Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

Who would have thought that technology would give such convenience to everyone?Gone are those days of pushing a scooter using your feet, since the birth of the Razor E100 Electric Scooter.It has become popular to all people of all ages around the globe. In fact, the demand for electric scooters drastically increased everywhere from college teens to commuting adults.Razor E100 is an electric scooter that has a good range of features and excellent performance at a price that may fit in your budget.

It offers a sweet and smooth ride for all riders with a maximum speed of 10 mph for the highest time of 40 minutes. How does this thing move?Additionally, this electronic scooter has a twist grip accelerator that also helps in maintaining the speed. Then, the scooter will stop once the accelerator is released. With a 24-volt rechargeable lead battery, it can last enough for you to enjoy a fast scooter. It also has a minimalist look that is almost the same with a common kick scooter, but the only difference is that Razor E100 is powered by a super-quiet motor.The 8-inch pneumatic front and back urethane wheels also show how tough this scooter is. It matches perfectly with its light-weight frame and a wide deck that can carry up to 120 lbs.

​Just as a reminder, this is a kick start motor that can travel with a maximum speed of 10mph.

All in all, the kick-off feature of this scooter is what we loved the most. So, how does it actually works?Before the motor fully activates to its normal speed, the rider has to kick off first and start traveling with a speed of 3 mph.It might sound complicated, but it’s not. In fact, it’s what your kids might need for added safety.This feature added by Razor saves a lot of jolting and prevents falling off easily. It helps in building up your rhythm in balancing.

Hence, the kick off feature may help in limiting accidents in general.Putting the cherry on top…The handlebars have an excellent rubber slip-resistant grips that make it easier to control. The throttle on the right handle serves as the accelerator that controls the speed.Since this scooter doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar, it may be limited to kids who have a well-fit height.Just like any electronic scooter, the Razor E100 has a responsive hand break on the front of the handlebar.

Are You In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

Razor E100 Electric Scooter


Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Why is it the BEST?

  • It has a kick-start motor engine that offers a smoother start.
  • The accelerator allows your kids to control the speed more efficiently.
  • Built from high-quality materials that ensure a sturdy body and excellent performance.

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Razor E100 Electric Scooter Video Reviews

alfie Surf Review

Video Transcription

[Applause] hello everybody welcome back to my video today we are going to do a long-term test of a 100 freezer electric scooter a 100 electric scooter it when it comes it is into two pieces behind bars this is separate from the actual body you would need to mount the handlebars to be body with V screws here so this is a often on button when it’s on it should light up like that and off and this this little thing here is where the charger goes in and you close it when you you’ve done charging and also be charging it takes overnight to charge it should be a bit around 18 hours and then this part here is the stand and then you flick it up like that for beast and to be off and click on like that so this is the brake here and it runs down here to here on to the front wheel and B brakes actually but really well it stops you immediately and smoothly and then this here is how to go it you have to twist it like that but you have to push it up to three mile an hour to get the throttle to touch the throttle and it goes by itself now we’re gonna see how it goes I’ve had the scooter for two years now and we’re gonna go over the bad bits and good bits we’re gonna start with the good bits the good bits are at least the brakes work really well and stand holds up on rough ground it holds up a scooter really well yeah it stays together really well no signs of like breaking apart no rusty bits no yeah and now we’re gonna go on to beat bad bit so the photo it’s on or off the chain guard is broken like a couple of days I’ve got it the other issue is that whenever I go over like a speed bump or a high rock rap and it bottoms out all the time and it scrapes all the bottom and then you get stuck and I if you if you want to keep it nice it just scratches it it’s got just a bottom in summary I would recommend mister couch I’ve had so much use out of it and so much fun like and subscribe if you enjoy this video see you next time bye


