You’re at the skatepark with your new wheels, everyone’s admiring the smoothness of your glide. You effortlessly jump, kickflip and drop in. You land your ollie and realise everyone’s staring – they’ve never seen a skateboard with that much pop before!

You feel like the king of the castle and everyone bows down to you, begging you to let them feel that height. You graciously decline and keep the feeling to yourself, ollieing for the rest of the day – life is good.

The pop is the feeling of a snappy new skateboard, when it pops into the air effortlessly at a snap of the tail. It will be easier to perform tricks for street skating with a skateboard with pop and it will also affect the height you’re able to achieve.

The pop is determined by the solid new wood and the perfectly rounded shape of the edge on a new board. This will give good contact with the ground when you hit it for a trick, enhancing the trick and wow factor.

Make sure your board keeps its pop and doesn’t fizzle out with our five favourite skateboards for popping below, as well as our buyers guide and frequently asked questions.

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Look, we know you’re itching to get outside and ride off into the distance, so we’ll keep this short and snappy – it’s the CCS Skateboard Complete.

Here are a few of the reasons why we’ve chosen this one as our top pick:

  • CCS is a reputable brand who have been researching, innovating and evolving their skateboards for over 35 years. During this time, they’ve listened to their customers reviews and changed their pattern accordingly. If you buy this board, you’ll be getting a design that’s been trialled and developed repeatedly to get the best possible product.
  • Many reviewers have stated that they were able to do an ollie on their first attempt, whether they were beginners or pros, and the skateboard carries an excellent pop.
  • Complete board which means you’re paying a one-off price and you won’t have to buy trucks or wheels. It also comes pre-assembled so you don’t have to waste any time setting it up.

In a hurry? This is Our Winner!

Our rating:
CCS Skateboard Complete - Color Logo and Natural Wood - Fully Assembled - Includes Skateboard Tool and Stickers (Mint Green, 7.0" (Mini/Kid's Size))
  • Wheels: 52mm, 100a Durometer (hard), White | Trucks: 109mm (small size for mini deck), Raw Silver | Bearings: ABEC 7 (high quality and smooth) | Grip tape: Black | Hardware: 1" Black Bolts W/Silver Nuts | Deck: 7.00" - 8.50" width and 27.75" length
  • With its classic symmetrical shape, the board is great for cruising and tricks. The maple wood is high quality and gives you the right mix of flex and stiffness.
  • The skateboard comes fully assembled, ready to ride directly out of the box.
  • From first timers to seasoned vets, this board has everything you need to start rolling.
  • Construction: Traditional Maple

Best Skateboards For Pop – Comparison Table

Best Skateboards For Pop – Reviews

Our Winner!
CCS Skateboard Complete - Color Logo and Natural Wood - Fully Assembled - Includes Skateboard Tool and Stickers (Mint Green, 7.0' (Mini/Kid's Size))
Our rating:

The CCS complete skateboard is set up with 52mm wheels, 139mm trucks, high quality and smooth bearings and 32 inch length board. With this model you can choose the width of the board to customise it for your perfect flips and tricks.

The deck is made from high quality maple wood which gives you the right mix of flex and stiffness. This board has been raved about for both newbies and seasoned skaters, as well as people who are looking to get back into skating.

The manufacturers insist that the quality does not suffer due to the lower price.

The CCS complete board comes fully assembled so you won’t need to waste time setting it up and can ride it straight out of the box.

Moreover, the CCS brand has been designing and perfecting their skateboards since 1985, so you know you’ll be getting a credible board that people have been using for decades.

  • A high-quality deck from a trusted brand
  • Already assembled for convenience
  • Many reviewers have stated it has an excellent pop and they were able to ollie on their first attempt
  • A few users had to loosen the wheels slightly
  • Grip tape seems to be poorly placed with a few bubbles

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete Skateboard 31 x 7.88, 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Concave Standard and Tricks Skateboards for Kids and Beginners (Lighting)
Our rating:

WhiteFang have designed their complete skateboard with a deck made of seven layers of Canadian maple at the size of 31.75”x7.88”, offering the perfect balance between toughness and weight.

It is equipped with 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks and high rebound 52mm wheels that give quick response from the ground, perfect for finding that desired pop.

The deck is covered in customized emery sandpaper which grips your feet and allows you to learn new tricks quickly.

Like the CCS complete board, WhiteFang also offers a no assembly required skateboard so you can take it straight to the skatepark.

