Know about skateboarding

You just turned 18. You're a grownup now. Does it feel different? Not really. The only thing that feels different is that I used to not really care if we skated a spot that had no trespassing signs, but now I get a little weirded-out. I'm 18, and now I could get arrested for real.

How do you think you'd do in lock up?

Like, jail? Hmm. I'd be freakin' out!

There's no Doritos in prison, boy!

Yeah. I hope it never happens.

Have you been arrested before?

No. I've just gotten tickets. One time a cop threatened me that my mom would have to fly out from Virginia. They were like, "She has to fly out here to take you to court or else you're going to be arrested." But we called the court, and the lady said we just needed a permission slip from my mom, and if we had that then me and a guardian could come sort it out. So Bama acted like he was my mom and wrote a little permission slip saying it was alright for me to be out there.

Who was your guardian at Black Box?

It was Ian Berry, the Fallen dude.

How was he as a dad?

He was great as a dad. He's sick as shit.

Do you think a dad should make his child sleep in an office park?

You mean Black Box? He let me stay at his house for as long as I wanted. I wanted to chill in here because I didn't want to rely on him for everything. I didn't want to be all up in his business.

That shows that you're an adult. You ever give the cops a fake name?

I did one time. I told 'em my name was Trevor Golden. That doesn't really make sense. It sounds cool though. What do you think about cops in general?

Seriously, they don't have to be such. We're just riding a skateboard. I don't really like cops.

Yeah, me neither. You end up spending a lot of time with these filmers and photographers who are a lot older than you. What's it like to spend so much time with all these old dudes? Is it weird?

Nah, I've been hanging out with older people my whole life. I never really hung out with kids my own age that much, except my brother. He's 21, a little older than me. I like hanging with the older dudes. I don't even think about it like that. I just see it as you guys are my friends.

Cool. That's the way I see it, too. Do you ever wish you had some bros your own age to pop zits and eat candy with?

Not even. It's the same thing I'd be doing anyway--trying to go skate and hope to get something. I could care less about going to the mall or whatever.

Does it ever get spooky living in that big warehouse late at night all by yourself?

Not really. It's kind of strange, but I've got my own little zone that seems normal.

Have you ever lured a girl back there?

Nope, but I need to. It's kinda hard to meet chicks around here because Black Box is off in this business park. And I don't really go out to the skatepark, because I've got a skatepark a wall away. It's seriously so mellow over here.

Sounds like paradise.

I love it.

When I was a kid, the skaters from Virginia Beach would burn hot forks into their arms. That was the brand of their skate crew. What would you want to burn into your arm if you had to?

I've heard about that but I've never seen it! Nobody ever tried to burn me with a fork. I don't think I'd ever want to brand myself. I have no clue.

Get that Omit logo! Scorched on there!

I would never get a logo on my body.

What about some sweet ink? You're 18 now. Are you gonna get a tattoo?

I do want to get a tattoo really bad, but I don't know what to get. I don't want to get something stupid and regret it later.

When in doubt, get some barbed wire around your arm.

Hell no.

What about your mom's name?

That'd be good, but I don't want anyone's name on my body.

Well, give me an example of something you'd be down to get.

I seen someone post it on Instagram. It's like a log, but with trucks and wheels on it.

That sounds good. I think we can hook that up.

I'm down.

Who's the best skater from Virginia Beach, in your opinion?

I'd probably go with Kyle Berard.

That guy's awesome. And he rips!

Was it weird to come to California and meet your heroes?

It was a little unreal. Meeting Heath for the first time, I was really nervous. I didn't want to say something stupid. The first trip we went on was really crazy. I was super quiet. He turned out to be the coolest.

He looks mean sometimes.

I heard rumors that he was really serious, but he's cool. He really helped me out, since I'd never been on my own before. He gave me financial advice.

I know you're always trying to save money. What have been some of your money-saving schemes lately?

He told me to save all my receipts and put 20-percent of what I make away.

What about that Tang purchase?