Video Transcription

sable what are you doing down there why she always on Instagram you’re annoying always on Instagram but never put any pictures that what are you doing get away why are you all up in clothes y’all up in clothes like you own this place you don’t own anything okay so today you guys we went yesterday to Kmart and Kmart the Kmart near us is closing down and because it’s closing down guess what why are we not in focus you’re in focus oh look it but if you press it halfway down so anyways now that I got the camera back in focus we went to Kmart the Kmart around the street from us down the street from us is actually closing down so they are having a lot of sales going on like 30% 40% 50% well not even 50% off me and save over trying to wait until like the last minute but through 40% yeah like we went to Kmart though and we saw two scooters that we had tried before and Toys R Us and there were like $50 favorite electric scooters I like they were really fun like I almost busted my ear my booty on the floor of Toys R Us but you know I finally figured out how to drive it so let me see your moves this why are you trying to twerk why are you it’s working no okay well you don’t you definitely don’t let’s see got the ring light going right now it’s very bright because basically what we’re gonna do for you guys today is unboxed our brand-new scooters that we got there in here we have them in staples car and now we have them inside of the house oh all right you can do this come on lick sable sable we also we also just came back from the chiropractor so our back they’re all in line but stable keeps making up excuses talking about like my back my back my back I can’t do any heavy lifting like sample I brought these in here like you can think that okay so yeah it’s the razor no but there’s like a specific name to it it’s the e100 that we’re getting the electrical scooter razor and you know we’re definitely gonna be hitting the beaches of Santa Monica Venice all of those beaches the boardwalk shooting everywhere you guys feel like oh is life it is like ah so with these scooters so basically you see the number right here I’m gonna show you on here so you see how it says like II one hundred so there’s different there’s different levels 99 miles per hour this one goes 10 miles per hour more yeah and then so the e like one I think they have like a 1 1 20 or something like that it goes like 15 miles it goes like 13 at 15 miles per hour but this is good enough on it exactly that’s why the rest we literally were just we almost oppression actually babies maple had like a clip it’s like an old clip cuz we’ve been looking at this for a long time that we can insert right here from like her snapchats kind of blurry though but like be it goes fast so like we’re gonna unbox this for you guys and then we’ll obviously charge it up and I don’t know if it comes with some charge but whatever and we’ll show you guys how fast they go and yeah let’s just get into the unboxing and you already know before we get into the unboxing what is going on J squad my name is Gerry box racer 100 dad and we hope you guys are having a wonderful day I am having a wonderful day Mabel how are you she’s only having a good day because she got her back crack she got her back crack she went to the chiropractor today like a crab and a lot of stuff because my chiropractor and let’s just open these turn up yeah well – over here is the let me bring one over here okay well one of us here you hold this here hold the camera grab the camera and then cut I’m gonna I guess do you want me to start opening it we could oh you can yeah just start opening it watch it open it up in here since the light is gone okay so the first one that we’re going to unbox is the red one Wow okay so the first thing you’re gonna see when you open this cuz the package it says on the side like up to 10 miles per hour ignore that price tag it wasn’t a hundred and sixty four oh we got it good deal on these but in the package let’s see okay so big okay I see you live oh okay so I feel like there’s like a lot of unnecessary parts in here you lift I’m gonna lift it whoa it comes with like all the charging stuff outlets yeah so hmm I’m gonna go get this okay look at how firm the tires are so we actually have to like put together the body yeah so they have like these ties on here so here’s the pistes this is actually pretty easy though so you’re like one part that you need to put together pretty much I love this color theywill got a pink one and yeah mine is over here – hot pink so it’s funny too because like okay so basically he we went to the Kmart first and we saw these and then somebody was kind of overhearing us talk about like getting this yeah this man he was like overhearing us talk about getting these and basically like we were just basically talking about how like such it’s such a good deal and how we’re like basically saving like about $100 and I kept trying to tell Jarrett’s to stop talking so loud because I saw the man he was just really into our conversation like we go to Toys R Us to compare the prices and when we come back we see that the one that Jarrett got the scooter that Jer got the red one was gone gone so I was just like Jarrett like I told you and there was only two available one so I I was still gonna get my scooter but Jarrett wouldn’t have but I said Terran I told you to not but it was in a color that I didn’t want I want it the red one it was like in a purple color and like I’m fine with carpool but it would like a eggplant color it wasn’t like a bright person yeah the red one was sweating much better but I don’t really want it turns out like we were looking all over the Kmart it turns out that he hid the red scooter and probably couldn’t afford yeah he probably couldn’t afford it thin but like basically we took the red scooters no we found it and we got it that’s why I say like when you see a good deal just whisper to whoever you’re with because people will try to get your deal when they see oh well this person likes this this person is doing this so oh my god he already put together in the entire look with her while I was over here going on this rant look you just stick talking to you guys in this key thing oh yeah look you tighten it can you pull it up where’s