  • An expensive board option

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard 16 MPH Top Speed,14 Miles Range,Dual Motors, 32 Inches Maple with Remote Control
Our rating:

The third electric skateboard on our list is the Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard, a mid-power board that’s cheaper than the first two options but still a contender for its performance and construction design. We’re reviewing (and recommending) the version A variant of this model, mainly because of its interesting hybrid deck that’s made with six layers of maple hardwood and one layer of supportive and flexible bamboo, making a deck that knows when to bend but will not break.

It has a top speed of sixteen miles per hour with an approximate maximum range of nine miles. This speed and distance are guaranteed by a powerful 4400mAh and 25.2V lithium battery, which is ready to go the moment you pull it out of the shipping box.

With the board is also a remote control that you’ll use to, well, control it. It’s ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably and stay there, minimizing the chance you accidentally drop it.

The board is propelled by 250-watt hub-motors that accelerate and decelerate smoothly, and they’re also capable of regenerative braking, which not only saves every ounce of energy but maximizes the range of this model of electric skateboard.

It’s also covered by a six-month warranty that replaces or repairs in the event of workmanship defects upon the arrival of your purchase.

  • Durable but flexible deck made with both maple and bamboo.
  • Powered by a 4400mAh, 25.2V lithium battery..
  • The remote for this is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand.
  • 250-watt hub-motors feature regenerative braking.
  • Protected by a 6-month warranty.
  • The trucks on these boards aren’t the best.

Off Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control - 3300W Dual Motor - UL2272 Certified high Speed 25 MPH Motorized Mountain Y8 Longboard with bindings for Cruising | LG Battery (White Back)
Our rating:

The fourth board we have to show you is the AZBO Off Road Electric Skateboard. This mean-looking, pricey option is perfect for those with big ambitions for their board and a bigger wallet.

The fact it’s an off-roading board sets it apart from the rest of the boards on this list and is the best option if you’ll be boarding outside of urbanized areas. It works on most terrain thanks to the aggressive treads on this boards’ pneumatic tires.

Eleven-ply maple hardwood makes up the deck, being layered with four or five more layers than your average board. This not only makes it tougher, but it also means this board can support nearly 300lbs of weight on it, 290 to be exact.

The surface of the deck is covered with powdered emery, forming a waterproof but granular surface that’s great for increasing surface friction, keeping you on the board and avoiding slippage.

The deck of this skateboard isn’t the only strong component of this product, however, with the board also having a three-thousand-watt motor that hits twenty-five miles per hour at its fastest.

For how big and powerful the board is, the remote controller that comes with this skateboard still retains responsive control and keeps you updated on speed and battery level.

It’s also wireless and rechargeable, making it easy to maintain.

  • A versatile off-roading board with aggressive tread, pneumatic tires.
  • Extra thick 11-ply maple hardwood deck supports up to 290lbs of weight.
  • Emery non-slip, waterproof surface ensures you don’t slip.
  • Packs a monster 3000-watt motor that hits 25MPH.
  • Rechargeable wireless remote controller is responsive and detailed.
  • Difficult to acquire replacement parts.
  • The most expensive product on this list.

BLITZART Huracane 38' Dual Brushless Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard Longboard 3.3' PU Wheels (Black)
Our rating:

At the final position on this list, the Blitzart Huracane Electric Skateboard is a capable mid-range board that comes with a price point that’s slightly too high for its features, hence why it’s at the bottom of this list.

This board also has a hybrid deck like our third option, having eight layers consisting of six layers of hardy maple wood sandwiched between two layers of bamboo to add some flexibility and give.

The deck is also concave and covered in grip tape that keeps your feet firmly on the board during movement. It carries up to 250lbs of weight.

It can carry you up steep hills and look good doing it thanks to the brushless hub-motors, which are more reliable and less fuss to work with than belt-driven motors.

The motors are run off of a 5.4Ah LG lithium-ion battery pack that charges in about three hours.

The wireless remote used to control this board carries charge for seven days. It’s ergonomic to fit in your hand, too, but even if you happen to drop it, it’s fitted with a wrist strap to avoid it hitting the floor and getting damaged.

The stock bushings that come with this model can be difficult to tighten, so you may want to replace them, especially if you’re at the higher end of this board’s weight capacity.

  • The 8-layer deck has 6 layers of maple wood and 2 layers of flexible bamboo.
  • Reliable brushless hub-motors look good and tackle steep inclines well.
  • Equipped with a 5.4Ah LG lithium-ion battery pack.
  • Ergonomic wireless remote fits snugly in your hand and lasts for seven days per charge.
  • May want to upgrade the bearings and bushings yourself.
  • Doesn’t ship with a skate tool.

Best Electric Skateboards – Buyers Guide

How To Choose The Best Electric Skateboard

In this buyers’ guide you’ll find how to identify the best skateboards on the market, some advice being general and the rest being specific to electric skateboards.

Since these are the criteria that were considered when making our own ranking list above, you can see our rationale and use it yourself on any other skateboard models you may have been considering.

