Tony Ferguson

Retirement for some means kicking up your feet and ceasing to do the thing that cashed your check for all those years. But for Tony Ferguson, a true skateboarder's skateboarder, that just wasn't part of the plan. As an integral part of '90s skateboarding, he was a member of both Plan B and Girl teams with whom he put out quality video part after part of fluid, stylish shredding. After 10-plus years in professional skateboarding, Tony opted to fade to the background of the industry while continuing to skate and progress as he always has. Mike Sinclair caught up with Tony to see what he's been up to since his so-called retirement five years ago.

--Christian Senrud

How and when did you get on and ride for Girl Skateboards?

Originally Rick Howard got me on Plan B, and then when Girl started I left with everyone to ride for Girl in 1993.

Did you retire or get the boot from Girl?

I had an opportunity to be involved with Alife footwear brand, but it was a full-time deal. Rick and Megan worked with me and helped me transition into it.

Vancouver was amazing back in the mid-'90s. What year did Vancouver get all skate-proofed out?

I think the second or third Slam City Jam contest [circa '96] when everyone started coming up here and skating and filming at all the spots downtown. I think that was a big part of how it got burned.

I've never seen so many skatestoppers in one town in my life. There are rumors about an ex-freestyler who came up with the "skate proof" invention. Is there any truth to this?

I have heard that same rumor that Kevin Harris was involved in the skate proofing, but I really doubt it. He has done a lot for skateboarding in Canada and his business is skateboarding, so it doesn't make sense to me.

Yeah, me either. Sounds like shooting yourself in the foot if it were true. Who's the craziest Canadian of all time?

Ben Chibber.

Care to elaborate on Ben Chibber's craziness?

So many stories over the years that it would take this whole interview, but let's just say he is a rare specimen.

How long did you film for Goldfish?

Back then, we didn't film for that long. Girl started in '93 and I think Goldfish came out the same year. Maybe a few months and you had a part back then. We would all skate and film together, that's why we all have lines at the same spots.

Got any good Aaron Meza stories from that time?

Tony Ferguson

That guy was a mess back then. I'm glad he got his skateboard beginner buy.

I hear you have a shoe store up in Vancouver? How long have you had your own business?

Actually, I'm not really involved in the retail store here but I am a partner in the Alife footwear brand. I have been doing that for the last three and a half to four years.

How often do you get to skate these days?

I skate as much as I can nowadays. I get out there, do a couple runs, and get my heart rate up. I travel a lot more now; I go to Asia a lot and have been skating out in China and Korea lately. There is so much to skate out there. It's crazy. 

Yeah, China seems to be the hot spot these days.

Yeah, there are just marble plazas for days. So fun.

When was the last time you filmed for a video?

I filmed something yesterday just for fun.

Will there be any more Tony Rone rap footage coming out?

I think that guy is retired.

He had a good flow. Would you ever challenge JR to a rap battle, and if you did do you think you could take him?

I haven't heard Jereme's shit, but I'm sure he could take me.

Yeah, his flow is on some next-level shit. Rumor has it, Jereme Rogers picked up Sean Malto and out of nowhere Jereme shot a gun out of the open sunroof of his Aston Martin going down the freeway and said, 'Sometimes you just got to wile out." Have you ever felt the need to "just wile out?"

Yeah, sometimes I do feel the need to "just wile out," but when I do I just like to dance.

Oh, word?

Nah, actually I just go skate and go big.

Tony Ferguson 2

Riding for Plan B and Girl is a pretty hefty resume in the skateboard world. Did you get a retirement package from either company?


Wouldn't it be nice if companies could set up their old pros on some good shit like that though?

I feel like a lot of companies do hook up the older pros by giving them a job at the company and transitioning them into the business side of the industry.

Did you get asked to ride for the new Plan B?

No, I didn't get asked but I have been trying to get on for a while. I've been sending them footage and everything. Still waiting for a call back.

How about getting a re-issue board on Plan B?

Yeah, that would be cool except I was never pro for Plan B and never had a board.

That doesn't matter. Companies re-release anything these days, so it's not out of the question and I know there are still some Tony Ferguson fans out there. Who's the best from Vancouver right now? Read more article: 

Blair Spiddlemier, hands down. He is going to blow minds when he comes out.