that how low it is that’s how low it is it’s like that you know how scooters are they’re low because people like to do tricks well I felt like that’s going to be way too low for you I was riding around the store leave me how is it to love that’s not too low there so what this is how you’re gonna be yeah you’re not you don’t see sable when have you seen a scooter way up here that’s you ride I know but usually it’s a little bit higher I don’t know maybe let me see how I look on it okay here take the camera yeah I mean it’s perfect for anyone you don’t really need because it’s not like you’re supposed to get comfortable on it and sit down you are not putting on a seat you are lying okay open yours now and I’m gonna put here grab this so I can show them so basically it has all the tags on it and everything so we’re just gonna take this off and look I’m gonna show them what is this label say it says to engage motor oh yeah so let me show ya come around this way let me show them you guys when you want to ride on it you basically have to kick off you have to get up to one mile per hour yourself by rolling and then you twist the throttle up here you see this it’s gonna engage the engine then it’s gonna literally get a bolt of burst of energy and then just zoom off the reason why because if you’re just sitting there like on top of it right and you accidentally twist it and you like you’re just gonna go flying I have to get up to one mile per hour then you go that’s what I have problems with that first like getting it to go but cuz it was just kind of jerk but if you don’t press too hard on the gas then it won’t and look the case I am well I think it’s a very big mission it’s a very high quality kickstand you see look like it’s not like a weak one get down there so they can see it so basically look it locks and that’s it it’s a good quality kickstand mmm all right let me open my future he’s struggling over there oh look it’s down here okay you guys so you see down here here’s where the charger is you have to pull this thing the tape off where it says like on/off switch and you see this little cap right here look the charger goes right in here and then you plug in your thing now they say it takes about 12 hours where it’s a charge and that’s gonna give it almost an hour of continuous use which means so basically if you were to drive somewhere for one hour straight without stopping that’s how long it is so basically this thing has a very long range collectively and Babel my turn said I’m having Jarrett take it out I mean are we having my back hurts like job I mean you know it’s like I don’t expect the girls to be able to live okay so I had Jerry like lifts everything out because I was too heavy and I was not about to do that and break my bed with a little gum like mine is Lucy yeah mine was hard too like you see how when you put the this on here and then you just screwed it – okay well if I’m if I fall or anything best believe I’m gonna be suing Razer because you can tighten anymore mine was already tight see your screw actually goes but you’ll fill it you can tighten it whenever you want I think I want to get hold on and there’s no way you can bring this up at all hmm wow you guys have no idea I’m gonna literally be like taking this everywhere okay the kickstand is on yeah I’m gonna be going to the mall with it McDonald’s everywhere what are you doing why do you have mittens on no because you make a very valid point no I could I doing it for leverage I can really make sure this is tight see so my hand isn’t really tight who do you know that does the circle with mittens come on we don’t have a wrench crazy oh look how sexy my scooter lips where’s the scissors so I can cut this off oh who shoot accidentally cut a piece of the carpet off but it’s all good okay so yes look at this son I need some glamour shots of my scooter beautiful I love it I love the scooter scoots quad up in this house yep you got it you got oh did you hear that my knees a lot harder than I thought it would oh it’s really sticky okay Oh what is this oh okay well I’m not doing the dishes anyway this blog we had a lot of fun recording it and unboxing these e-100 scooters with you guys is there gonna be so much fun to like ride the streets of LA how you when you these logs must be lit like I swear to you we’re about to go to Santa Monica up here everywhere with these scooters you know scooter gang scooter Nate and then what happens when you run out of gas when I run out of gas it’s not it doesn’t take cast it’s an electric it’s electric okay we’re on our Elan musk okay we’re Elan musk get these electric scooter because you know we can’t attack okay we do I mean I’m getting a test allows my next car I’m putting that out there when you put positivity out in the world it comes back to you that’s label there is nothing no in the world what do you mean I’m talking to me okay we hope you guys enjoy wait a minute hold up we forgot to do posted a vacation shout out of the day okay let’s who did I forget let’s give little angel TIA little angel a shout-out them hey go to lil angel TIA thank you so so much I’m having your post notifications on and thank you for being subscribed to challenge here and in stable now yesterday you left a comment and said I love this channel so so much and my sister wanted me to say y’all skipped over her cow baby on this board like why just tell you right now if you are watching this which you should because I beg you watch that got shut out of the day I tried like I tried most of us a little multiple times Jarrett is my witness here yeah I tried like typing it in I tried copying and pasting it but it would not come up so I’m so sorry next musically video we react you in it for sure because we definitely found your accounts so Jarrett found on his colon Oh what was wrong with my phone I’m sorry don’t crew the bug guys it’s got sorry if you two want to post notifications shadow make sure you subscribe to the channel makes your post enough cases are turned on and make sure that you like it scooter nation scooter squad scooter if you have a scooter tell me what the name of the scooter is I don’t know where on the name I may be in the net scooter video we do I’m gonna name us okay until next time like hey hey until next time love [Music]