They also include a three-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about it breaking and gives you a good indication on the quality of the board.

  • Solidly constructed and ready to ride right out of the box
  • Perfect for beginners looking to learn lots of different tricks
  • Extremely sturdy and durable with a maximum weight of 330 pounds
  • A few users have said that their product came warped and twisted
  • Not the most interesting design options

THMEX Pro Skateboard Standard Skateboards Cruiser Complete Canadian Maple 8 Layers Double Kick Concave Skate Boards (020)
Our rating:

EX have created their Pro Skateboard Complete to be of the highest quality with solid, impact resistant PU wheels, high performance five inch Seagull solid aluminium trucks, deck made with eight layers of Canadian maple and high density waterproof anti-skidding diamond emery paper for grip.

The wheels make it a perfect board for travelling long distances and performing tricks.

EX has eleven years of experience in creating skateboards for beginners and professionals alike. Their mission is to pour speed, passion and love into each of their boards. All of the parts are made of wear-resistant materials and are designed with cool graphics by designers.

Another model that requires no assembly, the Pro Skateboard Complete is perfect for any skill level wanting a sturdy board from a reliable and trusted company.

  • Solid construction and impact-resistant wheels make this a great deck for cruising and tricks
  • Great quality for little price
  • High quality and innovative designs
  • Only holds 220 pounds which is on the lighter side
  • A few users have had to contact the seller to get replacement parts

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck - POP - Strength - Sustainability (8.0')
Our rating:

Bamboo Skateboards have made a product that’s exactly what it says on the tin – a skateboard made of bamboo (well, okay … it’s a bamboo-maple hybrid, but still), making them lighter and stronger.

Bamboo absorbs shock better so it typically won’t break, whether you’re jumping down a massive set of stairs, hitting a rail or flying around a halfpipe. It’s been said that these boards have been driven over with a car and still not broken!

Skaters have raved about the pop that they have experienced from this board.

Bamboo skateboards are made out of a six-ply maple-bamboo hybrid which improves sustainability whilst maintaining the strength.

Bamboo Skateboards are committed to reducing maple deforestation by creating eco-friendly boards that match up to traditional Canadian maple boards.

This skateboard is available in multiple sizes and perfect for all levels from beginner to pro.

Each size slightly differs the dimensions as well as wheelbase, meaning you’ll be able to find your perfect match from the eight different options.

  • Made from bamboo which is lighter and stronger than maple, as well as more sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Many skaters agree that this board has an amazing pop
  • Blank deck perfect for customization or artwork
  • Deck only so you’ll need to assemble the board yourself
  • Board may wear slightly faster than a Canadian maple board might

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard (Snake)
Our rating:

The Minority team have created this 100% seven-ply 32×8 inch maple deck for all levels of riders. The five-inch trucks are casted by genuine aluminium alloy, equipped with carbon steel kingpin and 78A high rebound PU bushing to ensure ultimate strength. ABEC-9 precision bearings are forged by chrome steel work with 52mm 102A PU wheels for a smooth, fast glide to help give your tricks an effortless feel.

The board is a combination of excellent parts made from the best quality materials and the construction is a masterpiece of skateboard engineering.

The mediate concave and spacious kick tail and nose give amazing physical performances and extraordinary maneuverability.

Minority harvest their materials from sustainable woods, use methanol-free epoxy glue and collect offcut for recycling to minimise their negative impact on the environment.

They claim that their boards are for everyone, including: girls, boys, kids, undergraduates, or 1970’s old school riders!

  • Minority claims that the bottom graphic is exceptionally durable and will never fade over time
  • Users agree that this board is great for speeding up the process of learning tricks
  • Complete board so you don’t have to buy other parts to assemble
  • Needs to be worn in before attempting any tricks
  • Few reviewers received product with loose trucks, however they can be tightened without having to send back

Best Skateboards For Pop – Buyers Guide

Get that pop!

Choosing a board that gives you the desired pop you’re looking for can be tricky, however there are a number of ways you can achieve it. Firstly, you can pick a high-quality board that is well made and generally individually pressed during the manufacturing process. 

This guarantees that there is enough pressure for the glue to remain stuck properly and that each ply is molded perfectly to the concave of the press.

You could also pick a lighter deck as this will help your board get off the floor easier, therefore doing half the work of the pop already. An easy way to ensure your deck is light is to go for one made of a carbon, maple, bamboo or fiberglass combination. It can be tricky to get the composition right, so go for a well known brand who knows what they’re doing.

