"Can you think in God?" This was the question posed by TransWorld Skateboarding on its April 2001 issue. Maybe readers ought to have obtained it a prophecy a couple of months afterwards, at the September issue, the magazine could ask another deep question:"Would you like 1,000 free hours of AOL?"

Contrary to the poser, this question was not a part of the edit combination, together with replies from professional skateboarders who stated heavy things such as"I believe in a thing, you understand." It arrived in the kind of a polybagged AOL disc - a movement some readers considered heretical. "We have letters and backlash," remembers Tim Wrisley, group publisher for TransWorld Media. Clients had their very particular topic for the magazine:"What exactly are you doing, selling outside?" Different Types Of Skateboards List

However, a funny thing happened as soon as the worlds of anarchist skateboarders along with also a press giant collided: The gods of trade smiled. "By percent, it had been among the most successful AOL disc test promotions," Wrisley states. So while some readers whined and returned the discs into the magazine, even a much greater share of TransWorld Skateboarding's 152,000 flow popped from the disc for their spare hours. Inspired by the reaction, AOL has put free discs in to three more TransWorld books in 2002.

Such cross-promotion was just one motive which Time Inc. bought Times Mirror Magazines (such as the TransWorld names ) in October 2000 for $475 million, its biggest purchase in 15 decades. The access to a crucial name, Golf, has been just yet another spur. Most significant, the writer viewed the possessions, renamed Time4 Media, also as a potent method to reach guys - a audience, particularly the younger 20-somethings, much desired by advertisers. With its assortment of smaller, more enthusiast novels, Time4 instantly gave Time Inc. an estimated 11% increase in total readership, including some 12 million guys over 18 who do not seem at any given Time Inc. book.

"We are expected to become a growth engine " states Mark Ford, a climbing executive in Time Inc. that had been appointed president of Time4 at May 2001. Ford earned a new management group from Time Inc. and revived. On the advertisement, he also trimmed a couple of speed bases and establish a corporate sales team to acquire the names facing overall advertisers.

A year after, Time4 is visiting positive initial outcomes. "We have momentum, we can be up 10% in advertising revenue, that is adequate given this particular environment," says Ford. "We are feeling great about this purchase."

If the 10% profit is accurate, states Robert Crosland, managing director at AdMedia Partners, Time Inc. ought to feel great. "That is a remarkable functionality. There is not many people around who are becoming double-digit growth. This makes them a celebrity " According to some former Times Mirror worker, Ford has attracted an aggressive strategy to the team:"He's from a solid sales history. He is definitely inclined to roll the dice" https://skateszone.com/not-different-current-skateboarders-correct/

Thus far, the stunt appear to be Ford's way. Nonetheless, there are uncertainties in the magazine sector about how nicely Time Inc.'s big-magazine civilization and prices could mesh with the individual, quirkier parts of the Time4 world class. And there are concerns about how much each magazine could entice ads beyond its base - a foundation that generally is made up of advertisers using small budgets, and even subscribers who might not care to view banner advertisements for, say, Ralph Lauren or even Calvin Klein within their webpages.



Even the 45-year-old Ford isn't a stranger into turnarounds of properties that are acquired. Following a career at Time Inc. in a variety of sales positions, such as Midwest manager for Entertainment Weekly, he had been exploited in 1997 to conduct Media Networks Inc., a vendor of local advertisements to federal publishers who Time Inc. purchased from 3M. "They had been also the bastard child of an massive manufacturing business," Ford says. "It was not going well, the management group fought. I then came and worked tirelessly to reinvent it. The parallels for this business are pretty wonderful."

In the middle of taking on Time4, Ford has had to compete with the downturn and the strikes of 9/11, that were battered the press industry. And while paper publisher Times Mirror might not happen to be a lively owner for its own publications, AOL Time Warner is barely a healthy parent nowadays. Its inventory cost and vaunted prices have been in tatters, and reports of business infighting abound. However, Ford is adhering to the initial assumption of this Time4 bargain: the special-interest magazines, revved up by Time Inc.'s powerful sales and advertising, will be crucial contributors together with the mass-circulation leaders.

