It’s Web first, other media later: TotalVid will premiere skateboarding event online

Action sports lovers are able to benefit from an unusual digital supply chance due to a company thought from TotalVid. Starting May 2, the specialization online video resource will create”The Globe 2005 World Cup Skateboarding” available for downloading per month until it could be viewed or bought any other manner. Different Types Of Skateboards List For […]

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Darkside of the moon skateboarding

My companion, also skate bro for several decades, R. Nicholas Kuszyk had informed me about a place of Utah that seemed just like the moon. He was camping there a couple of years ago and said that across the town of Escalante was a myriad of skateable terrain; he was not completely sure of the […]

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Hollywood Miniramp contest

How can you get a number of the best experts of the past, present and potential to come out and skate a competition where there is no prospect of a $150,000 prize purse? You throw a sick-ass miniramp competition in the heart of Hollywood at The Standard Hotel that is more of a laid back […]

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Do 900 degrees with skateboarding

Check out this site that is gnarly, dude When we told 14 year-old Richard’Mullet’ Amos his website was nominated to the Home Improvement segment, he requested us to wait for a few days while he ended”using a CGI-based news program”. Quite impressive, we believed that lad’ll go much better. After he asked him how he […]

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The Barons of BEDDINGS – Futon Advisors Skate

When you’re selling a product consumers widely regad as a commodity, what can you do to gain an edge? This question haunts bedding manufacturers and retailers alike, and has helped build an industry well known for its creative marketing, aggressive strategies, and sophisticated, high-quality products. Manufacturers differentiate their futon bed from the competition’s with a […]

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