Skateboarding is an excellent way for your kid to gain independence and new skills, as well as a fantastic way to encourage them away from their screens and out into the great outdoors.

Not to mention, skateboarding looks pretty cool too and is guaranteed to impress their friends.

Tricks, flips and kicks are all part of the appeal for any kid that is interested in taking up skateboarding. But before they are able to accomplish any of these moves, it’s important for them to get the basics of skateboarding down first.

However, if they are already pretty skilled at skateboarding, then they’ll need a durable board that can handle all the moves your child wants to throw at it.

So whether your kid is entering skateboarding as a beginner, or is ready to take on more complex tricks, we’ve put together a list of the best skateboards for an 8-year old that will help you make the right decision about which one to choose, along with a useful guide to what to look out for when buying one.

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If you’re in a hurry and are looking for the best skateboard for an 8 year old, take a look at our top pick below:

In a hurry? This is Our Winner!

Our rating:
RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Galaxy2
  • Rimable Plastic Cruiser Fully Assembled
  • 22'' Long x 6'' Wide Deck With 100% Fresh Material
  • High Quality 3” Thick Aluminium Trucks
  • Super Smooth PU Wheel With High Speed Bearing
  • Max Load Weight 198 LB (90KGS)

Best Skateboards For 8-Year-Olds – Comparison Table

Best Skateboards For 8-Year-Olds – Reviews

Our Winner!
RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard Galaxy2
Our rating:

Perfect for anybody new to skateboarding, this 22” model from Rimable is constructed from strong, flexible plastic that will help to keep your child sturdy whilst they practice. It also arrives fully constructed, so you won’t have to worry about assembling it correctly.

Fashioned in the kick tail style, this mini skateboard is the perfect size for a child to learn the basics of skateboarding and to start learning some kicks and tricks.

Available in 8 awesome prints to suit any kid’s taste, a smooth ride is guaranteed thanks to it’s super-smooth PU wheels, which are mounted on 3” thick aluminium trucks.

It’s also a pretty affordable option for anyone wanting to buy their child their first skateboard without spending too much money.

  • Constructed from strong, flexible plastic to help keep your child stable when skating
  • Arrives fully assembled so you won’t have to worry about putting it together
  • Has smooth, PU wheels mounted on 3” aluminium trucks that will guarantee and smooth, easy ride
  • Some customers found that the wheels were not suitable for skating on stony roads

M Merkapa 22' Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels for Kids, Boys, Girls, Youths, Beginners(Blue)
Our rating:

Constructed from PP plastic with a 6-inch wide single kickboard, these 22” colorful skateboards from Merkapa are the perfect size for a child to learn to skate on.

Shock absorbent wheels with an ABEC-7 bearing are mounted on 3.2” aluminium trucks and will take the force out of heavy landings when doing tricks, as well as giving you a better grip and a smoother ride.

The large, PU wheels also come with a fun twist – they light up as you skate! The LED lights are generated by rotary power, so you don’t need to buy batteries or recharge the board. Simply step on, ride and they’ll light up.

A fantastic feature that kids will love.

  • Shock absorbent wheels take the force out of heavy landings
  • Has built-in LED lights within the wheels that don’t require batteries or recharging
  • The perfect size for a child to learn to skate on
  • People that bought this skateboard found that, after a good amount of use, the wheels needed to be tightened to get the lights working again

ENKEEO Skateboards 22 Inches Complete Skateboard Cruiser Plastic Banana Board with Bendable Deck and Smooth PU Casters for Kids Boys Youths Beginners, 220 Ibs.Star
Our rating:

This mini cruiser is the perfect size for kids to skate on and has a deck that is constructed from durable and flexible polypropylene that is not only designed to be long-lasting but also brings flexibility and sturdiness to the board.

The wheels are made of strong PU plastic, and are large enough to provide a smooth ride on multiple surfaces.

It also has a black non-slip tape on the deck that ensures a safer ride – especially useful for any child finding their skating feet!

Available in 8 amazing designs that kids will love, this skateboard is finished with a large kick-tail for excellent control and performance when doing tricks and flips.

It also comes fully assembled, so your child can be outdoors and skating straight away.