"Time Inc. had to complete its portfolio also deliver new magazines to the fold," states Michael Klingensmith, the Time Inc. executive vice president who manages Time4.

The purchase marked a sharp change in corporate plan. For the majority of the 1980s and 1990s, Time Inc. cemented its status as the world's biggest magazine publication by construction on and updating its center properties, like People, Time and Fortune .

In the previous two decades, but the inner expansion machine has now postponed. Before the downturn, the organization could observe that additional gains would need to come from outside the Time & Life Building in midtown Manhattan. Thus Time Inc. went to a shopping spree, picking up the Times Mirror set, Europe's IPC Group for $1.6 billion, along with the contributor file and title of Business 2.0, Together with failed bids for Quick Business and Emap.

"We now have hardly any presence in man specific fascination enthusiast magazines, and" admits Klingensmith. "We've Sports Illustrated, however, SI is a very different creature with a major mass audience" In reality, the number one marketing class for Time4 is wearing products, that ranks near the base for Time Inc."I think that it's the 25th class - and I do not even believe you will find 25 ad classes," states Klingensmith, laughing.

Surely you will find a multitude of new classes made available by Time4's roster of cool, lively, and in a number of instances faddish books. Its 18 titles vary in the ski, wave-riding, along with dude-celebrating TransWorld possessions into the chem laboratory geeks of Popular Science. A number of the magazines pursue the elusive younger man quarry, although elderly men are served depending on their weapon of choice - Field & Stream for its hunting rifle brigades, Golf for all those toting Callaway Big Berthas. Additionally, Klingensmith transferred This Old House out of Time Inc. into Time4, including the home made Home Depot lovers to the mixture.

These publish paeans into the Y-chromosome"possess a sign of trendy, each of these," says Harlan Schwarz, also a network consultant who previously was senior vice president for tactical printing services in Universal McCann. Besides beefing up revenue to endemic advertisers, Time4 is able to begin to entice the overall consumer advertisers who have flocked to youthful male names such as Maxim, based on Schwarz. "They could promote the Time4 bundle and essentially cover this wide and extremely coordinated men's market," he states.

1 single-title breakthrough came together with BMW, which put advertisements for the new 7-series automobiles in Golf magazine March 2002 issue. "They struck the BMW company for the very first time in their background," says BMW's press buyer, Mike McHale, senior leader at Optimedia International. In planning the automobile launching, McHale states, BMW engineers said the trunks will hold four collections of golf culbs smoothly. So Optimedia ran a shootout involving Golf Digest and Golf, both group leaders.

Action sports success: total immersion required: in the skateboarding and action sports arena, the "cool" factor rules

"They are actually knocking down the doors," says McHale of their Time4 sales campaign that acquired the small organization enterprise. He credits Golf with supplying some customized search to help clinch the bargain, and states that Golf has become"a key partner in our strategies moving forward."

"The golf group was the significant part this [Times Mirror] purchase," remarks AdMedia's Crosland. "it is a two-book area, and it had been an chance to catch a sizable, strong special-interest position" Really, Klingensmith likes to trot out PIB statistics which reveal Golf has jumped ahead of its rivals in advertising revenues, together with advertising sales up almost 20 percent below Time Inc..

Past Golf, but the Time4 subscribers aren't precisely the marketplace for luxury automobiles or other general advertisements. McHale notes the oversized, photo-heavy arrangement of these TransWorld magazines, as for example, might look out of place into an advertiser that is not pushing snowboards or browse equipment. "The issue with these novels is they're flip-through: cool images of men skipping tops of hills and in half of the pipes. A non-endemic advertiser may feel,'Well, I am being why would they wish to find an advertisement for X there, that is not what they are anticipating.'"

Ford admits that acquiring non-endemic advertisements into more Time4 names are going to have a sophisticated sales campaign. That is why he staged a sales coaching program, and it has worked Time Inc.'s corporate revenue department on demonstrations to agencies. To shore up the endemic entrepreneurs, he also cut bases in Outdoor Life and Field & Stream to make pricing more appealing. He has also spent money on editorial personnel and webpages, including a 20 percentage to the general edit headcount.

