Triple Eight Dual Helmet Review

If you’re into any sports that include extreme physicality, a helmet is a primary protection to avoid serious head injuries.The Triple Eight Dual Helmet is a modernized look of the usual helmets, that is GUARANTEED useful for all skaters and bikers. In simple words, this Helmet is the perfect blending of MAGNIFICENT customization and SUPREME protection.Designed for all kids aged 5+, and even to adults who are into biking and skateboarding. On top of the helmet, there are air holes for breathing.Some people are not aware that passing all certain helmet safety guidelines is essential for a helmet. It’s one of the greatest advantages you can ever have – your head will be secured while biking or skating.Should an accident occur, though no one wants to wish it to happen, you are secured enough that you have a helmet that would protect your head from critical falls and injuries.

This security will help you boost your confidence in using a bicycle, skateboards, and alike.Most helmets that you can see today, believe it or not, are mostly marketed for recreational use, but not with Triple Eight’s Helmet.

These kinds of sports are more prone to accidents, so it’s a MUST to invest in a tough and sturdy helmet that meets all safety standards.

For short, any sport that involves wheels require a certified helmet which is a good standard to look at.Don’t worry about comfort, because this dual helmet has inner padding that gives you a soft feeling like a pillow on top and around your head.It is good for everyone with ages 5 and above. It has an adjustable strap, but make sure that you get the right size for you or your kid’s head.We don’t want to forget, this Dual Helmet is also available in various solid colors. So, you can pick which one would best suit your personal preference and unique style. 

Are You In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

Triple Eight Dual Helmet


Triple Eight Dual Helmet Review

Why is it the BEST?

  • Certified by the US CPSC Safety Standard for dual purposes – can be used while skateboarding or biking.
  • It features a high-density ABS outer shell, polystyrene EPS liner, and Triple Eight customized logo rivets that add extra protection.
  • It has an extra set of Sweatsaver fit pads for a better-customized fit, and comfort in using on the head.

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Triple Eight Dual Helmet Reviews

Testing out the Triple 8 Sweatsaver Helmet

Video Transcription

what is up guys two cues here and today we’re gonna be taking a look at a new helmet I got the triple a certified sweat saver got this online for 50 bucks replacing a helmet I got just from Walmart just a plain plain-jane helmet I got the color called the carbon rubber a cage is gray and this one does say a portion of profits go to the Tony Hawk foundation where they build skate parks and low-income communities so away kids have something better to do so that’s kind of cool I’m a fan of Tony Hawk’s that doesn’t hurt at all so I wasn’t really expecting to be able to do much of an unboxing just because it’s just a helmet but this actually does come in kind of a nice box so I figured I just go ahead and open it up on camera opens up here slides right out of the box so a nice gray color I did consider just getting black I even considered getting a like bright orange one reason being I figure if you’re outside of the skate park and riding around doesn’t hurt to be like well lit that way you’re not getting hit by cars or anything like that it does come with two liners that way if one doesn’t fit well you have another option which is great because on their website it does say to take some measuring tape put it around your head and measure that way and I hear a lot of people they always say I hate helmets because my head is just abnormally large they’d like no helmets ever fit me correctly the helmet I was using from Walmart does not fit correctly either you can see it’s just it’s not going down if I push down on it it does go down but now there’s a ton of pressure on my head and as I skate it just kind of slides up anyways and then it’s moving around so I understand that but for me that wasn’t that wasn’t an excuse to not wear anything and with that being said that that helmet has saved me a bunch of times unfortunately so when I measured my my head I was at around like 23 and a half inches closer to 24 inches around my head and these helmets max out at 23.5 so exactly where I was sitting is the largest that you can get and like I said I was closer to around 24 I went ahead and got it anyways so it’s good and try it on yeah see that like for one I look awesome too this actually just feels like it fits correctly a thing with having a beard and putting the puck long as a lot of times a buckle will just buckle right into my beard and then you got to take it off and it hurts but this actually feels like it’s sitting almost perfectly if this was any smaller it’d be too small if this is any bigger it’s like there’s like no this thing is not moving it’s not coming off of my head which is great like you can tell that there’s just way more more thickness around the helmet here and this leg came with a liner supposedly but like we’ll get this thing is just the smallest tiniest little liner ever they were held on there by velcro I assume the back was the same thing however the back is actually just glued on there so you can’t even take it out so I took this off once and washed it and I’m not gonna pretend I don’t sweat a lot I sweat like crazy so I’m excited to try out be the sweat saver aspect of it one thing I did like about this helmet is the holes up in the front here I mean if you put a couple of years on the back you pretty much have Batman like those are some evil looking holes like look at that compared to that right that’s not the point of that helmet let’s head off to the skatepark like I said I’m gonna end up testing out the sweat saver aspect more than anything let’s just see how it fits let’s get a session and have some fun I’ll tell you some more my thoughts on it from there all right guys so we’re out here at the skate park luckily with it being a hundred degrees out there’s absolutely nobody here so I got my helmet I don’t know how well you guys aren’t able to hear me feel like in every video ever made anytime anybody starts to speak there’s always somehow a garbage truck behind them no matter what time of day like it’s the middle of the day right now yeah let’s just get around a bit and [Music] [Music] alright guys so we went out there we had some fun we skated around tested out the helmet my final thoughts I liked the helmet I would recommend it to anybody who’s thinking of getting a helmet in comparison to my old one I will say this helmet feels a little bit heavier I’m more aware that this is on my head that I was with this but with that being said hopefully that translates into being more aware that I’m wearing this when I actually fallen in my head as far as the sweat saver aspect goes if I’m being honest I think it’s BS it didn’t save any sweat like yeah maybe this liner is a little bit thicker and some sweat will get absorbed in there but only so much sweat can get absorbed and then after that you’re gonna sweat the normal amount you sweat so if you’re buying this for the sweat savor aspects by rag as far as the whole helmet verse not wearing a helmet debate that’s totally up to you I know my limits I know I’m gonna fall so I choose to our helmet between the two of them if you’re into a lighter helmet get this cheap one from Walmart it’s gonna be great it’s better than nothing if you want something a little more protective and you don’t mind having a little bit like it’s just a tiny bit more weight on your head get the triple-eight sweat saver funds go to the Tony Hawk foundation like we said and so goes to a good cause and you’re gonna save your noggin so it’s a two-for-one so guys that’s gonna be it for this video I do have a real quick clip if you guys can tell me what this trick is called I would like to do a video on how I learned that trick but before I do that I need to know what it’s called and inline skating tricks I feel like the names are all over the place so let me know what it’s called if you enjoyed this video please give me a like and if you’re not already subscribed subscribe we’ll definitely be coming out with more videos appreciate you watching and we’ll see you on the next one

