Imagine gliding down the boardwalk on your longboard, weaving in and out of tourists and beach-goers, sun beaming down on you as the wind hits your skin to cool you down. You’re on your way to the skatepark to show off your new wheels and make everyone wow with jealousy. You look over towards the sea and salute your fellow surfers catching some waves – there’s not too much difference in between longboards and surfboards, you know. 

Did you know that the longboard was invented in the 1950s in Hawaii by surfers who wanted something to practice their sport when the sea was too calm to use? In these short 70 years longboarding has become vastly popular in its own right, and therefore more and more longboards have been popping up on the market.

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However, like most things, not all these new models are considered good and beneficial for people who participate in the sport, so we have taken it upon ourselves to find the top five longboards on the market to save you time and get you out there enjoying life!

In a hurry? This is Our Favorite!

Our rating:
Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser ( Drop Through Deck - Camber concave )(Chrysanthemum)
  • As an artisan work from our engineering team, the 42inch drop through camber deck offers super flex and shock absorber.
  • 8-ply natural hardrock maple and epoxy glue, healthy materials bring more fun, and is better for environment.
  • Genuine alluminium 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable as 50 or 45 degree, and take to you great maneuverability.
  • Durable 70x51mm 78A PU wheels work with ABEC-9 presion bearings, letting you enjoy an unsurpassed smooth ride.
  • Designed by talents across the Atlantic. Graphics range from strikingly vintage to avant-garde looks.

Our top pick for the best longboard has got to be the VOLADOR Freeride Longboard because of its overall high quality for such a reasonable price, it’s a great board to use no matter what experience level the riders at, and the range of interesting designs you can choose from. Not only is it an environmentally friendly board from a conscious brand, it is also of excellent quality and will last a long time.

Best Longboards – Comparison Table

Best Longboards – Reviews

Our Favorite!
Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser ( Drop Through Deck - Camber concave )(Chrysanthemum)
Our rating:

Let’s give it up for an environmentally conscious longboard! Longboards are designed for you to get out there and enjoy nature – the beaches, parks, even the city – so why not choose a model that helps preserve this and keeps it beautiful for the next generations? VOLADOR strives to minimize their negative impact on the environment by using sustainable woods, fusing them with toxic-free glue, and recycles all the wasted materials.  

Due to searching for more environmentally friendly materials, VOLADOR has designed the deck of this longboard is made from 8 ply natural hardrock maple instead of the traditional bamboo. Never fear however, as the extra thick 8 ply deck makes up for the durability of the board so you don’t have to worry about a snapped board. This deck is also super flexible for long rides and absorbs a lot of shock from rougher terrains. 

The soft wheels are 70mm wide and work with the bearings to keep you on track and help towards this ease of turning. This lets you enjoy your ride without being jerked around thanks to dodgy bearings and worn wheels. In fact, your wheels won’t need to be replaced for a long time after purchasing this longboard thanks to the PU material. 

The 7 inch aluminum trucks can also be adjusted to either 45 or 50 degrees, increasing the maneuverability and enabling you to weave in and out of everything, no matter how tightly together they are. No need to panic, pedestrians! 

Another great factor is that you can get this longboard in four different designs, each adopting a graphic design from different cultures, meaning no one else will have a board that even comes close to yours in terms of design and quality (unless they have the same one, but what’s the likelihood of that?).

  • Great board for beginners
  • Good quality trucks and bearings
  • Four unique designs to choose from
  • Glue isn’t as strong as other toxic glues that could be used
  • Not the best customer service

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser The Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44' Longboard Skateboard,Black
Our rating:

Proclaimed the original bamboo longboard, The Super Cruiser adopts a 7 ply deck made from both bamboo and hardwood maple to keep it strong and sturdy while remaining flexible. This gives the 44 inch longboard the perfect mix of durability and usability, making sure that you’ll be able to keep skating forever without your board slowing you down. 

The 7 inch trucks keep the wheels in the optimal positions to evenly distribute your weight and keep the board sturdy while skating. This, along with the ultra fast ABEC 7, give the rider such a smooth ride they’ll think they’re gliding on air within the clouds, making for a super comfortable and high quality longboard. 

Quest designed their classic longboard on the boardwalks of California to be equipped with features that were tough enough to handle all sorts of terrains, from Malibu to San Diego. Take your board with you anywhere and everywhere for excellent rides every time. Quest proclaims themselves the leaders in longboards, and looking at The Super Cruiser, it’s easy to see why. 

