As popular as skateboarding is, ​you should always do it with proper safety gear.

​Probably the most important bit of gear when it comes to safety are wrist guards, followed by knee pads and helmets.

Even if you don't get anything else, we strongly recommend you invest in a pair of good quality wrist guards as soon as possible.

Let's face it, you don't want to break your wrists when you fall off your board right?

​Of course, you don't.

Well, there are no guarantees that wrist guards will​ stop you getting injured, they will definitely ​protect your hands and wrists from bumps, scrapes, knocks and grazes.

​Wrist guards are basically gloves with extra material and thick padding that come in a variety of styles and sizes for hands and arms​ of all shapes and sizes.

​However, sometimes it can be​ hard to choose the best ​wrist guards with so many on the market.

Wrist guards will protect your wrists ​when skateboarding, but you can also use them in other activties that you do.

Here are our Top 5 wrist guards and why - enjoy!

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187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards

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187 Killer Wrist Guards

Why ​are they the BEST?

  • High wrist protection, ensuring maximum impact protection.
  • Super comfortable, unlike some clunky wrist guards.
  • Durable - purchase these and they should last a long time.
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Our Top 5 Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

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No. 1

187 Killer Wrist Guards

No. 2

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

No. 3

Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

No. 4

Triple 8 Hired Hands

No. 5

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

1. 187 Killer Wrist Guards 

187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards

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The 187 Killer Wrist Guards were specifically designed for the Derby Skater. 

They are our top ​favorite as they provide the perfect balance between movement and protection.

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187 Killer ​are wrist guards that come in medium size and ​the color black.

​They are very adaptable for many wearers and perfect for wrist protection.

When you want the perfect balance between protection and comfort, this is a good choice.

​They will help you stay safe during potential falls that can injure you​ badly and keep you off your board for weeks.

If you are a beginner or ​a pro, th​ese wrist guards ​are something that offer ​the safety you need.

A ​feature of th​ese wrist guards​ are their adaptability to many similar sports so you can use them on different occasions.

​They can be used equally for roller balding, scooter riding, bicycling, roller skating, and more, they are easy to maintain and they can last for a long time.

Many skateboarders consider this item one of the best skateboarding wrist guards on the market and are a good choice if you are looking​ to keep your wrist bones in one piece instead of lots of pieces.


  • High wrist protection.
  • Comfortable.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Good adaptability to many sports.


  • Only comes in medium size.
  • Only comes in black color.

2. Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

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The Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards are our very close runner up.

Not only are they super durable, but they fit really well and are comfortable - something not all wrist guards are.

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Pro-Tec is highly appreciated among skateboarders. Its main quality is protecting your wrists and in particular the injured wrists. It is great to use for any age, and it comes in a variety of sizes from small to large.

This guard wrist offers you a great balance during long-boarding as well. It can prevent you from falling and harming yourself during daring moves.

Pro-Tec makes wrist guards with a long lifespan so you can use it for several years to come. Also, the material that this wrist guard is made of is very resistant.

Your skin will be able to breathe nicely, and you will not sweat so much. Young skateboarders are attracted by this wrist guard due to its modern design.

Also, the high level of adjust ability makes it a great option! So, beginner or expert, this is a good addition to your skateboarding gear, especially if you already suffered a wrist injury.


  • Long lifespan.
  • High wrist protection.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Modern design.


  • Doesn’t protect the entire hand.

3. Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

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The Triple 8 Saver series makes our best of list because they are perfect for the more advanced boarder who needs more protection.

They come in ALL sizes, so finding the perfect fit is easy.

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This type of wrist guard is perfect for professional skateboarders. It offers a high level of safety for daring longboarding moves. Triple 8 Saver offers wrist guards that are suitable for all ages and a variety of similar sports.

Such a protection item is perfect for high impact, and it offers a great resistance and protection. It is important to make sure you choose the right size of wrist guards for increased comfort and safety.

These types of wrist guards are a must for serious skateboarders who want to keep themselves safe during such adventures. Sizes cover all types of wearers from small to Large and even Junior.

The wrist savers are made of four-way stretchable nylon mesh body which provides a snug fit for the wearer.

It makes the wrist guards ideal for skating, roller derby, and all roller sports.


  • Budget Friendly.
  • High resistance.
  • Comfortable.
  • High protection.
  • Adaptable for many sports.


  • Not adjustable sizes.

4. Triple 8 Hired Hands

Triple 8 Hired Hands

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These gloves are a BEAST!

If we had to sum them up in 3 words, it would be: Tough. Bulky. Leather.