Brains Report Review

Video Transcription

hello and welcome I’m Aaron through brains report and I’m here to tell you today about my triple a dual certified multi-sport at home at I bought this off Amazon and I couldn’t be happier it’s easy to put on you just left this little switch here and then your noggin is safe when you do scary things like play roller derby or ride a bike in a city I’ve been very very happy with this particular choice for many reasons number one it’s purple which is my favorite color and it came with a lot of different choices for what colors to do classy matte purple not purple there are a lot of choices so I was very happy with all the alternatives I had out there and got a helmet that really fit me it does fit well I don’t have a whole lot of movement when I’m wearing it it also breeds while you can see there’s a lot of holes here and so I don’t feel like when I’m wearing it during a very hot and sweaty match with the men that I’m gonna be I don’t know like a Rupp ting like a volcano from the top of my head I do also tend to sweat a lot in the face and in the head and I’ve had before helmets top up that sweat up in the pads until it just trickles down my face like a waterfall and that hasn’t happened yet with this particular model now this triple eight dual certified multi-sport helmet did come with number one this really cool box but it also came with an extra set of pads so that I can either replace the pads I’ve got in there or fit it really better by adding more pads which is really great it’s also done owner’s manual which tells me probably a lot more things than I know about it currently but all in all this has been a really great get up cool story I have actually born this in one roller derby bout so far and although my head didn’t hit the ground another skaters had hit in it about that I wasn’t in but I was watching his head got so jog joggled jaw sold yeah his strap literally just gave up it was absolutely splayed and he could not reestablish the connection with his helmet so he was sitting there on the ground outside of the Derby track just watching the rest of the game go by him I ran over to my stuff grabbed my helmet flagged down his coach because apparently that’s the right protocol and was able to give him my helmet to use so this has been through to derby bouts one on my head one on another skaters head and it was very happy with the results of it it didn’t fit him as well as it fit me because his head is apparently smaller because my brain is obviously larger so let’s talk about sizing how do you make sure that the size of the helmet that you choose is the right fruit your noggin the right size for your noggin words well here’s a fun trick take some string in this case I’ve got yarn and wrap it around your know again at the fat part just the fattest part of your noggin and honey airhead isn’t fat Oh wrap it around and Mark where it is and then if you don’t have like a opportunity to have some like soft measuring tape like a seamstress might you can go ahead and just measure that string to where you are with the measuring tape there so I’ve got 24 inches on my fat head that lines up perfectly with getting an extra-large trip light helmet so I made the right choice I totally measured before I got it I just knew I had a big head so I got the right out of it for my noggin so make sure you get the right helmet for your noggin by measuring ahead of time another thing to keep in mind when you’re looking at helmets is the purpose for your helmet make sure that the helmet that you get is going to fit the sport that you’re doing obviously if you’re looking for aerodynamics um like a maybe like a fancy cycler might like with those little cycling outfits and the cycles that are like five pounds and stuff and you can see their balls yeah yeah maybe this isn’t the right helmet for you maybe you’re looking for something in a more like aerodynamic like light styrofoam thing but if you’re looking for something that you can take from multiple sports and apply it to multiple areas of your life this is a great helmet and I really would recommend it highly 5 stars