​Razor E100 assembly and start up

Video Transcription

this video will show you the assembly and startup of an e100 once you’ve unpacked it from the box you need to put the handlebar onto the fork stem simply place it over the forks line it up with the front wheels and there’s two allen key bolts provided which you tighten up once assembled the scooter always needs an 18-hour charge prior to its first use and an overnight charge after each use when plugged in the charger will show green when it’s not connected to the scooter once connected the charger will go red to indicate that it’s charging again it’s always a 12-hour charge the front tire of the scooter must be inflated to 36 psi to ensure it handles the torque of the motor the scooter does not start from a standing position it must be scooted at speeds of up to 3 miles an hour and then the throttle should be engaged for the motor to kick in you

How to ride an electric scooter

Video Transcription

hello everybody its Campbell Keys here with you with a new video about electric scooters this electric scooter is an oldie I got it around two years ago but it’s sorta it’s in good condition I guess but some of you don’t really know how to properly ride an electric scooter okay so here’s what you’re going to want to do you’re either right or left you’re gonna I’m a righty so you’re gonna want to take your right foot and place it right in the top of the middle of the electric scooter then you’re gonna want to know how to push off you go to push off don’t immediately pull down on that trigger no no you give it your own push no help and then you should be good so technically what I’m doing is that yep there’s my cat technically what I’m doing is showing you guys how to really not ruin an engine of this mine is scratched up yes but that’s because I wrote it on paper you never want to write it on paper that’s that’s horrible and I live right next to a road but it’s horrible so you’re just gonna want to take your razor and you’re just gonna want to put your foot down there and when you go to push off never just you gonna go slow and then you can rip the engine all right so never ever ever trying to impress your friends because this is actually what happened here I tried to impress my friends I I took my electric scooter and I turned it really really fast and it hit pavement even a driveway I mean smooth ground would do this to it and it tore it all up I don’t know if you guys can see that but it Torah all up so just never ever do that take good care of it and don’t ruin it like mine but yeah that’s all I have for you guys today uh uh in the next episode I’ll be talking about how to correctly hold the handles and your brakes so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like so

Final Words

The Razor E100 Electric Scooter will give your kids the best ride of their lives.This is a great starter for those who want to try electronic scooters for the first time. With just 10 mph speed, it’s fast enough to give the kids that kind of adrenaline they want. It is an electronic scooter that offers the absolute mix of never-ending entertainment and quality features.

We think that the Razor E100 is the perfect starting point in getting an electronic scooter.

It features a perfect mix of great features, built and design to give every rider a very entertaining time.

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