An interesting benefit for The Super Cruiser is that Quest makes and uses all of their own products, so the different components aren’t made from other companies that may make them cheaper and less durable. This is important as the high quality board is a good indicator of how the rest of the components are going to work on this longboard.

  • The brand has plenty of experience creating longboards
  • All components are made by Quest so they should live up to the high quality of the board
  • Amazing finish on the deck
  • Quite stiff compared to other boards
  • Not the best quality of packaging and bad customer service

RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard (41 Inch, Africa Pattern)
Our rating:

Drop-through longboards are typically designed to lower your center of gravity which increases your stability when riding long distance round lots of twists and turns, making RIMABLE’s longboard perfect for beginners who want to skate to work or school. The tighter radius means there is less room to turn which gives you snappier rotations so you won’t crash into anything. This higher stability enables you to ride downhill without feeling like you’re going to lose control, either. 

This is thanks to the 7 inch aluminium trucks which position the wheels in the perfect places to keep you balanced and give you full control over your board when you’re weaving in between all the obstacles of everyday life. Streetlamp right next to a bin? No problem, you can fit straight in between with absolutely no issue.

Unlike most of the other longboards on this list, RIMABLE designed this deck with ultra durability in mind – seriously this board is not going to snap any time soon – thanks to it’s cold pressed 9 ply 41 inch maple laminated board. Thick without compromising the lightweight feature, this is great to keep the board sturdy and safe. 

Along with the 70mm wheels work alongside the ABEC-11 super fast bearings to give you a smooth ride that makes you feel as though you’re gliding in mid air. You can get this longboard in a number of different patterns and colors to make sure you’re always standing out from the crowd. This will also help when trying to find your board in the crowded skatepark, as your peers are bound to ask you for a go on your super sweet ride!

  • Cold pressed 9 ply deck is incredibly durable for long distance rides
  • Great board for both beginners and advanced skaters
  • Drop-through design gives you more stability and maneuverability during your rides in congested places
  • One reviewer complained that their board came making a squeaking noise
  • Bearings are not made of the highest quality

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete (Cobra)
Our rating:

White Wave has created their Bamboo Longboard with style in mind, there’s no doubt about that! Available in a variety of different styles and shapes to fit your individual preferences, there’s sure to be a model here for everyone. Don’t like the traditional shape of a longboard? Not a problem with White Wave!

Having said this, we’ll be looking at the Cobra design as it fits the most traditional shape of a longboard and will be the most accessible for many skaters. The decking is covered in a clear grip tape to prevent the lovely pattern from being hidden behind a lot of black tape which is a plus, as you can still ride around with your stylish board while being confident that you’re not going to slide off and go flying. 

This longboard is 41 inches of pure bamboo and Canadian maple decking to keep it durable and sturdy for even the longest of rides. No one wants to worry about potentially snapping their longboard miles away from home, so it’s important that your deck has multiple layers of wood to keep it in one piece. 

The wheels are made from urethane wheels, which are 70mm thick, and the 7 inch aluminum trucks both work together to keep this longboard shockproof so you don’t feel too many of the bumps in the road. This keeps you comfortable and less likely to fall off and injure yourself. Not to mention you’ll look like a professional on your longboard so you can impress all your peers. 

Along with the super fast and durable bearings that reduce friction and keep your ride smooth, this longboard is made from only high quality materials to ensure a long and happy lifetime with you.

  • Sturdy longboard while keeping every ride smooth
  • Great for long rides
  • Durable deck will support everyone, even people with larger structures
  • A few users had a problem with loose bearings when they received their board
  • Not the best board for advanced skaters

Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard | Bamboo and Hard Maple Deck | Made for Adults, Teens, and Kids … (Red)
Our rating:

Just take a look at this longboard – the gorgeously rustic design with the perfectly complimenting red wheels makes this board look like it’s straight out of a beach movie! You will fit right at home riding along the beach with Magneto’s Cruiser Longboard – you may even start to feel like you’re riding down the sunny Malibu boardwalks when in reality it’s raining and windy. As long as you’re riding this longboard, you’ll be feeling like you’re in summer all year long. 

This is helped by the fact that Magneto doesn’t use any grip tape on top of the deck to hide the great wood finish. Now you may be thinking that there’s no way that you’ll be able to stay on a board without grip tape, and you’d be right. However, thanks to the sand grit finish, your feet will stay put and comfortable while riding without having to stand on a massive black platform. That’s not going to fit in with Malibu beaches! 

The trucks of this longboard are made from gravity cast 7 inch aluminium, meaning they’re very unlikely to break or snap while on a ride. Trucks are very important for longboards as they need to be long enough to create a sturdy base for the extra long board so that you don’t feel unsafe on your board. 

