Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers Review

Looking for knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards that provide support and comfort at the same time? Here comes the Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers.

It is the right protection that you need for all your sporting ease.Meticulously engineered and created with high-grade, and durable fabric that offers maximum protection.Additionally, the full-coverage caps are specially for superior protection without limiting your movements.Meanwhile, its wrist guard offers intensified support and protection made of the high density of resistance from ABS splints in front and back of the wrist for full support.The Triple 8 Wristsavers are super comfortable, stretchy, and it fits anyone’s wrist perfectly.It also has a shock-absorbing feature that allows you to enjoy skating without any worries of having a terrible injury.The elbow and knee-saver will let you ride your skateboard with that confidence and style. We love that it definitely provide 100% protection because of its durable fabrics and shock-absorbing foam called EVA.

So, whenever you need to safeguard yourself in doing extreme or other physical sports don’t forget…

The Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers is a name that you can trust.

Are You In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers


Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

Why is it the BEST?

  • The wrist guard is composed of high-density impact-resistant molded ABS splints not just in front but also at the back for great support.
  • The elbow and knee-savers is a one size protection that fits all. It snugs and fits into your body no matter what your size is.
  • It has poly carbonate full coverage caps that provide exceptional protection without a restriction or limitation on your movements.

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Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers Video Reviews

World of Me Review

Video Transcription

hello everybody welcome back to the world of me I am cougar and this is another episode of the Amazon reviews series now today we actually have two products that we’re going to go over now these two products go together now the first one here I’m going to go over is this box right here and you can see it there these are knee elbow and wrist pads guards and this is from the triple-eight company I went ahead and got these because of well if you’ve seen any of my other videos and not just the review series but I do have some other videos on stuff but one review was just kind of a standalone review on Cardiff skate you can go ahead and see that down there in the description below I’ll go ahead and leave a link and also kind of take a look at the end of the video there I’ll probably throw that up as an attachment so you can see the review on this Cardiff skates I did have somebody yell at me on that video or not really yell at me but somebody kind of do a shame shame on me kind of thing because I didn’t have anything like these protective gear so you know we’ve got three different pieces here and you know I got yelled at I didn’t have anything on and of course in the video I ended up I did fall and I didn’t really hurt myself it was just more of you know I fell on my button and that’s what it was but here we go we’ll go ahead and go over these a little bit I put them kind of put them on or at least put the hand parts on the knees and elbows I’m not really going to put on right now so we opened this up this is all this is nice I have had a set of these once before years ago and unfortunately I’ve lost them so I don’t know you know I didn’t get I can’t use them anymore obviously here you go you’ve actually got a double brace you’ve got the front brace here which is basically the part that’s going to go ahead and hit the ground and everything like that and you’re going to put that right there against your wrist but then they actually have a hardener on the back as well and it’s to help support your wrist now this is the left side and you’ll slide your thumb through there and then you’ll wrap it around now as you wrap around if you can I can’t tell if you guys can really see the difference in in this material I’m sure it’s showing up fairly black but this is actually a somewhat of a see-through this is a mesh material so it does give you lots of breathability it kind of helps keep you from getting overheated around the hands and everything like that but it’s got a three point wrap system here where you’ve got you’ve got the top part which has a stretching kind of band there wraps around at the top you’ve got the bottom part which does the same thing and then you’ve got this middle strap which is webbing this is a very very stable anyhow yeah right there coming down I could definitely see you know if I’m going to hit the ground you always put your hands down everything like that so that’s definitely a nice thing and the fact that it’s got the wrist support on the back as well there’s what the wrist part looks like now here’s the elbow ones and it’s so funny to look at them they look like they’re kneepads for little kids but of course since they’re for your elbows they definitely are going to need to be a bit smaller because I don’t know about you but my elbows are definitely not as big as my knees so there we go it looks like it has a to wrap system there is elastic on these ones if you take a look at it it is somewhat oriented whereas you have a slightly narrower piece and all slightly wider piece this is a little bit shorter and this would be at the top because of course your your upper arm is is generally bigger than your lower forearm so we’ll have it in and right there so let’s see if I can get this on for you real quick so you can kind of see what it looks like I don’t know if you saw it on the package there or not but this is or these are case size large so you know if you’re in if you’re full-grown adult I think these would be reasonable for the vast majority of of adults on you know if you’re if you’re maybe a smaller woman or even a smaller me a fairly small man you might want to consider getting a medium but in general I think the average the average adult I could easily wear these now there we go there it is kind of put on it’s got the strap above and below the bend in your arm kind of the one comes kind of almost right to it and I do have freedom of movement it kind of gives me a little bit of a spring because it does pull on the on those so it does kind of spring my arm back straight again but definitely you know definitely and I’m sure you’re listening to some Springs and stuff but off the table but this would definitely be a nice it’s got some nice padding this is a pretty pretty decent fairly fairly hard polymer or plastic type of shell that that this is using so it’s it’s definitely something I think in that can keep you safe now of course the knee pad is just a larger version of the elbow pads it’s definitely built very much the same way so you just strap it above and below the joint on the knee now the next one I have is the helmet I bought you can see there is the padding here at the top in kind of a star-shaped padding it has the vent ventilation and stuff it’s got it on the front with the two holes they are the multiple holes at the back or top and then a few holes on the back now this does have the padding around the the back here and then around the sides in front it is a felt covered padding and it is removable it does have a velcro connector there the felt is there to help with sweat and that helps with some of that we have we do have a couple little things right here let’s see what it says it does say something about the sizing and fitting it they sweat savor helmet like I said it does have that felt around there so to help keep you from having the sweat dripping in your eyes and everything like that there we go we’ve got a trick Triple Eight logo sticker so I’ll take that and put it on one of my one of my things here later on but you’ve got the Triple Eight logo sticker there that comes along with it so that’s a nice little you know kind of gimmicky advertising thing but it’s kind of cool to show you that you have the Triple Eight gear ok everybody well I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up this has been another episode of the amazon review series if you guys want to check out the links for all these things there is the link for the Triple Eight helmet and also the Triple Eight saver series protective pack these are all down in the description below while you’re down there you can of course also check out our links to our social media outlets and while you guys are on your way down there you can also hit that thumbs up button I really would appreciate it it helps us out and it lets us know that you like our content and want to see more of also you can hit that that subscribe button which there should be that icon floating around over here or just go right down there and there’s that subscribe button down there it will let you know when new videos are out and you know keep you informed of what’s going on with world of me I am cougar with world of me there’s been another episode of the Amazon review series I will see you guys all later and have a good day bye

