? 5 Tips For Your First Time On A Skateboard

Just like many beginner skateboarders out there, you need to get better and better at skateboarding as each day passes. By developing some tricks, you’ll be able to have fun while at it. Even for those without many tricks, they still feel great when they’re capable of riding their skateboard without encountering any problem.

Here are some of the tips that will definitely be of help to you, especially if you’re a beginner:

#1: Skate more, Practice daily

This tip might seem overly simplistic. However, if you really want to improve your skating, regular practice is necessary. The more hours you practice, the quicker you’ll taste success. Yeah, it is as simple as that! If you value skateboarding and/or you find it important, then it’s high time you give it the seriousness it deserves.

Refrain from spending most of your time handling many things while allocating just some minutes to skateboarding. If you make skating your top priority, you’ll be a pro sooner than you know it.

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#2: Never get comfortable

Many beginners are normally afraid to fall or hurt themselves. If you fall or get hurt, you must learn how to deal with it. Nevertheless, it’s the last thing you should be worried about. The only thing that worrying does is lead to more worry. Just skate, have fun, and be safe.

As a skater, the worst habit you can ever have is being scared. Doing so will turn into ‘chickenfoot.’ It means that you’ll chicken-out, and kick the board away rather than committing to landing your trick. It’s necessary to develop the courage of stepping outside your comfort zone. Furthermore, you must learn how to overcome fear. Doing so will make you enjoy it more.

#3: Always spend time with better skateboarders

One of the greatest hacks for getting better and better at skateboarding is skating with talented pros. According to science, one becomes like those he or she surrounds him/herself with. If you spend most time with skaters that are better than you, you’re guaranteed of becoming just like them.

The other thing you need to do is watch countless skate videos. Take time to watch how your favorite pro skaters do their thing. Carefully study how they skate. To learn specific tricks, slow down the videos frame by frame. You’ll be surprised that even the pro skaters did it when they started.

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#4: Critique yourself

How about you have someone take a video of you while you’re skating? By watching yourself through a video, you’ll be able to have a third-party perspective. Ultimately, you’ll have the opportunity to critique yourself positively, check what you are doing wrong and the things you need to change in order to get it right.

#5: Always see yourself successful

The truth is that you’ll never be able to outperform your self-image. You must visualize yourself performing skating tricks successfully. Do it as much as it takes till you believe you’re able to do it. Anytime you try the trick, do it with utmost confidence and expecting success. In order to perform like a professional, you must see yourself as one.

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Other important tips for beginners

· Have the right gear – When you’re learning how to brake and move for the first time, falling off the board is possible. Perhaps even a lot. For this reason, you should be prepared with wrist guards, elbow pads, and kneepads in order to protect your joints in case you fall. You should also have a helmet to protect your head against suffering from any form of harm.

· Begin with soft or easy skills – Before taking it to the streets, you should take some few minutes to practice and try to get some balance through standing on the board on grass. Alternatively, you can try doing that on your living room carpet. Until you feel comfortable, you should practice on balance on the indicated areas.

· Push as if you’re walking – To ensure your board doesn’t slide out from under the feet, you must keep your movements simple. Put your front foot on the board to build speed as you make some steps forward. Rather that pushing the board away, you should work in the direction you are already going so that you don’t lose control.

· For basic brake, use your back foot – Foot braking is the easiest and most effective ways to brake when skateboarding. You just need your back off your board and then drag it to the ground so that you slow your momentum. Practice it at slow speeds until you develop the reflex.

· Get fancy later – The truth is that skateboarding gives one plenty of room in terms of creativity. This is especially true after you have mastered the basics. You can use the board to go for dental checkups, rad parties, school, work, or anything else that’s going on in your life.


Everybody must start somewhere. Are you a novice that wants to learn about skateboarding? If yes, then the above tips will certainly be of great help. Apply them in your skateboarding today and you’ll definitely be surprised at how fast you’ll become a pro. And, if you have time, you can improve your skills more by follow our 7 Helpful Skateboard Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

Click on this video to learn more about to skateboard for the first time.

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