Aside from the pop, there are a few other different factors to consider when buying a skateboard which will also help to achieve the pop, including the measurements and design of the deck, the wheels and trucks and grip tape. 

Concave and shape

The concave is the curvature of the deck width when you look at it from the front. There are three main types of deck concave, including mellow, medium and steep. 

Mellow concave boards provide a stable, comfortable feel under your feet when you stand stationary on it. However, the flatter the concave is the harder it will be to perform flip tricks. 

Medium concave boards are good for beginners and have slightly more curvature than the latter. You will be able to perform basic tricks on these types of boards. 

Steep or high concave boards are raised higher at the edge. These boards are great for professionals who are looking to master difficult tricks. 

Skateboards come in various shapes which can be confusing to understand at first. Beginners are recommended to start with a conventionally shaped one with no frills to get used to the motion and begin learning how to pump the bowl and basic flat-ground tricks. 

There are also retro-shaped boards and cruisers to try, and many skaters have different preferences and get on better with different boards.

Width and Length

Choosing the width of your new skateboard is one of the most important decisions to make when considering which deck to get. Depending on what you’re using the skateboard for: cruising, street skating or park skating, the width will need to be correct so that you feel comfortable. 

You can easily figure out which width you should use either with your shoe size and height, or you could go down to a skateshop and stand on a bunch of boards and see what feels right.

Most skateboards range between 7.5 and 8.4 inches, the most popular being eight. All of the boards above come in a range of different widths so you have plenty of choice of what you want to go for. 

The length of the board isn’t as important as the width, however you should still consider it when looking to buy a deck. Shorter boards are generally considered better for children and beginners, and longer than 30 inches is considered better for more experienced skaters. 

However, a beginner using a longer board will not affect their ability or learning.


Street skating wheels tend to be smaller than park wheels since they’re lighter and more responsive making them easier to flip. A good size for street skating is 49-52mm, whereas for transition or vert skating you should go for 54-60mm. 

These are larger and cover more surface area, which means you’ll be able to gain more speed for those airs or grabs.

You can check out our reviews of the best skateboard wheels HERE.


If you’re assembling your own skateboard and not buying a complete one, you’ll need to think about trucks. Truck size depends on the deck size – you need to make sure the axle length matches the width of the deck and won’t stick out or in too much. 

For a standard 8 inch deck, 149mm trucks should work well.

You can check out our reviews of the best skateboard trucks HERE.

Grip Tape

Grip tape is a rough tape that feels like sandpaper that is applied on the top part of the deck. It allows you to control your board and helps prevent your feet from slipping from the board. Grip tape is essential when skating so ensure that the board you buy has it, or you’ll have to buy some to stick on yourself. 

Grip tape comes in all different colours and sizes so if you’re ordering it, make sure that if you get enough to cover your whole board.

All of these factors contribute to finding a great skateboard that can assist you with your flips and tricks, but the most important factor is finding a board that caters to your personal preference. Find a skateboard that you work well with and go from there.

You can check out our reviews of the best skateboard grip tape HERE.


What is a pop in skateboard terms?

The pop is the feeling of a snappy new skateboard with a decent curvature that can be ‘popped’ into the air with an effortless snap of the tail. It has to do with solid new wood and the shape of the edge on the deck. 

The pop helps the board to bounce and flip easily which is very important when skaters are wanting to master intricate tricks, as it will take some of the effort away. There’s nothing impressive about a skater jumping into the clouds and their board staying close to the ground.

What does my skateboard need to have to be able to pop well?

Popping is all about jumping high and you’ll need a skateboard that can keep up with you. This means the curvature of the board is especially important in finding the perfect board, as well as the width and wheels. 

It is important that you find a lightweight board that’s made out of material that doesn’t compromise the strength or sturdiness. It’s also recommended that you choose an established brand as lesser-known brands often try to make a lightweight board with a combination of materials, which tend to feel slightly off to the rider. 

This will compromise your ability to do tricks and therefore your pop.

Are newer skateboards better to pop with than older ones?

Newer skateboards are more likely to have a stronger pop as their edges aren’t worn and they’re as fresh as they can be. If you want to prolong the popping feeling, get a reliable board that won’t wear easily and take care of it properly.

What do you think? Please leave a comment below or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you!

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