The update Ford is hopeful about is that the 1.5-million flow Popular Science, in which he set up Scott Mowbray out of Time Inc.. Customized Publishing as editor. This past year, in a meeting with doubtful Leo Burnett account supervisors, Ford asserted remarkable fluctuations in the article. "They had been amazed. Popular Science back then was seen as the dad's Oldsmobile. Someone said ,'You knowthat you could not have picked a harder one - that the brand has been around a very long time, it is exhausted, '' the editorial product would be for mathematics geeks.'"

This calendar year, using a brand new layout and a movement toward authoritative and concentrated editorial, Ford delivered problems to Burnett. Among the accounts supervisors"noted that the unbelievable transformation," says Ford. "I think within the following year Popular Science will grow into one of the latest magazines in publishing"


The effect of these changes on advertisers and readers remains to be viewed. Within Time4, Ford's makeovers have generated some strain. Through style, his Time Inc. artisans have introduced new methods of marketing and selling. Among the very best executives who report directly to Ford, just a few of seven forced it during the transition. His group of replacements comprises Tom Ott, transferred from president of The Old House to writer of the Exterior category; James Else, a Time Inc. corporate sales executive appointed Time4's senior vice president for business sales and business growth; along with Victor Sauerhoff, attracted from SI to become senior vice president for operations and finance.

Both the Ford and Klingensmith state any uneasiness over direction changes is currently behind Time4. "Every proprietor comes in with their particular perspective and their particular standpoint," states Klingensmith. "Obviously that is likely to be more unsettling to folks."

In spite of all the modifications, Klingensmith insists that Time4 will continue to operate by itself, with no interference from over. He states the appropriate treatment of acquisitions is worried by not as Don Logan, Time Inc.'s former CEO, who last month has been appointed chairman of AOL Time Warner's New Media & Communications Group. "Don is obviously fond of saying that we could screw this up when we claimed our civilization theirs. He is quite close to the dilemma since he is from Southern Progress Corporation - today there is another culture for you." (Klingensmith adds that Logan, an enthusiastic sportsman, takes an individual interest in the outside names in Time4.)

The TransWorld titles likely have the very different, anti-corporate civilization in the Time4 secure. Group writer Wrisley notes the parent has assisted him to get meetings with advertising buyers for customers such as Burger King without trampling on his Cartoon picture. (He points out that he turned down a way to put pimple cream advertisements from Skateboarding.) "All of the magazines from the action sport industry have been possessed by bigger parent media firms anyhow," states Wrisley. "So we may also be possessed by the biggest, baddest among all. You've only got a larger pole ."

A good illustration of swinging a larger pole in the current marketplace is TransWorld Stance, a name that's hoping to catch the man adolescent audience. Publishers have flopped inside this group many occasions - Times Mirror after earlier with Verge, started in 1997 and folded a year later, also Rodale together with MH-18, began in autumn 2000 and dropped a year later. Stance, using less than 50,000 flow, continues to be unable to have noticed.

"There is an inherent understanding you need to shell out money and take risks so as to supply long-term yield, which did not exist ," states Steve Shure, an former individuals marketing manager earned as Time4's senior vice president for customer advertising. Beginning with the July 2002 issue, Shure will double click check the magazine's newsstand draw 100,000 to bring in more attention. He is also investing in a selection of sub par efforts, such as direct email concessions and retail package provides.

"Stance is your Holy Grail in case you may reach adolescent boys," says Ford. "The edit merchandise includes quantum leaps," for example more protection of women, stars, cars and style. Says Ford,"MH-18 spoke to those children in the incorrect manner and they blew it. They spoke to them how that the girls' magazine could, simply created for boys"

"We feel very optimistic," says Shure of this drive Stance. "Clearly if we're unsuccessful in selling copies, then it's going to have turned into a test. However, this really is really a roll-out of a larger-scale Stance." This is your Time Inc. strategy: Place substantial money and resources to the upcoming regions you believe will be strikes. People and In Design rewarded that plan in record style; TV-Cable Week moved down in flames.