  • Deck is constructed from polypropylene for ultimate durability and stability
  • Large, PU wheels provide a smooth ride on any surface
  • Non-slip tape reduces the risk of accidents when skating
  • Some customers found that the bearings are little tight upon initial use, so these may need some loosening up

ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard Complete Longboard Double Kick Skate Board Cruiser 8 Layer Maple Deck for Extreme Sports and Outdoors
Our rating:

This longboard from ChromeWheels is constructed from high density, 8-layer maple wood which makes a stable platform to skate on.

It also has an emery non-slip surface that provides a powerful grip, reducing the chance of any injuries.

It’s super-smooth PU wheels ABEC-7 precision bearings and PU bushings ensure a smooth ride, even on rough ground.

Arriving fully assembled, you won’t have to worry about making sure it’s built correctly and safe to ride, and it even comes with a handy carry bag to transport it to and from the skate park, as well to keep it safe when not in use.

Available in multiple designs, this skateboard makes the perfect gift for any child who is keen to learn how to skate.

  • Constructed from high density, 8-layer maple wood for extra stability
  • Non-slip surface provides a smooth ride, even on rough ground
  • Includes a carry bag for easy transportation and storage
  • Some customers found that the sticker on the bottom started to peel away after a good amount of use

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete Skateboard 31 x 7.88, 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Concave Standard and Tricks Skateboards for Kids and Beginners (Great-US)
Our rating:

The super-smooth rebound PU wheels of this skateboard from WhiteFang are suitable for use on all surface types, and make a fun and safe way for kids to learn the basics of skateboarding.

The deck is constructed from 7-layers of solid, Candian maple to ensure both durability and stability, and is mounted atop strong, aluminium trucks.

Designed with a double kick, dissymmetric concave and made with customized emery sand paper, this board will help to keep your feet locked to it whilst skating and learning tricks.

Complete with a 3-year warranty (!), and available in a variety of designs, this skateboard comes built complete out of the box, saving you time and effort with making it yourself.

  • Super smooth PU wheels allow for a stable ride across multiple surface types
  • Designed with a double kick concave to help master tricks
  • Includes a three-year warranty so you’re covered if anything were to go wrong with your board
  • People that purchased this skateboard noted that the wheels can be a little loose upon arrival, so these may need to be tightened up before use

Best Skateboards For 8-Year-Olds – Buyers Guide

Buying a skateboard can be a bit confusing. There are many different names and terminologies for the parts of a board, and remembering what to bear in mind when it comes to buying one for a child can leave you scratching your head.

So, before making your decision, take a look below at some points that you might want to bear in mind.

Deck Material

Skateboards tend to be constructed from either plastic or wood and, whilst both are sturdy and durable, there are some considerations that need to be thought of when it comes to choosing between them.

Plastic is typically less expensive and, whilst durable, is less flexible and may be easier to snap than a wooden board. However, it’s lightweightedness makes it a better option for carrying to and from the skatepark.

Wooden boards, usually made from maple, are flexible and durable. Skateboards that are made from multiple layers of maple are best as they will have a stronger bond than a single piece of wood.


Trucks are the metal part of the board that hold the wheels on to the board. These help to facilitate and manoeuvre around obstacles, so the strength and flexibility of the trucks are a very important thing to consider when making your decision.

Trucks that are made of aluminium are the best quality, as it is lightweight so won’t weight the board down resulting in a slow ride, but is durable enough to take a good beating when performing tricks without getting damaged.

You can check out our reviews of the best skateboard trucks HERE.


These are the tiny rubber pieces inside the truck that help with turning. Typically, these are made from polyurethane which provides durability and helps you to change the boards direction with ease.

They do vary in hardiness, however softer bushings are better for kids learning to skate as they allow for easier maneuvering.


Inside each wheel, there are ball bearings. These connect the wheels to the trucks and keep the wheel spinning, which is obviously essential when skateboarding. When shopping around, you’ll notice that the bearings come with different ABEC (American Bearing Manufacturers Association) ratings, which indicate the level of durability and precision. These are outlined below:

ABEC 1 – The least precise, but the longest lasting and the cheapest

ABEC 3 – Great for low-level skateboarding, but will roll quite slowly and won’t be very smooth

ABEC 5 – These are the most common bearings found in skateboards and provide a good amount of speed

ABEC 7 – Fast and smooth, however, they can be damaged if you treat your board aggressively

ABEC 9 – Solely designed for boards that are intended for high speeds

You can check out our reviews of the best skateboard bearings HERE.


