Vitamix Blender Perfect Blend Smart Scale & Recipe App

Vitamix Blender Perfect Blend Smart Scale & Recipe App

Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale & Recipe App, Created by Perfect Company's Patented IoT Platform, Available for Purchase Starting October 6

CLEVELAND, Oct. 6, 2016 / / PRNewswire/ -- Vitamix, the World pioneer in professional-grade mixing equipment for home and industrial use, and Perfect Company, the major developer of kitchen goods, announce a partnership to present revolutionary invention from the kitchen. The Vitamix Perfect Blend(TM) Smart Scale & Recipe App is intended to permit anyone using a Vitamix blender to possess an easy, smooth end-to-end mixing experience in your home - to get delicious blended beverages and food all of the time - and to monitor their supplements such as never before.

With the Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale & Recipe Program, developing a mixed soup, smoothie, dressing or some other combined recipe is simple. Users select a recipe, so adjust it to their desired serving size or quantity of calories, and just pour components into their Vitamix container for exact measurement - the digital container fills up instantly plus also an audible"ding!" Signs when to stop pouring.

The wise scale was made to find even the smallest of components, like a pinch of salt or foliage of spinach to 0.1 g, and exactly measures ingredients like icehockey, kale or berries, that are hard to quantify accurately by quantity. Vitamix Perfect Blend intelligent scale eliminates the requirement for measuring cups and measuring spoons, so less clutter and tidy up, and measuring sticky ingredients such as agave or honey is no more a chore. The fantastic Blend App will start with over 500 chef-tested recipes, such as a particular Vitamix recipe set, with much more recipes being added continuously.

Remaining on track with fitness and health goals is Simplified, as the fantastic Blend App provides meal planning tools, parts individual portions to the consumer's desired variety of calories, and even sends sugar along with other nutrient data to favorite physical fitness programs via Apple Health or Google Fit. Additionally, this helps with portion control so consumers may create just the amount that they need at the moment, or choose to create more for afterwards.

The fantastic Blend App also adheres into the consumer's lifestyle - if vegan, gluten free, dairy-free or anything else - just showing recipes that satisfy the dietary requirements or exceptions they have entered. And sharing recipes from Perfect Blend to family and friends is simple; using one tap they may open your precise recipe inside their Perfect Blend program.

The Fantastic Blend App includes a Digital pantry Which Makes it Simple to find out what can be produced using ingredients available, and to include missing ingredients to get a desirable recipe into a digital shopping list that syncs across the consumer's smart devices so that it may be carried to the grocery shop. Users can also easily share recipes social websites to impress family and friends with new dishes made.

Vitamix Perfect Blend carries a Vitamix-branded Stainless steel PRO smart scale plus a custom-created Vitamix edition of this fantastic Blend App, including a Vitamix-branded port and includes tailored to Vitamix blenders. Vitamix users will have the ability to pick their blender container and model; the program will then produce a habit Perfect Blend encounter constructed for their own grinder.

When an individual blends a recipe, even in the program they'll view a replica of the Vitamix blender using virtual dials showing precisely how to mix, for how long and in which rates to produce amazing consistency. Users may also access and observe tutorial videos about the best way best to use the program.

"Perfect Company's revolutionary IoT platform carries The guesswork from mixing, allowing for simple recipe creation using exact measurement of components, for consistent outcomes," explained Anthony Ciepiel, chief operating officer, Vitamix. "The Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale & Recipe App not merely allows Vitamix owners to recreate yummy blended recipes in home without clutter and tidy up, but in addition, it enables them take control of their wellness as they monitor nutrition details.

It scales any recipe into the desired variety of calories. During our customer research, we all know that Vitamix owners are eager to bring this intuitive and useful technology for their kitchens making it less difficult to make recipes that are more complex. The program also motivates them to successfully attempt new items for their loved ones members and friends. Plus it simply makes cooking more intriguing."

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"Top-quality, Higher functionality Vitamix blenders Have been the middle of several modern day kitchens," said Michael Wallace, CEO, Perfect Company. "We are so eager to associate with Vitamix to provide Vitamix owners a completely different approach to utilize their blenders to make even the hardest recipes - things they never imagined they can make - while attaining their dietary objectives."

As the Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale & Recipe Program measures every component in real time around the consumer's smart apparatus, in addition, it displays each component's nutritional info and monitors nutrition for the overall contents of the bean container. The fantastic Blend Program does this for many recipes that are included, but users may also enter favored recipes or experimentation with new inventions, and the program will figure out the nutritional value of any recipe that they make that contains any of those thousands of components found in the program. When an ingredient is lost, they are easily able to add its nutrient information for monitoring.

The Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale & Recipe App Includes a professional standard stainless steel Bluetooth scale (functions as a standalone kitchen ) that steps from 0.1 g around 6 kgs, two smoothie to-go cups, a device rack along with the fantastic Blend Recipe App, that is downloaded on tablet computers and smartphones.

The Vitamix Perfect Blend intelligent accessories and scale can be found for sale at starting October 6 to $99.99 and will be shown and sold during pick Vitamix demonstrations in Costco warehouses starting in October for $79.99. The fantastic Blend App may be downloaded free of start October 6 too, by the Apple App Store Google Play shop and Amazon Kindle app shop.

Around Vitamix The Vitamix family of companies is privately held and family-owned and -managed. Launched in 1921, Vitamix produces high-energy mixing Equipment for home and industrial use. Its commercial client list reads like A"Who is Who" of important Restaurant chains, and gourmet chefs state their Vitamix machines have been as Important to them because their own knives.

From the early 1990s, the Business developed The very first true business blender, sparking the smoothie motion. Vitamix, Whose products are famous worldwide for their functionality, flexibility and simplicity Of usage, continues to win awards for product creation and is a receiver of The president's esteemed"E Star" Award for Exports. Headquartered At Olmsted Township, Ohio, 19 miles from Cleveland, Vitamix blenders have been Engineered and constructed in Northeast Ohio and sold in over 140 nations. To Learn More, please see, or see us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter .

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