Skateboard innovator wade Speyer

First skater to trick the "Hubba Hideout" oversize stairs in San Francisco. 33 years old.

When I was 21, my buddy bought an XR100 and went to this riding spot and he's like, "Dude, it's a skate park for dirt bikes!" I just couldn't believe it. So we went to this place and I was like, that's it, I'm buying a bike. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I had a 1989 KX125. Everyone told me if you wanna learn how to ride, you gotta ride a 125. You gotta ride it hard into the turns, you gotta know the approach, the leaning ... then I got pretty good. I got into the intermediate class and was doing well. Then I got a 250 two-stroke and it wasn't as fun for me--I like flying into the corner on the gas and railing the corner. So I got a 250F. It's like a 125. It's easier to ride but it's the same feeling. If you wanna ride it, you gotta ride it.


John Fox and I used to ride at the same skate park in San Jose. Years later, we became really good friends. We'd go on skateboarding trips and he'd have Matt Story come and film me, and he'd put me in videos with Jeremy McGrath--but I was skateboarding. Then he'd take me on other trips and I'd ride with the Yamaha team--Kevin Windham, John Dowd and Damon Bradshaw--out in the dunes for the day. I rode with them when they were just starting their careers and I was just some Joey McGee, but I was a part of that deal. And this is all because John skateboards.

Lines skating and riding are different but also kinda the same. There's not a faster line in skateboarding, but there may be a different line as in, do you want to go farther or bigger? It's the same thing as when you're riding on the track. You may have a faster line that you're comfortable with, but if you gotta jump some big jump and you gotta come flying in, there might be another line that's not the faster line for the corner but you might be able to jump a little farther and get to the backside of the jump and that's the faster line through that section.