Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter Review

What makes the Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter unique and fun for kids?It is not the usual scooter that you grew up with, as it exhibits a specialized skateboard-style steering technique that offers a very incomparable feeling to kids. Well, this kid’s scooter features quality construction and a ‘lean-to-steer’ design.’ This allows children to use their body weight is able to maneuver the scooter.This design also gives them that “surfing” feeling as they turn either left to right or vice versa. Additionally, the lean-to-steer with the combination of the scooter’s 3 wheels also improve the stability of the whole scooter. When a kid rides it on, it will result in a more fun and memorable journey.Using this Mini Scooter is a great way to learn and improve your child’s balance and coordination. It has a top-of-the-line quality to make sure that every kid will be safe and secured. Manufactured to provide a unique, and smooth surfing motion on the street.The T-bar handlebars are made from comfortable soft rubber hand grips. The rubber promotes better control, while protecting their hands from falls or when hitting walls.The best thing about rubber handlebars is that it is more durable than foams.

Unlike other materials, rubber can last longer, prevents tears, and prevents getting dirty quickly.

Meanwhile, the break at the back wheel features a handy non-slip silicone cover that keeps the foot of your child in place properly.To top it all, children will absolutely appreciate the comfortable foot deck that adds more stability and tries to prevent any sort of injuries.

With the value and experience that this scooter can provide to children, it’s definitely a great choice.

No kids will not fell in love with this Micro Kickboard.

Are You In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy

Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter


Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard 

Why is it the BEST?

  • The best scooter for kids with ages between 2 to 5 years old
  • Simple, easy and safe to use.
  • The children will definitely love the fun of using this straightforward scooter.
  • It features a safe lean to steer design.
  • It has durable wheels that are very smooth and offers a quiet ride.

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Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter Video Reviews

Best 3 Wheel Scooter to Buy for Kids

Video Transcription

[Music] the micro mini is designed for children ages 2 to 5 the mini was micros first two children’s scooter and the first three will kick board to employ two wheels in front this innovation greatly improves stability it’s stable child-friendly design and quality materials make it the must-have scooter for preschoolers around the world kids love the smooth glide and the lean to steering is more stable for young riders and more fun the micro mini is child safety tested to ASTM standards as required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission it has a weight capacity of up to 75 pounds and is suitable for riders up to 42 inches for four-year-olds many parents ask if they should purchase the mini or the larger maxi for ages 5 to 12 some factors to consider when making that decision younger siblings if you plan to hand the scooter down to a younger child you can’t go wrong with the micro mini height and weight if your four-year-old is already 40 plus inches tall or weighs 40 plus pounds you are safe bumping up to the maxi with its child-friendly features cool colors and smooth Glide the micro mini has become a global phenomenon used by countless children throughout the world please contact us if you have any questions info at micro kickboard comm or 8 8 8 2 3 6 56 57

