If you're into any sports that include extreme physicality, a helmet is a primary protection to avoid serious head injuries.

The Triple Eight Dual Helmet is a modernized look of the usual helmets, that is GUARANTEED useful for all skaters and bikers. 

In simple words, this Helmet is the perfect blending of MAGNIFICENT customization and SUPREME protection.

Designed for all kids aged 5+, and even to adults who are into biking and skateboarding.

On top of the helmet, there are air holes for breathing.

Some people are not aware that passing all certain helmet safety guidelines is essential for a helmet. It's one of the greatest advantages you can ever have - your head will be secured while biking or skating.

Should an accident occur, though no one wants to wish it to happen, you are secured enough that you have a helmet that would protect your head from critical falls and injuries.

This security will help you boost your confidence in using a bicycle, skateboards, and alike.

Most helmets that you can see today, believe it or not, are mostly marketed for recreational use, but not with Triple Eight's Helmet.

These kinds of sports are more prone to accidents, so it's a MUST to invest in a tough and sturdy helmet that meets all safety standards.

For short, any sport that involves wheels require a certified helmet which is a good standard to look at.

Don't worry about comfort, because this dual helmet has inner padding that gives you a soft feeling like a pillow on top and around your head.

It is good for everyone with ages 5 and above. It has an adjustable strap, but make sure that you get the right size for you or your kid's head.

We don't want to forget, this Dual Helmet is also available in various solid colors. So, you can pick which one would best suit your personal preference and unique style. 

Are You In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

Triple Eight Dual Helmet


Triple Eight Dual Helmet Review

Why is it the BEST?

  • Certified by the US CPSC Safety Standard for dual purposes - can be used while skateboarding or biking.
  • It features a high-density ABS outer shell, polystyrene EPS liner, and Triple Eight customized logo rivets that add extra protection.
  • It has an extra set of Sweatsaver fit pads for a better-customized fit, and comfort in using on the head.
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Final Words

If you're into any extreme sports that include wheels, make sure that you have gears that would protect your head and body.

As people would always say, 'Safety first.'

With the Triple Eight Dual Helmet, you get a helmet that is suitable for biking and skating.

So, we can conclude that you should...

Get a helmet that passed all the safety regulations.
Get a helmet that will protect your head.
Get a helmet that would fit your head properly.

You may find it uncomfortable to wear a helmet while skating or biking, but you don't want to risk your life either.

So, give your head the protection that it deserves.

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