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I’m pretty much just getting started in the world of skate photography. I’ve been sucked into a whirlwind of skate trips. I’ve figured out most of the technical stuff, but what is really hard is the psychology of the pro skateboarder. As I sit there beneath the rail, I need to know what I can […]

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Your time for skateboarding is coming

It’s not Hard to get One to obtain the player exchange in baseball in addition to teams are purchased and sold. But, it does not normally happen in skateboarding. Rather than, once the proprietor of a skateboard firm said that okay, you stop, it implies that all is finished. This allows the skateboarders free from […]

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Young entrepreneur skateboard Company

It’s Been a year Because Calvin Young began to longboard about the roads of Sault Ste. Marie before deciding to construct his own errands, and now he is looking for a game out of an entirely new vantage point. A 19-year-old Sault Ste. Marie boy established Vantage Boards, his very own longboard and skateboard production […]

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Extreme sports in China skateboarding

Although intense sports are slowly rising in popularity in China, they continue to be perceived as insecure, and individuals prefer purchasing the equipment and watching the occasions to consciously engaging themselves. From the 1990s, several U.S. businesses grouped numerous previously marginalized, youth-dominated sports, including skateboarding, BMX (bicycle motocross) riding, along with BASE (construction, antenna, span, […]

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A Skateboard Legend’s Half Pipe Dreams

On a crisp, sunny morning this, a dozen or so teenagers in tight jeans do their very best to defy gravity. In a recently constructed skateboard parkthey zip from the gray-white slopes and valleys with leave, the delicate rolling audio of the rubber wheels Followed by the occasional accident of a collapsed ollie or other […]

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Skateboard and scooter injuries -American Academy of Pediatrics

Skateboard-related accidents accounts to the estimated 50 000 emergency department visits and 1500 hospitalizations among children and teens in the USA annually. Nonpowered scooter-related accidents accounted for an estimated 9400 emergency department visits between January and August 2000, and 90 percent of those patients have been children younger than 15 decades. Many such injuries can […]

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Architecture that shreds They already love your work, but don’t think skateboarders are easy to please

Architects design skateboarding parks all of the time, but seldom intentionally. Contemplate San Francisco architect Stanley Saitowitz. Saitowitz collaborated to a documented public art project to the Son Francisco palaces, the Promenade Ribbon, a stretch of non concrete risers extending twenty-six kilometers across the bay. Fiber-optic threads strung to glass sandwiched between layers of concrete […]

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