Penny is famous for being one of the best makers of skateboards. 

Now, it's time to introduce one of the most multi-faceted boards on their current line-up, the Penny Cruiser Complete Skateboard.

Cruise the streets on this board and have a fun and speedy ride.

The nose and tail of this skateboard are entirely fictional in giving you a convenient ride. 

It features a concave made from a traditional wooden deck with a combination of Penny's secret plastic and fiberglass formula to help you glide to perfection.

The non-slip deck, which comes in different styles and colors, also grips on your shoes tight. It will make you feel safe and secured.

Additionally, it has a noticeably lovely set of wheels that runs perfectly to make rider feels it's like a combination of cruiser and skateboard wheels. 

Wheels are flexible for curbs too!

The combination of the plastic wheels paired with ABEC7 bearings makes this skateboard faster and more durable skateboard.

We never had any issues whenever we turn. In fact, the deck and the wheels work perfectly to provide the best ride for a skateboard.

To put the cherry on top...

The Penny Cruiser Complete Skateboard's trucks and bushings offer high quality of stability.

What's more to ask with the Penny Cruiser?

You get a high-quality skateboard, that's tough to carry heavy loads, and provides excellence for each ride.

Are You In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

Penny Cruiser Complete Skateboard


Penny Cruiser Complete Skateboard

Why is it the BEST?

  • Wheels have 54mm 90A perfect for smooth even speedy ride.
  • New size 32" inches classic waffle top non-slip deck best for good shoe grips.
  • Trucks came in different colored base plates and hangers for each style.
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Final Words

Ride the Penny Cruiser Complete Skateboard and experience a sturdy, stylish and smooth cruise at a pretty fast speed.

With its durable deck and enduring wheels, you sure can do and master the tricks with your board like a professional.

Every skater who have tried this board will agree that this board has it all and that it is worth your money.

It will allow you to do some tricks, or just skate it on the street since it's convenient to bring any where.

Looking for a flaw to this Penny Board is like looking for a needle in haystack. We're not saying it's perfect, but it's incredibly AWESOME.

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