Together with Time4's bigger, market properties, but it is not apparent that a greater degree of investment may result in bigger yields, especially whenever the magazine crowds are restricted in size. "The truth is that the economics of particular interest magazines do not support the type of spending the Time Inc. was utilized to," states Jason Klein, that had been Ford's predecessor as CEO of this group as it had been owned by Times Mirror.

Klingensmith states that the new program hasn't bloated expenses or set on unrealistic goals in Time4. "They are so different and they need to be, since that is the way that they flourish," states Klingensmith. "They will need to work with a lesser price basis only since they have smaller magazine possessions. They have got to be in a position to get it done quickly and a bit less expensively."

Ultimately, Time4 Media's achievement will be dependent on just how much Time Inc. will find out about publishing a modest scale. "Time Inc. is equally as great as anybody in the magazine business at handling large circ possessions economically," says Reed Phillips, managing partner at DeSilva & Phillips. "They are probably still getting their arms around the bigger names and figuring out whether that is something they are as good "

Thus far, smaller has shown beneficial, based on Phillips' calculations. Underneath Times Mirror, the team has been producing roughly $275 million in yearly earnings. This calendar year, Phillips quotes Time4 will likely reach $325 to $350 million. Since the skateboarders will state, that is rad.


The way the significant Time4 magazines have whined, together with Mark Ford's remarks on additional shift.


Pounds; Circ: 1.4 M* Advertisement earnings: $77.5 M, +19percent ** Ad webpages: 708, -2percent

Hired Chris Wightman out of MTV as publishing manager, who subsequently cleaned home. Bought Maximum Golf's sub record, hopes to improve circ further. Throughout June, had passed rival Golf Digest in documented advertising revenues. "Without doubt, we are likely to be number one."


11 occasions; Circ: 1.75 M Advertisement earnings: $21.2 M, +4% Advertisement pages: 240, +6percent

Redesigned with additional photojournalistic bits and refocused to create different from Outdoor Life. Lowered speed base by 15 percent, to create cheaper to endemic advertisers. "They enjoyed we went back into the heart of what this magazine had been all around. They believed it'd gotten a bit too washed out"


9 occasions; Circ: 1.36 M Advertisement earnings: $8.4 M, -18% Advertisement webpages: 175, +5percent

Redesigned and reduced speed foundation to 900,000. "This really is all about the equipment and experience narrative. It is about the tough core. And I do not mean it is Billy Bob. It can be quite complicated individuals with cash who enjoy the outdoors - fishing and hunting."


Pounds; Circ: 1.57 M Advertisement earnings: $17.9 M, +26% Advertisement webpages: 261, +25percent

Lowered the speed base 7 percent, to 1.45 million. Brought over Scott Mowbray out of Time Inc.. Customized Publishing to remake the edit to modern read. "We think from the class. We believe science is becoming hip. It is trendy for a science nerd."

THIS OLD HOUSE: 10 occasions; Circ: 1.1 M, +62 percent; Advertisement earnings: $24.4 M, +35 percent; Advertisement webpages: 414, -4percent

Brought under Time4 wing following folding Today's Homeowner. Purchased the signature title out of WGBH to have the entire brand. "It is actually the version for the multimedia bundle. It has got the tv, a fantastic magazine, so circ is far up, there is a popular Internet website."


SKI: 8 occasions; Circ: 454,064 Ad earnings: $8.3 M, -13% Advertisement webpages: 201, -21percent

SKIING: 7 occasions; Circ: 400,929 Ad earnings: $5.1 M, -22% Advertisement webpages: 137, -28percent

FREEZE: Bimonthly; Circ: 45,000 Ad earnings: N/A Ad webpages: 194, +9%

Redefining the mags to create less aggressive with one another. New editor,'' Perkins Miller, enticed editors from outside. "Skiing will be approximately backcountry telemarking, in which the pubs are. Ski is much more about hotels. Freeze is about grabbing big air, individuals doing freestyle, leaping and twisting."