To that end, we’ve considered the shape of the skateboard decks, what they’re made from, the wheels beneath that deck, the battery life, and the features the remote controller has.

Skateboard Decks Shape

In reality, what we call electric skateboards could just as suitably be called electric longboards, so tend to conform to traditional longboard shapes and styles such as the classic symmetrical double drop drop-through, drop-through directional cutaway, pintail with kicktail, and cambered pintail.

You could probably find others too, including smaller boards that are more traditional skateboard shapes, but these will be the most common shapes with a cursory search for electric boards.

This is because they need to have more stability since they’ll be moving independent of you, so you’ll want the most room to move around on just in case you lose, and need to regain your footing.

It matters a bit less when motorization is involved, but the shape of these boards does have some bearing on how they handle. The double drop drop-through retains its reputation as a great freeriding deck, having unobstructed wheels that allow for all sorts of maneuvers.

Their dropped deck also locks the feet onto the board which, whilst good for your ordinary boards, is great for an electric board where you’ll be going at higher speeds and risk serious harm if you fall off.

Drop-through directional cutaway is similar to the double drop drop-through, but instead has a more pointed front that provides more width at the front of the board for more freedom in how you ride it. It also adjusts the flex pattern of the board, becoming more flexible towards the back.

The pintail with kicktail is again similar to the drop-through directional cutaway, but instead the front has even more width that ends with a tighter point and the tail, whilst thinner than the front, is more squared off to make it ideal for kicking up.

This upturned tail is great for small tricks, but particularly good for the city cruising that electric boards are used for.

The cambered pintail has many of the same advantages as the pintail with kicktail, being slightly thinner at the head and tail with the tail now being more pointed.

Whilst good for cruising, this is a good deck shape if you’re expecting to be carving or undertaking other fast and agile board movements, thanks to this style’s directional shape.

Deck Material

We have a nice distribution in the above list when it comes to deck materials. Four of our decks have maple hardwood decks due to how common that wood is in the industry.

However, two of those four, the products at numbers three and five, are actually hybrid decks that use both maple wood and bamboo. Then, at number two, is a board made from synthetic composite materials.

Maple is a hardwood that still has some give to it, hence why they’re so prevalent in skateboard decks. They’re a great combination of strength and forgiveness, supporting a great weight capacity without being too heavy itself.

Being one of the softest hardwoods available, it’s a no-brainer for board manufacturers that want to make a product that’ll bend but not break.

With most of the electric skateboards we’ve seen, bamboo is used sparingly in either one or two layers in conjunction with maple wood, adding more flexibility to the deck.

That isn’t to say bamboo by itself isn’t durable, and it’s common knowledge that bamboo, since it’s technically a grass, breaks differently compared to stiffer materials like wood.

Adding some bamboo to maple electric boards is common in boards that prioritize flex and responsiveness over raw strength.

Synthetic composite materials aren’t so common for deck materials and when we’ve found them, they either tend to be very high-end or low-end.

Our product at number two is the former and represents what a high-end composite board looks like. Synthetics, usually fiberglass or some other form of artificial material, is lighter than wood but can vary in how durable it is.

This usually depends on the exact synthetic materials used, the construction method, and even the brand used since the premium board brand or third-party brand materials tend to be of a higher quality.


Wheels are fairly straightforward after you get to grips with the usual information regarding board wheels. You need to consider their diameter and durometer, though the hardness of the wheels isn’t too important a factor for a cruising electric board as they would be for a manual skateboard intended for tricks.

Instead we think you should focus on what you want to do with your board and get a board with suitable wheels for your planned use.

This means that if you are going to use your board for commuting or urban cruising, most wheels should do you fine, but if you want some off-road capability in your electric board then you’ll want to look for harder wheels with a more aggressive tread.

Battery Life

Since your board is electric, the distance and speed that your board is capable of will ultimately be determined by its power source.

We’d recommend a lithium-ion battery with a battery pack that has a high capacity. This doesn’t necessarily mean more brute force power because you should go for longevity first. 

To ensure speeds faster than a manual skateboard whilst also supporting a distance of about nine or ten miles, we’d recommend finding a battery pack that’s about 4000mAh or over, with a board on this list reaching 7500mAh and others out there reaching as high as 9000mAh.

This depends on how much power the motor eats up, however, so you should be aware of that. A lower capacity battery can, with energy-efficient parts, outlast a mammoth of a board whose components will burn twice as bright but last half as long.

250 watts is a common number you’ll see thrown around for motors, so aim for those.

Remote Controller

In a remote controller you should look for three properties, quality of control, informative, and ergonomic comfort.

By ‘quality of control’ we mean that there’s no delay in controls, so the board is responsive to any input on your part. It should also hold a good charge.

Though not necessary, some controllers will be able to display your speed, remaining battery life, and this is useful to make sure you don’t run your batteries dry when boarding.

As for the controller’s ergonomic comfort, it should be shaped to fit well into your hand and, should it fall out anyway, be secured by a wrist strap to stop it hitting the floor.

This’ll keep your controller, and so your means of operating your board, functional for as long as possible.

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