​First Impression by Li Fan

Video Transcription

hello everyone so look what I have here a full protective gear for skateboarding and this is actually made by a company called Triple Eight I think they are a popular skateboarding protective gear or skateboarding accessory maker the reason I got this whole set the knee pad elbow pad and the wrist favor is that I just started learning skateboarding I am 35 years old and going 36 so quite old age to start learning but I actually really interesting learning how to properly skateboard ever since I was little I never got a chance to have a skateboard but now I do so give it a try and this is the reason I bought those those whole set so today I want to give you guys a first impression because I already took it all in the box so just kept seeing a little plain paper red box like this is a whole set and I got the sizing medium right over here so the only thing different for the size for the triple-eight protective pack is the wrist guard so we need to make sure you get the correct size wrist guard and that’s really important because it saves your wrist from popping out and when you’re actually doing pretty hard landing and that’s really really important because I haven’t popping out before it hurts and this is definitely gonna do the job really fun so I’m gonna take over everything so everything really quick and then we’re gonna wrap up with this quick impression so wrist saver over there and everything is velcro closure so it’s super easy to take off that’s a go take some no time at all so if you’ll even finish the skating session and you just want to do a quick quick rest you just do this so this is the knee the elbow pad right over here and then the new pad super quick and by the way this is brand new I actually just bought those couple days ago image arrived to me I bought on Amazon because right now this whole set is on sale for only $24 and I’m gonna post a link below where you guys can get those uh was a protective pack and so let’s get a start get started so basically it’s it’s basic protective gear so the knee pad comes like that that have a abs plastic on the outer shell the plastics not very thick but it’s enough to protect protecting from you know a really hard fall the other side if you look inside it’s actually a TV phone so this is just a foam padding with ABS plastic on the top and they’re called closure extremely easy to put on and off so very quick to very quick to do especially like on the skatepark which is great and of course it have the branding on on the top strap right over here for the me same thing goes for the right side so in terms of the direction of the left and right you just see which way you know it’s easiest for you to put it on because the two sides are exactly the same the only difference is that the location of the strap is reversed so if you like to put on the strap this way on your left side go ahead and do that if you like just three on the right side go ahead and do that so it’s the the signs are interchangeable fully so for the new pad society and the elbow pad elbow pad is like a miniature version of the knee pad exactly the same thing and just smaller ABS plastics and exact same top and bottom velcro closure and exact same shave foam on the inside and this seems like the foam is removable and the whole pad is actually washable so you can take the foam out and then just throw this in the washing machine and quickly wash it too if it gets really dirty same thing on the other side so again like it depends on your preference if you like the strap to go in from this way you can do it on here if you like the strap going on this way you can do it over here so it really interchangable on the sites so don’t worry about that and over here I think the most important actually is is a rest Sabre and for this one as I mentioned earlier you need to make sure you get the correct size wrist saver it’s a very basic thing it looks very basic so they have one plate on the bottom and one plate on the top like hard plate so when you actually have your wrist inside that you place press against each other so your your wrist will then get popped off when you’re fit you’re really hard lending this area it’s really really hard plastic so rainfall it’s gonna protect you from the hard fall and again your hand won’t be trusted as bad they’ll go closer same thing to actually have three so two on the one side and one on the reverse side so your closes really really tight and in between it’s actually a kind of a very transparent mesh so it’s very uh I guess airflow is gonna be pretty good so you’re not gonna feel as as halt you know as sweaty as some other like glove designs where it’s fully enclosed but again this is only to protect your wrist if you actually snap your finger somewhere it’s they’re gonna snap so keep in mind as in old age skateboarder I don’t think I’m gonna do any crazy tricks so I’m not too much worried about my fingers but if you are a young guy if you’re doing a lot of tricks you might also want to consider something more protective where the full finger is actually protected with that said this is going to do just fine for most most people who just start out learning skateboarding like me and I think it’s gonna do quite well for me so if you guys have any questions about those protective gear from triple-eight do feel free to ask me in the comment section below I know I’m not the expert on skateboarding but if you have questions about the particular gear I’d be happy to answer for you guys so one last thing I want to say that make sure you get the correct concise risk art this whole pack comes in the box that have a have a size guide over here but the size difference is only the risk art it’s different risk art size the rest is one-size-fits-all so the new path and the elbow path is one size fits all I’m a size medium and I find those actually fits perfectly fine if you have like extremely small extremely large size you might have defined specialized are actually customized custom fitted knee guard and risk are throw self but make sure you get the proper size because the size is very important and again that’s it so thank you so much for watching and maybe I’ll see you in my next video and take care

