Sean Conover

I've had quite a problem with my left ankle. The first time I broke it, I was trying to kickflip a four-stair or something back when I first started skating. My foot got caught under my board and I landed with my ankle folded completely with all my weight on top.

I was trying to kickflip feeble this 11-stair rail-to-gap in Oakland. Grinded down a few of them and it went perfectly fine; I just jumped off at the end. On the last try, I missed the lock-in and tried to jump to the bottom. I landed on the last stair with my left foot and folded my ankle inward.

More recently, while doing a demo in Guadalajara, Mexico, on a pre-fab park hubba, I was trying to tailslide it and slipped out. I landed back on my board with my foot on the side and folded my ankle right over the side of my board. Couldn't walk on it for a week and couldn't skate for two and a half months.


I blew out my knee chasing my dogs around the yard. Trying to take a sharp corner, my foot stayed in place and my knee kept turning with the rest of my body. Tore my meniscus and ended up having arthroscopic surgery on it.



This was when I was trying to 180 over this rail right across the street from Tum Yeto. The run-up was real narrow at the time, and security came to kick me out. I asked him for one more try. Not able to speak much English, he told me "One more try." As I was walking back to get the speed I needed, he started pushing me back toward the set.

I asked him what he was doing and reassured him it would only be one more try, but he still insisted on pushing me back towards the set. So, I threw down from wherever I was at the time. Realizing I didn't have enough speed, I panicked. My feet went through the middle bar and my arms went above the top bar. Spent five weeks in the hospital, losing my spleen, pancreas, 35 pounds, fighting infection, collapsed lungs, and having almost every organ in my abdomen drained for weeks after discharge.

sean connover


When I first started skating, I was with my friends back home in Gainesville, Florida. I was trying to backside 180 this gap, about the size of a seven-stair, at my friend's step-mom's apartment complex. Stuck it completely 90 degrees and flew back straight onto my head. Ended up having a small concussion but being fine afterward.


I was skating this seven-stair, then a gap about the size of a 10-stair right after it. Tried a line on the two sets, consistently, for about two hours, and ended up never landing it. Went to the bathroom before I started skating, and was perfectly fine. Afterward, we went and ate at a Mexican food spot. I went to the bathroom and I peed dark blood. I was kind of freaking out for a bit and was just trying to figure out what was wrong. Drank a lot of fluids for the next hour or so. Went to the bathroom after drinking all the water and it was fine, just a little trauma to the balls.



One of my first times out to California, when I was about 16 years old, I was skating in Torrance with my friends Dallas, Matt Dryer, Baby Drew, Deville, and many others. We went to this 13-stair rail, and at the time it was crazy seeing famous spots like that, being from the East Coast. I was super-stoked to be there, and I grinded it, Smithed it, and then tried a back Smith. First try, I got into a back Smith and jumped down to the bottom. I completely twisted my knee and bent it way farther than it was supposed to go. Ended up tearing my meniscus and having surgery the next month. After the surgery, I had a swelling problem and had to have my knee drained with a needle the size of my ring finger.


I was riding down the street on my back on my skateboard when I was little. I went to slow down with my hands, and my finger ended up getting caught under one of the wheels of my board. My board kept going and dragged my finger under the wheel for a good 10 feet. All the skin and flesh was gone, and my bone was definitely visible.