SkateXS – Skateboards for Kids Review

Tactics Boardshop Review

Video Transcription

hey there my name is Benson and right now you are checking out the triple-eight brain saver helmet it’s a new product that tactics just brought in it’s a great skateboarding helmet with some unique designs so let’s check them out this is a multi impact element what that means is when you fall when you hit your head this helmet can take one not two but multiple impacts a lot of helmets have a design where it’s supposed to take one impact and then the plastic or the foam on the inside has lost its protective capabilities and so the helmets done this multi impact helmet will allow you to fall multiple times hopefully you don’t fall but if you do it’ll protect your head a lot the unique features on the inside are this wrap that’s going around the padding it’s like this patented liner that’s completely wrapped around all the foam what it does is it wicks away moisture and that means the moisture from your head is pulled away so instead of dripping down your face and getting into your eyes it just kind of gets stuck in this material now there’s also a anti bacterial kind of treatment that they use what this does is it make sure that that stinky sweat doesn’t just get trapped in here and start you know smelling up your helmet so the liner that wicks away moisture it has anti bacterial coating keeping this helmet nice and you know eliminating most of the stickiness and sweat when you’re out there skating so it’s a solid helmet again multi impact design great great helmet for skating it’s the triple-eight brain saver check it out when you get a chance at tactics calm form or colors looks like this it’s the brain saver and it will save your brain


Video Transcription

all right so we got a video where I took an antenna pod helmet and I like completely destroyed it with a bunch of tests and people were like oh usually that will serve our homeless we can see the difference today that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing I’m going to just do the same stuff I did it I’m going to put it back to back so you can see which helmet is really tougher yeah really nothing to see here okay adds expected like in the last one with this the uncertified helmet didn’t really do much so we’re going to move on to the fireworks if you look in there you see it actually burns some of the inside of the helmet it left a big I think it melted some of the top layer of the helmet is ashen and there’s a little bit melted it’s really hot here’s one hole in the foam you see that right there but other than that it actually held up pretty well not going to lie so you can see you right here it messed up the paint on top a little bit and then right there too but it’s pretty much is ash no real damage didn’t really do much but yeah the good test okay we’ve got a crack along the inside you see that right there but a lot less noticeable damage and the other home the other helmet like cave in I just got a 15 pound dumbbell right here and we’re just going to put in this helmet and drop it from a few feet and we’re going to see how your head would hold up oh I think it cracked more okay yeah we got more crackage not too much worse than that though oh yeah see it cracked it used to be just here I would think and then it maybe went to there but we’ll do another on next one same thing nothing really happened that time so we’ll move on to the next round I’ll do that one more time alright so take a look here it made kind of indents on the sides you can see like the where the four corners of dumbell are it made like imprint and it might have widen the crack a little but that’s the only noticeable damage so uh I think it’s time for the last test which is just me running this over with my dad’s truck and so let’s get to that [Music] [Music] [Music] they occupy or you say that you’re fine we are not really fun you can’t get into it because they with that longer stance both helmets were no match for my dad’s Chevy Silverado so you plan to get run over by a truck anytime soon just know that’s going to be your head there’s other trucks too holy cow all right well thank you for watching I’ve demolished few of my helmets for these videos so give it a like and subscribe for more videos like this I’ll see you guys on excellence thanks for watching

Final Words

If you’re into any extreme sports that include wheels, make sure that you have gears that would protect your head and body.As people would always say, ‘Safety first.‘With the Triple Eight Dual Helmet, you get a helmet that is suitable for biking and skating.So, we can conclude that you should…Get a helmet that passed all the safety regulations.Get a helmet that will protect your head.Get a helmet that would fit your head properly.You may find it uncomfortable to wear a helmet while skating or biking, but you don’t want to risk your life either. So, give your head the protection that it deserves.

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