RiptideDervish REVIEW

Video Transcription

hey guys me again does a longboard video and this is going to be another one about pads so this is a triple eight wrist guard besides large and I’m gonna do a quick little overview about it so basically what is a wrist guard okay basically what it is is something that is stiff on the top and on the bottom side okay so these two like really stiff to prevent your wrist and getting at an angle and if you’ve ever fall that your wrist will being that certain angle for you to fall and break it so it’ll call let’s keep it stiff just like that okay so you can’t move it which is good and so I like how it has this thing bulging right here it’s not because it’ll looks but it’s because when you put your palm on the bottom of your palm next to it it really fits like see it fits perfectly which I really like plus another thing some pads right or especially gloves when you put one on and it’s hard for me to put the other one because it’s all strapped together and it’s really hard for me to put it on but since my fingers are free it’s a good and bad thing it’ll help me put on the pad a little bit easier but you know fingers still on a roll when I fall but you know you always have to be careful so basically I put this on it has three straps and you put your thumb in the hole and you wrap okay wrap the middle one first always got the middle one first then you wrap to the back that’s what it looks like not really not that I also have a Triple Eight helmet which is pretty good too so triple Eight’s pretty good brand and look see even if I want to put on this one I could so easily maneuver through all the straps even though my hand is already you know guarded push guarded so see and I have fallen a couple of times I think like twice with these so they’re there okay well you know there’s always risks like fingers are you can still get scraped it’s not a hundred percent I mean this is just probably take some way some of the some of the chances it’s nothing is ever 100% so this is the overview about these triple eight wrist guards size large because I I think you’ll I got large because it’s a little bit longer and it can really it’s makes my it’s a little bit stable I mean Varro’s adjustable so you have that too and I just always make sure you get the right size I mean you don’t want to get too big it’ll get too loose or if it’s too tight your fingers will get all blue and so these are very good I and I also like how you can move the straps even though your hands are even though the things are in your hands so that’s it for this video and I’ll see you in the next one goodbye

​Knee Elbow Wrist UNBOXING

Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to the first video channel 20 longboarding channel today well I’m not really sure because I ordered some gloves and I also some pads for longboarding so I’m figuring this is the pads or maybe in a bundle here right now I’m not sure if the gloves are with it no it’s like the pads are the only thing I okay these are elbow pads wrist savers they call those I and new singers I call them saver he’s out on this just one it’s getting such it’s just oh no I think there’s another one yeah there’s another okay yeah just put it on your hand I had some never liked chibis yeah it said you could slip these look there i i’d suggest you put it under your pants yeah I don’t really skin bugs but that yeah I’ll take that same pretty sick this guy on eBay I’ll has his Brian’s annotation my man just put it in the description oh my bags I on ebay I’m gonna credit him because this was like $30 and I got some awesome knee pads elbow pads and wrist guards so much yeah risk all right yeah that’s pretty sick right there I mean for $34 I got all this it its horn things it’s like harder kind of plastic stapled down velcro comfy yeah that right there that’s soft very soft yeah you can get in there change the pads and everything clean them yeah see if these fit everything else fits freaky Johnny tours I got small my age at least yeah they’re definitely really snuggle yeah that I think probably saved me from scratching my head were offered getting some free ranch from sliding or something yeah this is our given name of a saber series triple-eight New York City and why see I think that means New York City I’m not a professional protective pack wrist saverese guards elbow pads or elbow saber I’ve had to meet me savor me that’s small of course wrist guards yeah offering the best defense against unfriendly a stroll Triple A pads are sleek comfortable and durable that sounds pretty boss yeah again I’ll have fries name in the description someone good not damaged yet all the box was free I mean the box wasn’t like throwing around and stuff I mean of course their pads stuff on but thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this embossing remember to subscribe if you like the content you want more I’m not just doing unboxings this is just my first vid kind of get started on my new channel yeah could be enjoyed and oh oh and uh I’ll see you guys later peace

Final Words

As what people always say…“Safety first.”For any physical game or sport that you play, always make sure that you bring extra security for your body.Fortunately, the Triple 8 Saver Series can help you get that superior state of protection.With its affordable price, you are guaranteed to have fun and safety all in one package!

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