Skaters are kind of cool because you kids listen to rap and do other

Heems: I had a board when I was five. My mom was on some Toys R Us skateboard.

Dap: My mom got me and my brother a blue one and a red one but took them away once she saw how they were used. This all happened on the same day.

Heems: When I was 16 I was like, "Skaters are kind of cool because you kids listen to rap and do other." I was like, "Yo, I listen to rap and do other, too!" Then I was like, "Man, I'm too fat for this."

Killer Mike talked about how rapping is way nicer to fat people than skating is.

Heems: Rapping is so much nicer to fat people than skateboarding is.

Cool AD: When I was 12 or 13, the only kids who were smoking weed were skaters. I learned how to ollie just so I could hang out. Skateboard P, that was my idol back in the day. Lupe Fiasco's "Kick, Push" was the anthem.

Next to Murs' "Transitions az a Ridah," "Kick, Push" is probably the worst song about skateboarding. Do you guys and Danny Brown, Despot, feel like you occupy the same spot in the rap world?

Heems: Yeah, I feel like we're in the older-than-the-young-kids-who-rap-outside-the-norm group. Like Mr Muthafuckin' eXquire--we're all 26 to 29.


Are you glad success came later for you?

Dap: We made all our mistakes privately and now we're doing this.

Heems: We get to talk about our mistakes like they're smart things we planned on.

Cool AD: Hey, who's that old skateboarder still doing his thing? Bucky Lasek. Bucky's old.

How do you know about Bucky?

Heems: I was watching the Mountain Dew two days ago with my mom. What's the dude, Shaun White? He was doing his thing. My mother said, in her heavy Indian accent: "How do they manage to do it and still put it under? That is crazy."

How do you view Odd Future?

Cool AD: You know, we're proud of them. We ghost-wrote for them for a number of years and it's cool that they got their shine finally. Heems: It's just awesome to be around young people who are excited about making music and are blowing up and getting famous. For us it's been a real steady build-up over three years. We had our first Internet love in 2008, and there weren't really any labels knocking at our door. It's always cool to see people of color who are doing things.

Any advice about blowing up so young?

Heems: I would give Odd Future no advice. They seem to be doing really well.

Dap: Be non-threatening to white people so you can get paid!

But you guys are threatening to white people and you're getting paid.

Heems: Yeah, that's our thing and we don't want anybody to do that.

Anything you want to say to the readers of Thrasher!

Heems: Sometimes I carry a skateboard around for no reason, just to look dope or to Kids somebody.

Wow, you just used the movie Kids as a verb.

Heems: Yeah, when you Kids somebody you either give them AIDS or you hit them in the head with a skateboard.