YACHTING: Suicide; Circ: 132,846, -2 percent; Ad earnings: $10.4 M, +2 percent; Advertisement webpages: 1,036, -4percent

MOTOR BOATING: Suicide; Circ: 125,473, -2 percent; Ad earnings: $6.5 M, -16 percent; Advertisement webpages: 653, -18percent

SALT WATER SPORTSMAN: Suicide; Circ: 161,445, -1% Ad earnings: $7.3 M, -5% Advertisement webpages: 557, -14percent

Repositioning both sailing mags: Yachting remaining in its economy, MB going into a smaller vessel class.


According to Oceanside, Calif., TransWorld would like to keep its indie sense whilst obtaining benefits of parent. Circ to be raised along with non-endemic advertising chased. "These individuals are dialed to the civilization, they understand how to speak to those children. The challenge would be bringing from the overall marketer"


14 occasions; Circ: 152,307 Ad earnings: $12.5 M, +26% Advertisement webpages Jan-June 2002: 1,444, +17percent


8 occasions; Circ: 115,926 Ad earnings: $7.1 M, +1% Advertisement webpages: 564, -2percent


Monthly; Circ: 76,228 Ad earnings: N/A Ad webpages: 275 (5 topics )


Pounds; Circ: 74,150 Ad earnings Jan-June 2002: $1.7 M, +1% Advertisement webpages: 518, -15percent


11 occasions; Circ: 51,123 Ad earnings: $1.5 M, -14% Advertisement webpages: 332, -20percent


8 occasions; Circ: 47,643 percent Change: N/A Ad earnings: $0.8 M, +32% Advertisement webpages: 193, +25percent


Pounds; Circ: 34,020 Ad earnings: $0.90 M, -6% Advertisement webpages: 338, -14percent

*Audit Bureau of Circulations information for the six months ended Dec. 31, 2001. Where contributed,% varies . Dec. 31, 2000. Where no change is signaled, circ remained basically the same. TransWorld and Freeze amounts provided by writer.

**Publishers Information Bureau information for Jan.-June 2002 vs. Jan.-June 2001.


Since taking on Time4 Media, Mark Ford has coached lots of Time Inc. specialists to key marketing and sales positions. The talked-about play, nevertheless, is just one which has not formally happened - however. Since the spring,'' Jim Seymore, the managing editor of Entertainment Weekly, has served as an editorial adviser to Time4, spending a couple of days weekly in the special-interest names.

Funny thing is, Seymore has a rather rough day job. The 59-year-old Seymore was in control of Entertainment Weekly from shortly after its launch in 1990. He spared the magazine by an overhyped and underwhelming launching, soothing down its own immortal, hipster webpages and steadying it right into a breezy, understanding read that currently has a 1.5 million flow and a healthy after in both Hollywood and centre America. Despite this victory, 12 years has been a long time to get a leading editor to remain in location at Time Inc. - particularly considering that John Huey became editorial manager of the whole group.

In this sequence, Huey has set new editors responsible for franchise names Sports Illustrated and people. The term about Time Inc. is that EW is currently on his record for blood. Huey would not return calls for comment, along with a Time Inc. spokesman would not comment on any schedule for a choice to be made approximately Seymore.

Within this dance of energy politics, both Seymore and Ford make good statements about every other. "Jim and I have similar characteristics along with my gut is quite near wherever his gut is really about a great deal of problems," says Ford. "To have someone of that grade in Time4 Media is still something which has not been there previously.... I would like to own Jim function for Time4 Media."

For his role, Seymore admits talks about his carrying a fulltime job in Time4, but no decisions are reached on each side. "I have been having a wonderful time and I have enjoyed meeting the folks there," he states. "It has been a good deal of fun for me personally something fresh, distinct."

Really, his excursions to Boulder, Colo., to observe the ski magazine band and also a outing at Wisconsin using Golf magazine staffers are barely the like lunch in 21 using EW's most up-to-date cover topic. Seymore is little about his skills in Time4 classes:"I am enthused, but poor whatsoever." He says that he plays golf frequently but badly, hunts quail one or two times annually, also,"I am an actual thrasher, especially at ski"

Joking apart, Seymore sees real possibility from the Time4 possessions - with a editorial manager valuable for placing company-wide criteria. "The publications in several manners were shattered editorially under its prior ownership. They could likely gain from a person who may help them get what they want from Time Inc.. That is basically what I have been attempting to perform."

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