The wheel deal: should people be allowed to talk and roll?

The wheel deal: should people be allowed to talk and roll?

Can you hear me now? Probably not if you're skateboarding, biking, or in-line skating in Philadelphia, Pa. Officials in that city recently banned people from using cell phones while doing any of those activities. The rule makes it illegal for people on a roll to talk, dial, or send text messages on handheld phones.

Officials say the ban will help prevent accidents caused by skateboarders and bike riders. They say too many of them talk on phones instead of paying attention to where they are going. But other people say the ban is unnecessary. They say people can safely use phones while going for a spin. What Size Of Skateboard Should I Get

What do you think? Should people be allowed to talk and roll? WR News student reporters Emily Jue and Matthew Fernandez dialed in on the issue.


Skaters can multitask without causing harm.

People should be allowed to use cell phones while riding bikes, skating, and skateboarding. It's the right of choice.

People multitask daily. We know there is a risk of choking while eating and talking at the same time. But people talk on cell phones while eating anyway. People cross streets while using cell phones. Drivers listen to radios. Those are considered distractions. Will they be banned too? The ability to communicate by phone is equally important to bike riders, skaters, and skateboarders as it is to other people.

The wheel deal should people be allowed to talk and roll

Banning cell phone use will hot eliminate, or get rid of, accidents. Angelle Roger, a fifth grader from Houston, Texas, agrees. "You can still see and hear while talking, plus drivers can see you too," she says.

Emily Jue, Texas


Distracted skaters could cause terrible accidents.

I agree with the ban. People shouldn't be texting or talking on phones while they are riding bikes, skateboarding, or skating.

Someone could get hurt or maybe even killed. When you are focused on one thing, you can't totally focus on another--in this case riding your bike or skating. Have you ever been so focused on a game that your mom tells you to take out the trash, but you completely forgot what she said once you stopped playing? Well, people talking on cell phones while rolling could forget to pay attention too.

Plus, think about how it could affect other people. How would you feel if a skater talking on a phone crashed into you? That would annoy you, right? Using your phone while rolling should not be allowed.

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