Kyle Berard

How old are you, and where are you from?

I just turned 22 years old, and I am from Virginia Beach.

You've had a fake ID for like four years. What was it like turning 21?

Kyle Berard

I never really had a fake ID. I did when I lived with Peterson, but it rarely worked so I would just sneak in. I'd hide behind people or limbo. A couple of times I moonwalked into the exit. I had a pretty solid fake ID for the year before I turned 21.

Damn 22, that's it? When did you start skateboarding?

I started shit-kicking and early grabbing in Virginia Beach in 1995.

Who were some of your early influences, either in magazines or in your area?

I grew up in between two different scenes in Virginia. Around the time I started skateboarding there was no vert ramp for the first few years, but a bunch of vert skaters. I watched some of the vert guys skate at Chesapeake skatepark. Then we had an indoor park with avert ramp and a street course for a few years.

I watched the same guys like Rob Agliam (Pee Wee), Bradford, Julian Ethridge, Alan Siegler, Trey Winslow, and Joe Fernandez. That's who was ripping. I also met Sergie Ventura, all the Gutierrez brothers, Mike Cresini, Peanut Brown, and a few others on the deck of the big ramp. In the magazines I liked people like Barley, Drehobl, Phil Shao, Wade Speyer, Cardiel. I remember my friends and I would get a 411 or something, and my friends would always fast-forward though all of the vert and transition sections unless I was there.

Kyle Berard

Did you used to skate vert ramps when you were younger?

Pee Wee and those dudes would ask me what I was doing on the street course all the time, so I started bringing pads to the park. A local video that came out around that time, I had a trick in it, but no one knew my name so they called me the Park Thing.

Ever make it to a Trashmore contest when you were a youngster?

Yeah, on the wrong side of the hill probably eating a funnel cake or flying a gay-ass kite. Trashmore was shut down for awhile when the indoor park was going.

Who was your sponsor when you turned pro? Who else was riding for them at the time?

I think I turned pro on accident, because I wanted to skate in a contest in Vancouver. I think Hurley started paying me first, then Chapman. Hurley had Berra, Rodrigo TX, Markovich, Mike V, and a few other guys. Chapman was Rohan, Furlong, Danny Gonzalez, Mattias Ringstrom, Mike Santarossa, and Jereme Rogers was am for them.

When you were like 15 or 16 you were pretty much a contest skater, and now you're a bit older. Are you getting out of the contests? It seems like you're skating all sorts of terrain all over the place.

When I was younger I didn't really know anyone out of the contest scene to go on trips with, so that is where people would see me. Over the years I've met some cool dudes to travel with, especially the last two years. As far as not doing contests anymore, I can't really say.

It's a double-edged sword for sure, but it doesn't necessarily label you as easily as it used to. I think it's a combination of both sides of the spectrum, going on good trips and skating lame contests keep me hyped on traveling. You can make some good money over a weekend that seems like it may never end, or go on a trip for two weeks and come back with some good stories.

What do you hate about any of the contests you skate in, and what do you like about them?

Some of the ratings-driven contests on TV are pretty hard to stomach at times, but of course they usually end up paying the best. They're just reminders of how the corporate sponsors can buy best skateboard bearings when it's convenient for them, and leave when they've had enough.

It's always cool to know they'll never get it right, but it sucks they can disrupt what is cool about skateboarding so easily. Sometimes when I'm at those things I feel like I should be driving the Grave Digger around the course.

Tampa has always been my favorite contest. I remember going there for the first time and seeing all of my favorite pros over the weekend skating and having fun. I've been back every year since, and the same pros still keep showing up.

You were in a gnarly car accident when you were 18. Is that when all of your sponsors dropped you?

I think a lot of people don't really know what happened because I still get questioned about it all the time. There was a photo printed in Big Brother that showed me on prom night standing in front of my car, which made people think I was wasted and wrecked my car when it happened. I was actually on the way to a skatepark in Maryland on a Sunday morning. I took a turn too fast on a sketchy back road shortcut I knew, and hit an F150 with a horse trailer on the back.

