What it is, what it do


One of the things I love most about skateboarding is hearing the various conflicting opinions we all have towards it. Who's killing it. Who's kooking it. Wheelbite remedies. What pros are assholes. Wax etiquette. What outside sources are exploiting us. Should we be in the Olympics. Who sold out. Sponsorship changes. https://skateszone.com/philadelphia-inquirer-jim-salisbury-column-utley-riding-high-just-not-old-skateboard/

Other than the act of riding a wooden plank with trucks and wheels, held together by nuts, bolts and bearings, it's nearly impossible to say what skateboarding "is." Is it bombing hills at night with your friends, timing the stoplights just right you all hit the green light in time? Is it riding back and forth on a vert ramp? Is it spending countless hours in driveways, bashing your shins, learning new tricks? It'd be hard to argue that's not skateboarding.

But is it also getting paid to ride a skateboard and enter contests? Is it also the frustration of trying to land a trick at a spot with the cameras rolling? Is it that weird feeling you get when you see some tub of goo on the street pushing mongo on a long board? I don't know what is or isn't skateboarding to everyone. I know what it is to me, what it means to me and why I love it, but those things aren't the same for everyone.


Everyone has a different take. We've all had different experiences with skating and have different hopes and expectations for what its future entails. So what's "right" for me might not be for you. And vice versa.

That's just how it is and that's probably how it will always be. So, when something pisses you off in skating, don't get too mad. Just hone your argument, choose your battles wisely and keep at the things that make skateboarding matter to you, whatever that may be.

Companies going under. Companies that should go under. Pant snugness. It makes for a pretty decent time whenever someone completely goes off on a tangent about any facet of skating, and most of the time I don't even really care what's being said. https://skateszone.com/best-skateboard-backpacks/

I just think it's funny and awesome that grown ass men can get so worked up about something like the color of a pro's pants. And I'm no different. I still get bewildered regularly as I peruse through the magazines and web sites whenever I encounter a particularly startling phenomenon. I'm just saying it's funny.

Like, I have a friend who will argue till the cows come home with you if you'll let him, and I'm not even sure he really believes what he's saying half the time. He might just sincerely enjoy riling people up. I've seen him badmouth everyone from the Gonz to Dennis Busenitz.

And, understandably, the people he's talking to always get on the defensive and ask who he likes, to which he'll respond with a couple skaters known equally well for their contest standings as their stair counting. Maybe even their TV show. 

But he'll defend them to no end, and while I don't necessarily agree with his view, whether it's sincerely held or not, it's hilarious to see how mad people get during the course of the conversation, especially once you consider how subjective skateboarding is. https://skateszone.com/a-park-of-their-own/