What Size Skateboard Wheels Do I Need?

Size is a great factor for skateboard wheels. The skateboard wheels are the right part of your skateboard that enables you to move and helps regulate how fast you can go. But it is also crucial to realize what size skateboard wheels are perfect for you. Made of polyurethane typically, skateboard wheels can be found in a variety of colors, sizes, and sturdiness levels to suit your skateboard preference and style.

Skateboard wheels are measured by both durometer and diameter. The diameter may be the size the wheel plus durometer is the rigidity of the wheel. Both these factors are a matter of special preference and everything you plan to perform on your skateboard. Customized building enables you to select what the very best wheels are to fit your deck, truck plus hardware.

Selecting Skateboard Wheel Size

Skateboard wheel size is usually measured in millimeters. Most of the wheels range is 50 – 75 mm. Smaller sized wheels provide a slower ride, and bigger wheels lead to a quicker one. Wheel diameter also impacts how you accelerate and how tightly you can turn quickly.

In case you are doing complex methods on the short board, smaller wheels are an organic decision. For longboards and cruisers, larger wheels provide you with the balance and speed you will require. Additionally, your body weight and height make a difference what size wheels feel right for you. If you want to have a collection of best skateboard wheels, we also have a recommended list.

50-53mm little, slower wheels are stable for trick driving and smaller sized riders skateboarding road, skate parks, plus bowls.

54-59mm typical wheel size has been designed for beginners, and larger riders are skating road, skate leisure areas, bowls, and vert ramps.

60mm plus specialty riders’ roller skating longboards, downhill, old-school boards, and dirt boards have been designed for speed and harder areas.

what size skateboard wheels

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Selecting Skateboard Wheel Durometer

Durometer appraises the skateboard wheel’s solidity. Most producers utilize the Durometer A scale, which is a 100- point scales that quantifies how tough a wheel is. The standard wheel durometer is actually 99a.

Certain manufacturers might use the B Scale, which usually measures twenty points lower and enables the scale a supplementary 20 points for harder wheels. For instance, an 80b durometer may be the same rigidity as a 100a durometers. This kind of skateboard tires possesses a wider as well as more correct hardness selection.

Honestly speaking, harder wheels tend to be faster, and much softer wheels happen to be slower yet offer even more grip. Much softer wheels will be better suitable for street skateboarding; harder wheels are better for clean surfaces, such as skate recreational areas. Some companies specifically design their wheels for a specific use even.

Here Is A Few Basic Recommendations Just For Wheel Durometer:

78a-87a Soft wheel is the best for tough surfaces, longboards, or road boards that need plenty of grips to roll more than cracks and pebbles easily. It has been created for soft tours, cruising, longboards, hills, and rough areas.

88a-95a is harder and faster with just a little less grip. However, the grip’s even now great. It is perfect for street and rough surfaces.

96a-99a comes with good speed and grip. It is a great all-around wheel. It is suitable for the beginners skating road, skate parks, security, pools, and also other smooth areas.

101a+ is the hardest and quickest wheel with minimal grip. It is ineffective on rough and slick surfaces. They are pro wheels.

83b-84b wheels are using the B scale, and they are hard extremely. Measuring 20 points less than the A Level permits the scale to increase another 20 points for the purpose of harder wheels.

what size skateboard wheels

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Selecting Contact Patch

Contact patch is usually an essential characteristic of skateboard wheels overall performance. A wheel’s contact patches refer to the region of the wheel that causes the connection with the pavement. For those who have huge longboard wheels, your contact patch will be large.

So why is contact patch essential? When you have a big contact area, your weight shall be distributed over a more substantial area. It decreases the compression from the urethane within your wheels and reduces the rolling level of resistance, which can decelerate your wheels.

what size skateboard wheels

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Wheels’ shape impacts how big the contact patch is as well. Rounded wheels help to make much less contact with the sidewalk, while square wheels help to make a maximum connection with pavement. The keeping contact patches can affect wheel performance.

In fine, if you are building a skateboard for the very first time or as something special, it could be daunting. But if you’re up to the wheels that mean you have already selected a truck and deck. Remember to check your truck and skateboard deck sizes before choosing the wheels. Those items shall help to know what size skateboard wheels work along with your skateboard.

Skateboard wheels differ in color, durability, and size. Skateboard wheels are most made of polyurethane commonly. So following the above guidelines, you will be able to select the best size of your skateboard wheels.

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