Skateboard veterans: an interview with creator, Sal Barbier

What's the definition of a skateboard veteran?

You ever meet the dude who's so mad because he didn't get what he thought skateboarding owed him? The fame or money or whatever? That dude, right? It's the antithesis of that. It's all about what you're doing on the board currently. It's not about what you did or what you should have gotten. It's easier for the vert guys to come back. They can always do a backside air. But if you were a '90s street skater, you're not gettin' no damn encore. That's hard fuckin' work!

Who embodies it the best?

You know the one--maybe he killed termites for a living, and then he came to the park with that termite suit on? Then he padded up and he fuckin' ripped? He looked like Mike Conroy. He bought his fuckin' equipment and he ripped! That dude is a skateboard veteran. He shouldn't be paying for grip, he was in a war! He was in World War I! You think that guy's crying about not getting his Monster package?

What are the ingredients to a successful post?

I'm just trying to find some awesome shit. I like the '90s era. I like the demo in the parking lot in Kansas. I kind of like to show that Vietnam. I also like backyard vert ramps, 'cause you don't really see them anymore. I like the historic backyard ramps with dudes like Justin Lynch or, speaking of, Mike Conroy. 'Cause if you know what's up, then you know what's up. Those guys never got the accolades but they fuckin' killed it.

What's been your favorite post?

I like the Jason Lee am contest video. It's probably '89 or '90 and he's in Airwalks and Vision pants.

You have amazing home movies of skate demos. Are there any you'd like to have that you haven't found?

I'd love to see the 1988 NSA am finals. I got my most important accolade at that contest. That was Beta-Cam, pre-VHS, so I don't know if there's anything still floating around out there. That was my first taste of California, even though I only made it to Phoenix. I was straight out of Louisiana and I'm skating with Tom Knox, Baird Bergenthal, and a bunch of dudes I'd never even heard of.