How To Clean Bearings

Skateboard bearing is an integral part of each and every skateboard. It is indispensable to clean the skateboard bearings regularly since it impacts the performance and speed of the skateboard. Cleaner bearings mean a better and faster functional skateboard. So you have to know the procedure on how to clean skateboard bearings.

As an important component of your skates’ overall performance, your bearings need to be looked after closely. You don’t always have to dismantle them necessarily. When this is the only option remaining, here are several tips to do your best.

how to clean skateboard bearings

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When Is Bearings Cleaning Essential?

There are two methods to clean skateboard bearings -- an easy and fast way that is satisfactory for your bearings and an extended, more complicated way that's much better for your bearings. You ought to clean your skateboard bearings in case it has slowed down, look mucky, or if indeed they create a seriously, junky pound whenever you whirl your wheels.

To avoid this option, you should often clean your bearings fairly, actually when they are just a little filthy or simply haven't recently been cleaned in quite a while. Cleaning your amusing bearings as this from time to time will enlarge your bearings' lifespan plus improve your skateboarding encounter that means you should have even more entertaining on your own board.

  • Required Tools:
    Oil, gel or grease to lubricate
    Grease eliminating agent
    Needle or even pin to extract the circlips
    Kitchen paper or Rag
    Waterproof container such as aspirin tube, original box up etc.

Steps On How To Clean Skateboard Bearings:

Step 01: Cleaning your bearings could be a messy work therefore in case you are carrying it out inside the home lay down some newspaper plus some aged rags to protect the surface of where you’re cleaning them. Also, it may be beneficial to put on old clothing you don't mind getting filthy.

Step 02: Take away the bearings from the skateboard. You will have to remove the skateboard bearings from your pleasure and so take away the wheels and remove each bearing. You can remove the wheels using a ratchet and pop off the bearings utilizing a screwdriver then. You can clean the skateboard bearings when they are attached, but it will be a lot easier to take them off.

how to clean skateboard bearings

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Step 03: When all almost eight bearings have already been removed from the wheels, you must place them all on kitchen roll. Afterward, you require spraying them nicely with degreaser spray to eliminate any oil and airborne dirt and dust from the bearings making certain that you have eliminated the external casing first. Therefore the ball bearings will be exposed, continue doing this procedure on both relative sides of the bearings.

how to clean skateboard bearings

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Step 04: Make use of lubrication to clean the bearings. Use a lubricant such as Triflow (please don’t make use of WD-40. Triflow lubricant and others usually do not leave any residue or film behind alike, WD-40 leaves plenty of residue at the rear of that truly gathers dust and dirt ) and apply this on each of your bearings. Make use of most of the lubricant when you are cleaning the bearing in this lubricant essentially.

You will see a lot of dark dirt and mess coming out of the bearing when you are spraying them. Once you are pleased, the bearing is usually clean set it down and keep it to steep in the lubricant for about two hours. Triflow and additional such lubricants are available in any bicycle or skate shops.

how to clean skateboard bearings

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Step 05: Dry out the bearings from extra degreaser plus place them on the clean kitchen roll, you’ll need a few ball bearing lubricants then. If you don't get this after that any skateboard bearing lubricant can do, you now have to squirt liberally over the bearings with the lubricant which must be repeated on both sides.

Step 06: Put the cover back on the bearings and ensure that all of them are secure and as they had been before you detached them. Right now you now require a bearing press. You can get one of these types from any skateboarding shop. A mechanical bearing press is a gadget that you sit down your bearings on together with your wheel in the center and press them collectively to ensure a protected plus snug fit for your wheel and bearings.

Stage 07: Press the bearings back to the wheels with all the bearing press, check every wheel to make sure that none of the bearings are wonky seeing that this will likely affect the softness of the ride and may damage the bearings in the process.

Step 08: Place almost all four wheels back upon each axle, and grab your 13mm adjustable or wrench spanner, and tighten appropriately ( please note that never to tighten up the wheels too much as this could also harm the bearings and have an effect on your ride. )

how to clean skateboard bearings

Step 09: For further lubrication and speed you may spin the wheel and squirt lubrication into the wheel externally in the bearings, ensuring to clean off any access.

Step 10: Now it is the perfect time to need to place all those good and clean bearings back to the wheels. Replace the mechanical bearing back within the skateboard. Right now the lubricant is clean, and you can place the bearings back upon the skateboard and replace every wheel, fitting them properly as well as tightly. Now you have almost done.

how to clean skateboard bearings

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In conclusion, Skateboard bearings have a great contribution to extend your speed, you need to know how to clean and how to put bearings in wheels correctly so you can have a great experience with your skateboard. Just remember that our cleaning tips are very fast and simple method on how to clean skateboard bearings. There are very much detailed and lengthier methods for you to do this, but let’s save that for another day. Follow the above procedure and clean your skateboard bearings perfectly. We think these tips are adequate for you. For more details, go to your neighborhood skate shop for technical support.

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