No matter your age, riding a skateboard will always be tons of fun. 

Regardless of whether you want to relive your favorite childhood pastime or you like to use a skateboard as a means of transportation, an electric skateboard will surely do the trick and offers a multitide of benefits that a standard skateboard doesn’t.

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Not only is it really fun and even a form of keep fit, it is also a super convenient way to get somewhere without having to deal with traffic or other frustrations that so often come along with the daily commute.

This interesting gear is considered as a helpful personal transporter to go faster and more robust, even up a steep hill.

While the number of skating boards is vast out there, your chances of picking a top-quality one for you can seem like a pretty daunting task.

Luckily for you, we’ve spent some time compiling the best electric skateboards for under $300 to make the process a ton easier. We’ve even created a helpful buyer’s guide area  Read on!

In a hurry? This is Our Favorite!

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If you’re a little pinched for time and need a quality electric skateboard you can put your faith in, you’ll love the Hiboy S11 Skateboard.

Ideal for children and adults alike, S11’s mission to have fun and be playful, therefore it has been specifically designed to be easy to handle thanks to its powerful hub motor for streamlined power, lightweight design to make acceleration a breeze and an ergonomic remote control to control your speed with ease.

Here are some standout features that set it apart from the rest:

  • Light (yet sturdy) frame which will make it easy to transport
  • 4 riding modes 
  • A smooth power output
  • Regenerative braking
  • An ergonomic remote for ease-of-use

Our verdict?

It’s really sturdy yet lightweight so you have the option of travelling with ease (it’s not going to be a pain to carry) it has a sleek black and green design that men, women and children will appreciate, as well as a whole host of great features at a really reasonable price point.

Best Electric Skateboards under 300 – Comparison Table

Best Electric Skateboards under 300 – Reviews

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Ideal for those shorter commutes or taking for a ride around the park, the Hiboy Electric Skateboard is 29 inches in length and has been built to hold a weight limit up to 220 lbs.

This is impressive considering it’s lightweight design that comes in at just 8.6 lbs, which will also make transporting it really easy – especially if you find yourself having to catch the bus or train!

It consists of one single 350W motor that allows for a top speed of  12.4 MPH, while its study design has been designed to be fully protected from dust and the risk of water splashes.

Not only that, it also contains 4 different riding modes to offer you complete versatility, while also offering a hill climbing ability of up to 8 degrees, as well as innovative regenerative braking.

  • 4 riding modes for versatility
  • Regenerative braking.
  • A 30 days no reason asked warranty
  • Not ideal for using in the rain
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Prepare to ride with confidence with the Miageek Electric Skateboard! Its 250W high power brushless motor is able to propel this skateboard to a maximum top speed of 12mph, while its high capacity battery (with a maximum travel range of up to 10 miles) is able to climb a hill incline of up to 20-30 degrees.

Promising a super smooth ride, the Miageek Electric Skateboard is made from 7 layers of Canadian maple deck that gives this skateboard the perfect flex for a smooth and enjoyable ride over the roughest of streets or terrains.

Durable and sturdy, this impressive electric skateboard is able to withstand collisions and bumps just fine, while its high quality wheels ensure a long lifetime.

Not only that, it also has a waterproof level of 54, which is able to protect your skateboard from unexpected splashes of water.

Not only that, its ergonomic remote features an LED display that shows your driving speed and is able to control acceleration.

There’s also modes for beginners and advanced riders, while its wrist strap will prevent you from dropping it.

  • Ideal for all skill levels thanks to its powerful yet controlled feel under your feet
  • Sleek design
  • Durable and longlasting
  • More advanced riders may find this board too basic
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Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard 16 MPH Top Speed,14 Miles Range,Dual Motors, 32 Inches Maple with Remote Control
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Next up in our review is the Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard.

Super strong and durable, this innovative skateboard contains a deck which has been made using 6 layers of maple deck as well as 1 layer of bamboo in order to encourage maximum flexibility and sturdiness.

It features a top speed capability of 16 MPH (which is pretty impressive at this price point) as well as a 10 degree climbing capacity that will ensure you get where you need to go, while a 25.2V lithium battery ensures premium power and stamina.

An included ergonomic remote makes controlling acceleration easy as-can-be, while its smooth braking and simple direction controls make it ideal for both beginners and advanced riders alike. 

  • Ergonomic remote control
  • Impressive top speed of 16 MPH
  • Powerful lithium battery
  • The shape of the board may be too narrow for a beginner

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Effortlessly combining comfort, speed and style, this skateboard from Aceshin is the perfect partner for traversing your way through busy streets.

If you’re a beginner or looking to purchase an affordable skateboard for your child or teen, this is a great option.

For starters, it features three different speed modes that allows the rider to start the lowest speed in order to make them feel safe and stable, with its maximum top speed of 12 MPH and a travel range of up to 7 miles will ensure they get where they need to go with ease.

In order to conserve as much energy as possible, this skateboard stands out because it has a built-in feature that will automatically turn itself off if the rider stops for more than 5 minutes, so no need to worry about this skateboard’s battery becoming drained when not in use.

Alongside this, its 350W brushless hub motor offers power and stamina, while its cutting design features 6 layers of northeast maple and 1 layer of bamboo in order to ensure it is not only stable and sturdy, but flexible too. 

  • Lightweight (12lbs) so it is easy to transport and carry
  • Reverse capability
  • Just 1.5 hour charging time
  • May be too basic for advanced riders
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RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard
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Made to zoom, the RazorX Cruiser has been designed to offer uncompromising quality and maximum enjoyability! 