Alongside this, the 70mm wheels are made from Urethane which is a high quality material designed to prevent wearing. This indicates that you’ll get a lot of use out of this longboard before you even have to consider checking the tyres.

  • Great for beginners thanks to the stability, flexibility and extra grip
  • High quality for a reasonable and competitive price
  • Amazing simplistic design
  • Not good for gifting as the box states what’s inside
  • Bearings are not of the highest quality so may wear out quicker than expected

Best Longboards – Buyers Guide


There are seven main types of longboards: Pintail, used predominantly for cruising around and simple ways of riding rather than tricks. Fishtail boards are slightly shorter than the former and are also used for cruising. Speedboards are, you guessed it, for riders who want to go super fast. These are similar shapes to blunt or pintail boards, but the deck is very inflexible. 

Blunt longboards are shorter than other types and more resemble a skateboard. Similarly, Twin boards are wider and are most confused with the traditional skateboard and are best for skateparks. 

Moving onto the slightly odd shaped boards, Cutouts are great for riding downhill as they have cut outs to prevent the wheels clipping and compromising your stability. Drop down models have a higher nose than the middle of the board which makes it much easier to pump, therefore reducing leg strain and increasing comfort. 


Longboard wheels can span from 60mm to 107mm in width, which differs from traditional skateboards which only tend to use up to 60mm wheels. The bigger the wheels the faster the board can go, which means longboards are faster than traditional boards. Having said this, bigger wheels slow acceleration down so longboards are great for going fast during long distance rides rather than quick tricks. 

Larger wheels don’t catch on uneven floors either, so longboards make for a more comfortable ride with less shock felt. This is also depending on how soft or hard the wheels are – softer wheels make for a ride so smooth it’s like a glide because they are able to adapt to most of the uneven ground. On the other hand, harder wheels are better for speeding. 

If you want a longboard for everyday cruising around the city, soft wheels around 65-75mm are definitely the way to go, whereas if you want a super fast board, go for a wider wheel made of harder plastic. 


Trucks are what attach the wheels to the board and it’s incredibly important that they’re made of durable material, as you don’t want them coming loose and having an adverse effect on your stability. 

Bushings are the rubber pads sandwiched between the kingpins and baseplates of the truck, and they determine how easy it is to turn your board. Depending on your riding style and how easy you want to be able to maneuver your board will determine how hard your bushings are. The harder the bushing, the harder it is to turn. 


Bearings are tiny metal balls that enable the wheel to spin, meaning you’re going to want a set of high quality bearings as well. Moreover, different bearings affect how quickly the wheels will spin, so if you want a faster board you’ll need faster bearings. 

Bearings are rated on a ABEC system. ABEC 9 will be much faster than ABEC 2, so this all depends on your personal riding style and preference. It is worth noting that people who tend to only use their board for cruising around typically stay at a 3-5 rating, and beginners should stick to lower numbers until they become used to the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What longboards are good for cruising? 

Cruising is the most common use for a longboard so most of the models on the market are great for cruising about the city. You won’t want to go too fast so ABEC 3-5 bearings are perfect and soft to medium bushings are just fine. You’ll want your wheels to be about 70mm in width and made of a softer material. This will give you a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Although you can cruise on any shaped longboard, Pintail and Fishtail boards are the most common thanks to their optimal shape for gliding. They’re shaped most like a surfboard and are large enough to comfortably fit both of your feet so your stability doesn’t falter.

Do longboards go faster?

All longboards have standing deck platforms that are wider and longer than other boards.

The distance between the front truck and the rear truck (called the ‘wheelbase’) on these longer boards will make them more stable at faster speeds and much more comfortable carving down the road.

Longboards usually go faster downhill, depending on factors such as your weight, but they are much more tricky to turn on corners, especially at speed, so be careful.

What size longboard should I get?

The size of the longboard you should get is mostly related to the style of skating you want to do. Shorter boards give you quicker and shorter turns. But for better carving at high speed, you should choose a longer board.

For shorter and younger riders boards in the 28” to 32” range are perfect. Of course, taller riders can use these boards as well and often do.

The most popular longboards among new riders are boards between 32” and 42”. These suit different riders and different riding styles and are always recommended by the Pros.

Bigger size longboards are perfect for long, smooth rides. It’s not so easy to maneuver, but cruising at high speeds is so much easier.

What do you think? Which is your favorite? Please leave a comment below or send us a message – we’d love to hear from you!

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