I bought seven pounds of Tang so I wouldn't have to buy drinks all the time. I didn't have to buy a drink for a month.

So seven pounds of powdered Tang is enough to get you through a month?

Yeah. I didn't buy a normal drink forever.

What are some other money-saving ideas? I've never seen you eat an actual meal. That must save money.

I try not to eat out that much. I usually eat a good breakfast, but I'm not trying to eat some giant meal when I go skate.

What's a good breakfast consist of?

Eggs, toast, and I love cucumbers for some reason.

There you go, kids. Breakfast of champions. You got any new sponsors?

I just got on Happy Hour shades. It's Bryan Herman's company. And Spitfire. I love Spitfire. Their image is really cool.

Your image is really cool.

Thanks, dog.

Does that one crazy tooth you have ever fuck with you?

The snaggle? Nah, it's just, like, there. There's a normal tooth under it, I just never took this one out. It hurts.

Well, why don't you hook the snaggle up? Set it free.

I probably will someday. Every time I try to take it out it hurts too bad.

That might be a sign to get rid of it.

So you won Tampa Am. Are you looking forward to a pro career of X-Games and Dew Tours?

Nah. I don't wanna skate those contests.

Not even for the big checks?

That'd be cool, but I don't really care for contests that much. Tampa's definitely my favorite. It's fun 'cause everyone's there. But I don't want to be the contest dude.

I've seen you tap the side of your board with your knuckles when you're rolling up to tricks. What's that?

I've always done that. It's just a little "knock on wood" or whatever. If I'm about to pop and I remember that I forgot to tap it, I'll probably jump off.

Are those big drops scary to you?

Not as much as rails. Big rails are pretty scary, 'cause you never know what's gonna happen. You just gotta hope for the best.

The frontside feeble in this interview was wild looking. It just kept on dipping.

On that one I felt pretty good. I was just trying to think of it as the same thing as the Black Box flatbar, which is really long and a circle, too. It just kept on going down, which was really weird. Every inch it went down I just tried to lean back more so I wouldn't eat shit.

Worked out, bro.

Yeah. I was psyched.

I know your mom is really supportive, 'cause you're always on the phone with her when we're out skating.

She always says she's my number-one fan. She goes to the skateshop down the road and buys every magazine that I'm in.. .every copy. She's really supportive.

Does she know who the Muska is?

Nah. She doesn't know about skateboarding. She's not on Twitter or Instagram or anything like that, either.

That's good. She might not like some of those jokes out there. What about an energy drink sponsor? Are you down?

I'd be down for Vitamin Water.

'Cause it's got vitamins in it?

Yeah, and so they'd send me Smart Water, Energy drinks are cool, but I don't think I fit that. Nothing against it. I just don't really care for it.

Are the spots on the East Coast really as raw as people say?

There's some rough shit, but you'll get used to it after awhile. It's not that bad. I actually like East Coast spots a lot better. It's better when everything's not so perfect and so good. I just like the vibe. I think it looks cool on video and photos, too. Like those North Carolina spots. Some of them look like they're in the woods.

Is Nyjah the gnarliest skater right now?

Yeah, probably. He's fuckin' insane.

Who else is killing it?

Brian Hansen is killing it. And Ed Duff.

He's the dude who just had that killer web video, right?

Yeah. Ed's the shit. Zero flow and Fallen flow. He's awesome.

You looking forward to this Emerica tour we're going on in a couple weeks?

I'm super ready. I've never been to any of these states we're about to go to, so I'm psyched. I've never been to New Orleans or Detroit so it's gonna be fun.

You left school really early. What grade did you stop going?

Ninth grade.

What grade did you stop paying attention, though?

I was good all the way up to 9th grade.

Then I was like, "I don't really care for this shit no more."

Do you think skipping school is gonna bite you in the ass some day?

Not really. Maybe when you're asking me about that history shit.

That ain't gonna help you in a hardflip, bro.

Nah, but I think I'm doing alright. If you can do both, you definitely should--skate and go to school. I'm glad to be out of there, though.