It features a 125W motor that you can easily control from your hand thanks to its wireless, hand-held remote to take your skateboarding rides to the next level, while its 29.7 inch maple deck allows for a lightweight, smooth and responsive ride, everytime.

Giving you the opportunity to achieve your perfect cruising velocity, the remote control offers a variable-speed control feature, while its lithium-ion powered battery will allow you to cruise down the streets at a speed of up to 10mph.

Additional features include high-grip urethane wheels for enhanced stability, as well as perforated grip tape.

  • Smooth and enjoyable feel
  • Modern design
  • 125W motor for optimum power and stamina
  • Not ideal for use in the rain or riding down wet streets

Best Electric Skateboards under 300 – Buyers Guide

Now it may seem pretty foolish even to have a guide on buying a skateboard, but you might end up buying the wrong product or even spend ridiculously more when you could get a better product at a much affordable price.

For that reason and a few others, and whether or not it is your first skateboard, here everything you need to know about buying a motorized skateboard.

When I say electric, most of the people would probably think of the speed and mileage, but it is more than that.

After spending hours, here are 11 checks you must go through before you tap on the “Order Button”.

Quality of Wheels

The first factor to consider is the quality of the wheels. The higher the quality of the wheels, the better performance it will provide in terms of the smoothness and feel of the ride, acceleration, speed, and even the handling.

Here are the two most common types of wheels you’ll find on an electric skateboard:

Soft wheels: Soft wheels are suitable to be used on rough and tough surfaces or terrains as they bring more grip, rolling capacity, and predictable slide.

Harder wheels: These types of wheels are ideal for use on flat surfaces because they have less grip than softer wheels do. For this reason, harder wheels are able to go faster much easier than softer wheels.

Battery/Motor Quality

The speed, performance and lifespan of your skateboard very much depends on the quality of its battery, especially as the mileage adds up.

When considering which electric skateboard to purchase, we suggest checking out the quality of its battery (you can do this by referring to its description and looking at the quality of battery cells used). 

Weight and portability

You might not think it, but weight and portability are two important factors worth considering before parting ways with your hard earned dollars! 

To help you, we suggest figuring out your commute routine. If you’re not going to need to carry your skateboard a whole lot, the weight and portability factors won’t apply as much to you.

However, if you are the type that finds themselves having to mix skateboarding with other forms of transport (like catching the train or bus) you might find yourself having to set it down and carry your skateboard for prolonged periods of time.

If you fall into the latter group, no problem! All this means is that you might want to consider a skateboard that isn’t going to make commuting from place to place a struggle.

In our opinion, a skateboard that is around 7kg is an ideal weight that will offer stability and sturdiness while riding without weighing you down if you need to carry it around now and again.

The Smoothness of the Ride

How smooth the ride will be is another important consideration to take into consideration! The last thing you want is any wobbling or an uncomfortable vibration feel.

The main purpose of the electric board is to offer you a smooth ride, so you should check this before purchasing – we recommend reading reviews.

Air-travel friendly

If you’re a travel enthusiast, you might find yourself wanting to bring your electric skateboard along for the adventure. What better way to explore a new city than with the aid of your skateboard to get you to and from? Exactly!

Luckily for you, there’s plenty of electric skateboards built with air travel in mind. 

To get you off to a flying start, here are some points to keep in mind:

Any board battery pack being 99Wh or under complies with airline safety regulations and is able to be transported with.

However, there are a few exceptions to this: If the battery pack is not able to be separated from the skateboard without the use of tools, there can be an objection raised.

Laws, rules and regulations are different on whether a lithium powered electric board is cargo or carry-on – so we suggest double checking with your airport and airline before bringing your skateboard along with you.

The last thing you want to happen is lose your skateboard while trying to pass through the security terminal!


It might come as a surprise to you, but there are quite a few electric skateboards available to purchase on the market that are not waterproof or water-resistant and are there unable to offer any protection regarding water damage or being in the outdoors.

For this reason,  one really important factor to consider is whether the electric skateboard you are considering purchasing is waterproof or at the very least, water-resistant to some extent.

Though you may not ride a board during rain (or intentionally splash into puddles) it is more than likely that you will still  find yourself in situations where you and your skateboard become exposed to water.

Obviously this won’t kill your new board but it will encounter problems like connectivity or speed issues, and this is why water resistance is a must have featured on your electric skateboard.


Steel is steel but not every steel is of the same quality. Similarly, not all the decks, wheels and motors fixed inside an electric skateboard are of the same quality, right?

With that being said, each skateboard will therefore differ to each other. When selecting your skateboard, you should consider the quality of the design. To help you, consider the following questions:

  • How much space does the motor take?
  • How visible is it in the dark?
  • How big are the wheels?
  • Will it be able to withstand a few bumps and falls?
  • Do I like the aesthetic and colors?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my electric skateboard need to have hill climbing ability?

This all depends on where you plan on skateboarding and the area you live in. If you’re planning on taking on some nearby hills and slopes, you’re definitely going to need to purchase a skateboard with a hill climbing ability.

In order to find the right one for you, we recommend reading the description of each skateboard in order to determine the hill grade and whether it is suitable for your plans of use.

What brakes are used on an electric skateboard?

The most common type of skateboard braking system found in electronic models is regenerative braking. This works in a similar way to dynamic brakes, except this type of brake system is able to redirect energy to a resistor to dissipate it as heat and then redirect it back into the battery in order to recharge it.

Smart, right?

When buying an electric skateboard, is the brand important?

The brand is very important when buying an electric skateboard for many reasons.

For example, you need to know someone will be there to answer if you have a problem and need to contact customer care.

We recommend always reading reviews and doing a little bit of research on what people are saying about each brand. 

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