I was going about 50 and they were probably going 40 or 45. I woke up with my legs pretty much in the engine, and so did my friend don who was riding shotgun. The first thing I hear is this redneck yelling. I get out of the car--it's leaking gas! I was stuck in the car for 45 minutes thinking that I was going to burn to death the entire time.

I remember the people around the car looking at us like we were dead. Jon's brother Peter was sitting behind me, and another dude named Johnny was on the other side. Everyone was hurt, but my friend riding shotgun got it the worst. He was in the hospital for about 90 days. He was in the car for an hour, and then was airlifted to Baltimore.

He was in a coma for over a week and not breathing on his own for some of it. I got out of the hospital with a broken femur and 10 stitches in my hand. Everyone in the town thought I was a drug dealer because I was 16 and wrecked a BMW, and my shortcut happened to be a big drug trafficking road. My first doctor treated me like shit, and so did all of the police officers. The fact that the kids we crashed into were sons of a local police officer didn't help. My whole body was bruised for awhile.

I had a lot to deal with at that time, and none of it had to do. I was in my senior year of high school and had no idea how any of this was going to turn out. I was possibly facing a lawsuit from Johnny, the guy sitting in the back with six stitches in his elbow and a long story about how he can never work again.

He was suing my insurance company, but whatever. He got over 50 grand, what I was responsible for. He was suing for the same money that was needed for Jon's 90 days in the hospital. What a dick. He ended up getting a little from the insurance and none from me.

That year was crazy. I waited for Jon to get back home, finished up high school, and tried to move on with the lessons I'd learned. I guess that's what you're supposed to do; that is all you really can do. I don't know if everyone dropped me or what. I remember a few companies did. I know Hurley did, and Chapman kind of fizzled out.

How long were you out for?

Six months. Then I had about five to six months of skating with a bunch of screws and metal in my leg, and then a couple more months off when I got it all out.

You went to college around that time. Is that because you couldn't skate for awhile? What were you studying?

I couldn't really skate at the time so I moved to St Augustine and went to school for three semesters. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing at first, but I am so glad I went now.

I heard your morn gave Crooks a mohawk last time he was in town at a BBQ at the house.

I have the footage. The best part is when she measures his cupcake holder with the comb.

Any other party stories?

We had a party at my ramp when the Soul Bowl event was in Virgina Beach. We found out that Duncan made flyers or some shit, and about 400 people showed up. Duncan, Brewce Martin, Alan Gelfand--all kinds of knuckleheads.

Best video parts you've seen this year?

That guy who went down the wall at Burnside in Navarrette's coffin. Keegan's tricks in the new Zero video. The entire Enjoi video. The World video, too. It ripped. Psyche. Of course P-Stone's new Thrasher video, Shotgun.

You have a skateshop in Virginia Beach named Cardinal skateshop. How has business been?

Slow as balls this week. We're having fun running a real skateshop in Virginia Beach. We have a lot of surfshop competition, but kids are starting to realize the difference. We make videos and have art shows; fun stuff like that.

What happened with World Industries? Didn't they cut the skate team?

They cut it. The only dude selling boards on the team was some fat little red dude that doesn't skate. He spends all of his time fighting the blue dude. World was really fun and productive at the same time, but honestly, we all knew that it was going to change eventually due to the graphics and the market they wanted to reach. The last year and a half was full of good trips and funny stories.

How was it riding Wet Willy and Flame Boy graphics?

Like riding cool rollerblades.

Are you getting boards from anyone right now?

I was getting boards from Peterson. Then I got a box from Duffy. Now I'm hyped that Peterson gave me Consolidated's phone number to bother them for boxes. So far they've been helping me out when I need it. East Coast or West Coast chicks?

I have this conversation about once a day: the majority of chicks and how lame they are, regardless of where they prefer to be lame. Florida girls. They'll still do you even though you're a shitbag.

Are you making the move out to California anytime soon?

Trying to. I've been traveling so much lately that I can't really find a time to do it, but I am working on it. It would be cool to finally be out there skating with all the guys I've met traveling over the years.

Any last words? Read more information:

Don't laugh. P-Stone will be banging her in about an hour.