​Unboxing and Setup

Video Transcription

[Music] thank you for choosing micro today we’ll be unboxing and setting up the micro mini three-in-one deluxe plus this product is designed for ages one through five it includes the beloved micro mini deluxe scooter along with an adjustable seat and parental push bar this product allows the scooter to grow with kiddos in three phases phase one the youngest of kiddos can work on balance and coordination by having their parent guide them using the parental push bar for Phase two we remove the push bar and allow the kiddo to scoot on their own usually by pitter-pattering their feet as they scamper about for phase three we remove the seat altogether your kiddo is now riding the micro mini deluxe beloved by youngsters across the country to begin let’s remove and organize the contents from the box organizing the contents at this step will make installation a breeze [Music] it’s a fair amount of stuff in the box first let’s set aside the t-bar handlebar and pair of seat height adjusters next let’s set aside the parental push bar and pair of connector plates finally let’s set aside the scooter base seat footrest and connector plate with screws now that we have our gear organized into three piles let’s start by attaching the footrest slide footrest on the handlebar cavity as pictured here next let’s slide the seat height adjusters onto your handlebar you will need to compress the red steering clip briefly when doing so slide adjuster labeled with micro mobility comm onto handlebar first slide adjuster with micro logo on him of our second important note using both seat adjusters will result and the seat resting at the tallest setting for younger or shorter kiddos you can remove one or both adjusters to lower the height of the seat once you have the handlebar and adjusters good to go attach handlebar by inserting into cavity make sure to line up flat edge of Hamill bar with flat edge of hole next let’s rotate your foot rest if needed to do so flip footrest to correct side and extend into position if the footrest feels loose please tighten the rest using the supplied allen key alright now we are ready to attach the seat a thick seat over the top of handlebar using plate and connector screws use included pair of allen keys to tighten doing so in alternating intervals top screw for a bit bottom screw for a bit etc doing so allows for maximum compression top to bottom moving forward if desired we are now ready to attach the parental push bar begin by inserting our madama in tahrir of seat next grab parental push bar and align flat edge of bar with flat edge of hole drop into cavity finish installation by attaching grooved bottom plate bottom plate will slide over ridges on handlebar to secure assembly now that your push bar is attached you can extend and detract it using the black clamps pictured here in portent usage tips if you ever wish to raise or lower the height of the seat you can do so by detaching the handlebar from the scooter base and then adding or removing seat adjusters if you wish to remove the seat you can do so by detaching the connector screws and plate we’d suggest attaching the handlebar and any seat adjusters at the structure as well once the seat is out of the equation you can raise and lower the hambo bar on the scooter to do so open handlebar clamp and erase to desired height finish by closing clamp please note if you race the t-bar up to the tallest setting a locking button pops up to secure the handlebar at this tallest setting this means that you will need to press in the button anytime you wish to lower the handle from the tallest setting you may need to tighten your handlebar clamp over time to do so open latch and then tighten using supplied allen key finish by closing latch doing so should be mildly difficult with adequate tension finally you can remove the hammer bar any time you wish to store or transport the scooter itself this added portability is most noticeable when your kiddo is no longer using the seat to remove the handlebar flip scooter upside down and place a foot on the handlebar grip next press in the red tab on the underside and detach base from handle now that your scooter is fully assembled let’s take a quick moment to register for the warranty to do so you will need the serial number found here on the scooter once you have your serial number please visit www.un.org/webcast rectly triple eight two three six five six five seven or info at micro kickboard comm thank you for choosing micro

​Review & Demo

Video Transcription

you hey it’s a scooter that grows with your child hi everyone this is Maria with ttpm here we have the micro mini three-in-one this is a ride on toy and scooter that will grow with your child from ages one through five for one year olds the ride on seat allows them to sit and scoot for two-year-olds the seat can be removed and this is a standalone scooter with a short o bar and finally when kids are three and up the O bar is removed for a t-bar for scootering fun until age five this is a great one-stop scootering shop for the littles while this is a fun scooter there are many points that I as a parent also appreciate in this design the edges are rounded for safety and the glide is super smooth and the wheels are non-marking making this great for indoors especially in the right on mode the micro mini comes in various funky color combinations keeping the playful spirit additionally the low to the ground three wheels with a back brake and touch your deck and safe steering make this a stable ride the scooter is steered by leaning so kids have to steer the scooter by shifting their body weight teaching balance and coordination the high quality wheels and flexible deck help to absorb some of the bumpy sidewalks your adventures might take you on over all the safe fun toy that will certainly have kids playing outside and scooting around fast the micro mini three and one with seat is for ages one through five with a weight limit of 50 pounds this is made by micro kick board for where to buy and current prices find us at ttpm and subscribe to our youtube channel for more reviews every day

TTPM Toy Reviews

Video Transcription

you this gives young kids a sturdy and fun ride hi I’m Laurie from ttpm and this is the micro mini from micro kick board this three-wheeled scooter features a lean-to steer design to help beginners scooter riders learn to ride in steer a scooter as children ride they steer by leaning their body weight right or left depending on where they want the scooter to turn to stop kids simply press down on the rear step on brake this scooter has high-quality non-marking polyurethane wheels for outdoor or indoor riding the micro mini is available in several different colors and each is sold separately it was very easy to put this scooter together in fact it took us only two minutes to do for preschoolers just learning to ride a scooter this sturdy three-wheeled scooter is a nice option for beginners it gives young kids the balance and stability they need as they learn to ride around on their very own scooter just like the big kids it’s for ages two to five with a maximum weight limit of 44 pounds and kids should always wear a helmet another safety gear when riding for where to buy in current prices visit ttpm and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more reviews every day

Final Words

The Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter is probably the best and safest quality option for your kids.Credibility-wise, this scooter had proved its worth…The Micro Scooter had earned the Gold Award of Best Toy in 2010 in the Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio, while bagged the Platinum award for the Parent’s Choice Approved Seal.Additionally, this was also named as the ‘Best Pre-School Scooter’ by Toy Report and honored as the ‘Best Outdoor Toy’ by Learning Express StoresWhen it comes to quality, there’s no doubt that this is one of the most durable scooters for kids that you’ll ever find today.With all the awards that the Micro Scooter had received, is there any reason to doubt it?Definitely, none.Made by a trustworthy brand, made from quality materials, and improved by the most advanced technology of today.

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