Basically, you NEED this type of protection if you bail or fall of your board.

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When you are skateboarding or any other types of longboarding, protecting your hands is essential for your safety.

And Triple 8 Hired Hands are some of the best skateboarding wrist guards you can find. These gloves are not only resistant to impact but also very modern.

They come in a nice design that makes them very popular.

One of their best features is the neoprene support strap. It is great for creating a perfect fit and comfort for the wearer of any age. Another great quality is the fact that the top and bottom of these wrist guards can be replaced.

They don’t only protect your hands and fingers but also your wrists during daring skateboarding moves.

You can choose from all sizes, such as small, medium or extra-large.

These wrist guards are not the cheapest on the market. But their price is proportional to their quality.


  • High protection for hands and wrists.
  • Adaptable for many sports.
  • Quality material.
  • Come in a variety of sizes.
  • Parts can be replaced.


  • Might be more appreciated by professional users.

5. Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

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These bad boys are make from goatskin and double stitched - HEAVY DUTY!

While Hillbilly also make a full finger version of these, we prefer the half finger as it allows you to do all you need to do without ever taking your gloves off.

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The top of the best skateboard​ wrist guards is reserved for the Hillbilly Wrist guard gloves.

They are built to resist the test of time just the way they are built to resist strong impacts. If you want a complete protection during skateboarding, this is the best option for you.

Made of durable goatskin, these gloves are a good addition to your safety equipment.

They protect both your wrists and palms by using the system ABS palm splint system.

They are very comfortable to wear because they leave half of your fingers free. It makes it easier for you to grip without taking the gloves off. And if you love speed while you practice skateboarding, these Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves are a great choice.

They offer extra protection during speedy rides and high safety in case of falling.

When it comes to sizes, these gloves come in small, medium and large which makes them very adaptable to different wearers.


  • High protection for hands and wrists.
  • Perfect for speedy rides.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Quality material.
  • Can be purchased in a variety of sizes.


  • The plastic material on the palm might be less resistant.

What Type of Skateboard Wrist Guard Do You Need?

Before shopping for the right wrist guards, you need to decide what kind is best for your needs.

Beginners will most likely prefer other skateboard wrists than experts. 

Also, there are the best skateboard wrist guards for each type of skateboarding or longboarding practiced. 

There are different kinds for each preference.

Longboard Protective Sliding Gloves

It is the most common type of wrist guards used because it is adaptable to many kinds of a longboard. The safety level that such wrist guards offer protects you when sliding, downhill riding or cruising and freestyle.

Longboard ​Wrist Guard Protective Gloves

These are the best gloves that you can choose to protect your wrists. They are perfect for beginner and experts in the skateboarding sport and suit all ages. What makes them very popular is their adaptability for many riding styles as well as their comfort.

Standard Longboard Wrist Guards

The standard wrist guards are the best skateboard wrist guards for all kinds of skateboarders. They are appreciated by beginners and experts of all ages and styles. However, they are not the greatest for protecting your fingers.

Longboard Wrist Guards Anti Gloves

Perfect for wrist safety and several types of injuries, these guards are a great choice as well. However, they are mainly used by professionals and not by beginners. This happens because they don’t offer as much protection for the entire hand as other products.

Longboard Wrist Support Braces

If you already had an injury at one or both of your wrists, these might be the type of guards you need. The braces keep the wrist in place and comfortable. However, they don’t protect much the rest of the hand.

How to Choose the Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding

When you want to choose the best skateboa​rd wrist guards, there are several aspects that you need to consider.


The first thing to consider is your skateboarding style. Some need more flexibility while others need more protections. It will influence the material that you prefer your wrist guards to be made of.

If you need more flexible wrist guards, you will need to avoid the ones made of a material that contains metal. Other wrists are made of plastic material which makes them lighter. Producers have a wide variety to choose from for every style.


The size should be your next concerned, and you can find sizes from small to X-Large. But most of them are made adjustable so they can be worn even if the size is not perfect.


And of course, the budget is just as important. You can find cheap wrist guards and pricey ones. However, when it comes to your safety, you should invest to save you more money in the future.


Skateboarding is an exciting sport, and it is perfect for all ages. Since it can be very entertaining, the safety aspect of it is equally important. Over time, you will know exactly what kind of gloves you need to protect yourself during skateboarding.

But finding the best skateboar​d wrist guards also requires a good research on the matter. Make sure you check all the different aspects to make the best decision for your needs.

You might end up having different types of gloves for a different type of skateboarding. It is very responsible and can save you from a lot of unwanted injuries.

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