Wear a helmet when skate

Wear a helmet when skate

How Do You Stay Safe This Summer?

Helmets Maintain Your Head secure

Many children ride bicycles or scooters. Experts say that those children must wear helmets. Why? Children riding bicycles or scooters may collapse. They can hurt their minds. Keep heads secure. Experts say all children riding bicycles or scooters need to wear helmets. How To Get Better At Skateboarding skatezone

If you play at sunlight, apply sunscreen on your skin.

Sunscreen prevents your skin from becoming burnt. Always swim with a friend. Make certain a grownup is nearby.

Constantly skate in a secure location. Make sure you put on a helmet and pads.

Always ride you bicycle in a secure location. Avoid busy roads.

Watch Out for ...

Poison Ivy is a plantlife. It is able to make your skin itching. Keep away from poison ivy.

A mosquito is a insect. Its sting can make your skin itching.


Dear, Girls and Boys,

Ben and I'm bicycle riding. Some large kids went pushed Ben. He dropped his motorcycle and oat his leg. I'm angry. What if I do?



Which Can Be Safe?

Look at each picture. Does this reveal someone being secure? Bring a happy face A under the image. If it does not show somebody being secure, draw a gloomy face B beneath the picture.

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poison ivy

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Personal Health

Introduce New Words

* apparel * sunscreen * Cells

Tap Prior Knowledge

What do you know about wearing a helmet?

Behind the News

Studies have revealed that bicycle helmets are 85% successful at reducing headaches, state specialists. Back in Australia, a report on bike injuries in children revealed that wearing a helmet decreased the danger of loss of awareness in the head injury from 86 percent.

"Even preschoolers who don't ride in toddlers and traffic on tricycles need mind protection whenever and where they're biking," states Dr. Elizabeth Powell, an expert in pediatric emergency medication. Powell also notes that helmets can reduce the risk of facial injuries if your kid falls off a tricycle or bicycle.

Experts say that kids on scooters, skates, and skateboards must also wear helmets in addition to knee pads and kneepads. Those kids should ride only through the daytime on smooth surfaces with no traffic and needs to be supervised by an adult, say specialists.

Security Suggestions to Share

Even the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons suggests that these tips for kids who ride bikes, bikes, and skateboards or that skate.

* Wear sturdy shoes and wrist protections;

* Stay away from towering slopes and cramped roads;

* Be sure you become Knowledgeable about the braking, braking, and managing system of the Automobile at a safe area;

* If you're below age , you shouldn't use scooters.

Think Critically

Consider things that you do in the summertime. How do you remain safe as you do these things?

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Assessment-Related Ability: Assessment

Kids can use what they've heard in the problem to help them determine which photos illustrate summer security. Request: What Exactly Are the child/children performing safely? What can help make her or him safe? Assessment and decision which are strengthened as kids utilize this webpage.

Literature Link

You Might Want to Collect These books to utilize this specific issue of Weekly Reader:

Decision Daddy and I Move , by Ken Kreisler

Decision Dinosaurs Beware! : A Safety Guide, by Marc Tolon Brown

* Water Security: Safety Sense Series, by Nancy Loewen

* Security in the Water (Safety First), from Joanne Mattern

Big Issues help kids enlarge language.

With students, make a list of new vocabulary words seen at the content of the week's dilemma. Collectively, browse the list of phrases and define each sentence. Invite each child to pick out a word and also to utilize it in a paragraph. Pupils could then operate in tiny groups to make a brief story using a number of the words. You might choose to expand the activity with kids categorize the phrases by beginning sounds, ending sounds, describing phrases, or actions words.

Summer Safety

Maintaining safe in summertime

Means taking particular care When you are close to the water And if your feet are bare.

Sunblock will protect your skin In the sunlight that is burning. But while you are being cautious, Do not forget to have fun!

The wheel deal: should people be allowed to talk and roll?

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