1. At the age of 9, Sean Malto sacked a handrail while rollerblading. When pressed about his past hobbies, Malto simply said, "Come on, I was nine; I didn't know any better."

2. When your body develops inside your mom, your testicles develop in your abdomen. Just before you're born, they "drop" but you still have nerve endings in your belly. This is why you feel sick to your stomach when you take a hit to the nads.

3. At 13, Chet Childress was skating by himself at a high school up the street from his house and successfully boardslid the rail there. The next day, he wanted to show his friends what he'd learned. On one attempt, his front foot slipped off the nose and his business took the hit. Ludacrooks suffered a torn urethra, had to have a catheter for six weeks, and the doctor said he'd never be able to have kids. Five years later, that doctor's statement was proven to be false with the birth of his daughter. In Luda's words: "That fool lied."

4. Allegedly, Jon Allie recently acquired a goat. He has also never once, in all his years of attacking handrails, sacked.

5. Rick McCrank hosted a contest entitled "Ricky Likes Jereme But He Also Likes It When Jereme Gets Sacked" on Crailtap in early 2003. The contest had fans send in pictures of Jereme Rogers sacking, and whoever drew the most hilarious depiction of the act won two tickets to the premiere of Yeah Right! in Beverly Hills.


6. After a particularly good slam to the baby maker, Cairo Foster's balls grew to the size of a single grapefruit. "They no longer were two-just one big swollen mess," as he puts it. For the cautionary X-Ray, doctors had to inject fluid into his member to check for damage. Though they didn't find anything serious, the mini-Cairos stayed enlarged for weeks after the incident, and Cairo had to drive home, cross-country, literally sitting on numb nuts.

7. Brandon Biebel has only sacked once, and it caused him to basically swear off handrails. "I didn't get my nuts-I got my dick 'cause I fell forward onto the rail. When I took a piss for the first time, I was pissing way to the right. It straightened its way out eventually."

8. Brian Anderson claims to have sacked enough times to write a book on the matter. With a quote like, "I cut my chode open on a rusty bike rack once, got a shot and went home," who wouldn't want to read it? You'll read articles:

9. With the introduction of the Mega Ramp came the birth of the Mega Sack. Bob Burnquist explains one such incident: "It was like a sack slide, kind of like grinding without the pleasure, if you know what I mean. I went to tre flip board and got a no-flip sack. I was riding the rail and had my right hand on it to alleviate the jewels. It was priceless."

10. 411VMs 911 had a video section that features nearly 50 separate sackings in just under a minute and a half.

11 . Leo Romero has sacked going up rails as well as down them. He says an up-sack is worse because there's less time to react, plus you follow up by smacking your chest on the rail. Either way, Leo claims that pogoing is worse than sacking, up or down.

12. Our senior photographer, John Bradford, had a friend in high school who sacked so hard he ruined his chance of ever having a kid. What he didn't ruin were his chances with the ladies. "He ended up getting tons of chicks after that," Bradford says. "Because they didn't have to worry about getting pregnant having sex with him." Medical vasectomies are another, less painful option.

13. Patrick Melcher once landed pogo on his left nut while launching over a box. This accident caused his testicle to explode. His nad now runs solo.

14. In the midst of the barrage of slams in Welcome to Hells montage of failed tricks, you'll probably catch a glimpse of some cut up, sweaty, purple balls following a particularly righteous rail hump. These are the swollen members of Ed Templeton who had previously, and continued to, pepper his career with random showcasings of his genitalia. Slams like this have caused odd fan encounters complete with requests to see Ed's goods. But be polite folks, if you haven't seen Ed's wang yet, don't worry, you will-when you least expect it.

15. For obvious reasons, females don't really nut or sack rails, instead they lipslide. Or, according to Marisa Dal Santo, they "get pied."