Ten Eighty Launch Ramp Review

If you need the best launch ramp for beginners or young riders, then Ten Eighty Launch Ramp is the best to try. With its durability, you can use this ramp with a bike, scooter, and even rollerblades. Riding is fun with this ramp.You may create various tricks safely. It is proven by some consumers that you can jump and ride a bike over it. The ramp is sturdy enough to mix and match those jumps for perfection!It is primarily for skating in some spacious parks, and it’s quick and easy to assemble.This Launch Ramp features rubber feet that stabilize and prevent accidental movements for more safety ride. It is safe to use for children eight years old and above – thanks to its wedge-shaped design and short ramp height. Though it is said to be best for beginners, even those who are experts in riding and jumping on some ramps can still enjoy using it.Also, don’t forget that they have excellent customer service! They are the best when it comes to addressing your concerns.

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Ten Eighty Launch Ramp


Ten Eighty Launch Ramp

Why is it the BEST?

  • It has a high-impact polymer construction that adds more durability and toughness.
  • The surface was made to be slip-resistant for more safety riding.
  • It features modular clip designs for easy assemble.
  • This Wedged-shaped ramp is ideal for both beginners and experienced riders or gliders.

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Ten Eighty Launch Ramp Video Reviews

Testing out the NEW 1080 Fly box Launch Ramp

Video Transcription

we’re testing up 1080 on shrimp [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] within the description oh you’re in the air mansion it’s only about like $150 I owe so it’s about $100 basically [Music] you [Music]

​KIckflip of a ten eighty ramp!!

Video Transcription

hey guys what’s up killer King here today I’m going to be jumping off my 1080 ramp and I will be attempting a kickflip off of it now I’ve tried this a couple times and I’ve gotten very close so I feel that I can get it in this video let’s go I really hope you guys enjoyed that video I finally got a kickflip off of it we’ll see you guys next time my tour will be down in the description subscribe to me comment like subscribe so much stuff to say and then one more thing I have a cousin named Erin who lives in Pennsylvania you may have seen me on her vlogs and I’ll have her YouTube channel down the description box below and go subscribe to her and watch a lot of her videos she’s awesome and I’ll see you guys next time bye

​UnicornKing22k M Review

Video Transcription

hey guys King Scott 22km here welcome back John the video today we are gonna be reviewing a ramp so please enjoy so yes guys we are going to be reviewing a ramp today yes it is a pro scooter room called by the brand 1080 therefore skateboards but I got a first commute it doesn’t matter it’s really good so that’s rule 2 clear oh yeah guys I would rate this scooter ramp a 10 out of 10 for quality effort put in the ramp that we have to do these there’s not long time stuff we have to put together on the ramp and for a bunch of blaster fun yep a bunch of blaster fire that really makes sense though but anyways guys I had this isn’t gonna be a short video or anything days I’ll have to upload something to make I just hopped you and it’s easier for me if I post something small so anyways um hope you like share and subscribe this video and I’ll see you in another video peace

Final Words

You will love watching your children creating new tricks and having fun with the Ten Eighty Launch Ramp without worrying too much. This ramp features a well-designed structure for both for young riders and beginners. The goal is to make all people who will use the ramp to feel secure using it. So harness, and master your ramping skills with the help of Ten Eighty Launch Ramp.

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