Skateboarding is fun, but can also be dangerous. When buying a skateboard for a child, you’re going to want to put their safety first and purchase them a board that they won’t only love, but that will keep them safe whilst they learn this new skill.

Any skateboard that comes with a non-slip surface or a grip tape is a great way to help ensure safety, and will help to prevent a child coming off their board if they come to a sudden stop.

Remember to also ensure that your child wears suitable protective clothing when learning to skate, such as a helmet and kneepads.


Keeping safety in mind, a board that arrives fully assembled won’t only save you time and energy when it comes to building it but will remove any worries you might have about it not being properly assembled if done at home.

Many skateboards are ready to ride straight out of the box and, although you may have to make some small adjustments to the tightness of the wheels, this is minor work compared to assembling it from scratch yourself.

Road Surfaces

Whether your child is learning to skate outside on the street, on your driveway or down at the skatepark, there are many different surface types that your child’s skateboard is going to have to deal with.

Look for a board that has large, PU wheels that will be able to provide a good grip across multiple surfaces without wearing down or becoming easily damaged. Large wheels also tend to provide a smoother ride as they cover a larger surface area.


Your child has now mastered the basics of skateboarding and now wants to move onto learning the cool tricks and kicks that drew them to it in the first place. In order to do this, they are going to need a skateboard that has a kick tail they can grab onto when practicing.

A simple, single kicktail board is enough for a child that wants to learn a few basic tricks. But if they are naturally skilled at skateboarding and would like to learn some of the more advanced moves, then a board with a concave, dis-symmetrical design will help them safely achieve this.


Different skateboards come in different deck widths and, as such, are designed for different things. A skateboard with a wider deck offers more stability and therefore is ideal for learning the skating basics, as well as offer a greater area surface to land on when performing tricks.

Narrower skateboards are easier to flip and pop, so are geared more towards the advanced skater.


Every child is different, and their personality and taste should be allowed to shine through when they’re learning to skate. Luckily, skateboards come in many different styles and designs, so there is something to suit everybody.


How long will a skateboard last for?

This depends on what it’s used for. A skateboard that is used for learning basic skating skills will most likely last a lot longer than one that is being used to perform tricks on.

When making your decision, think about what your child wants to achieve on the board, and then consider the material type and durability of it.

How do I minimize the likelihood of injury?

Skateboarding can be a dangerous sport, so to minimize the risk of any injuries to your child, look for a board that offers extra stability and a good non-slip grip tape.

Boards with larger decks are also better, as they will offer a larger surface area for your child to stand on when skating, and to land on when performing tricks. Always make sure your child is wearing protective clothing when skating also.

How much should I spend on a skateboard for a child?

Skateboard prices can vary, but ultimately it’s worth investing in one that is going to ensure your child’s safety and stability whilst they are learning to skate on it. If purchasing for a child to learn skating basics on, then a board at the lower end of the price range is going to be fine. However, if they are already pretty confident in their skating skills and are looking to master new skills and tricks, then a more expensive board is likely to take a beating and last longer.

Should I go for a plastic or a wooden board?

This depends again on what your child is looking to achieve. Plastic boards are great for learning the basics, and their lightweightedness means they can also easily be carried around, however they are less flexible and more prone to damage than wooden boards. Wooden boards are stronger, especially if they are constructed from multiple layers, and offer better flexibility for tricks.

What width of skateboard is best for an 8-year-old?

The width of a skateboard corresponds to what the skateboard is going to be used for. A wider board is better for learning to skate on as it will have a greater surface area that will help your child stay secure on the board. A narrower board is better for more advanced skaters that are looking to perform tricks.

What is an ABEC rating?

ABEC stands for American Bearing Manufacturers Association. The different ABEC ratings you’ll see when shopping for a skateboard correspond to the durability and precision of the bearings with the wheels. See our buyers guide for a comprehensive breakdown of each rating.

How easy is it to build a skateboard?

Most skateboards come fully assembled and ready to ride straight out of the box. We would always recommend going for a ready-built skateboard, as this will remove any concerns about the safety of one you’ve had to assemble yourself. Occasionally, you may need to make minor adjustments to the wheels and trucks, however, these are very straightforward.

What do you think? Please leave a comment below or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you!

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