Kevin “Spanky” Long

I'm pretty jealous of Kevin Long in all honesty. In London one day, New York the next, then back home to Hollywood all on someone else's dime, and all pretty much just to ride a skateboard. Then considering everything else he's done, like being welcomed to the family of misfit skateboardersthat is the Baker team, taking cross-country motorcycle trips with his homies, going on a full-scale tour with his band, getting to open for Bad Brains, and just the other basics of life as a professional skateboarder, who wouldn't at least be a little jealous?

That kind of freedom? Those kinds of opportunities? He even dated Cat Bower. How anyone can hate on Kevin Long is beyond me. He's living the dream and enjoying the ride. Stay the course, Spanky. Stay Gold, Bonyboy.

I don't even know what that is.

So, not very.

No, I guess I'm zero percent involved.

What's your take on the Internet and how there's these things out there like that and Facebook fan pages that you have no real control over?

It's a bit tough for me because I'm not very Internet savy, but I know, obviously, it's ridiculous to even say, but it's the wave of the future and that's where everything's going. I kind of feel like I want to say, "Fuck that, it doesn't matter." In a way it's a bit disheartening to not have control over things like that when people have a page that's supposed to be you and it's fooling people.

Do you Tweet or Tumble?

No, I don't have any of that shit. The closest thing I have is just email. That's it.

How about message boards? Do you think it gets a bit too personal at times?

Yeah in a way. I don't know. To me, it just seems ridiculous but I guess it's just people's way of communicating or whatever. I don't really get it. It seems like a bit much to me.

Bunch of grown-ass men getting together anonymously to air their qualms.


Yeah, I mean that kind of talk is always going to go on but for there to be forums for it to get out, it just turns into a whole other beast once people can put it out there for other people to see.

The snowball effect.

It just seems like some sort of energy aggression release at some point.

Yeah, totally. Switching gears a little bit, how's the Emerica video coming along?

It's pretty much all the way done. I have a couple more last-minute tricks I'm trying to film, but besides that the majority of us are pretty much done.

Are you having a full part?

Uh huh.

Was it hard getting footage for a full part after having two pretty serious surgeries?

It wasn't hard to accumulate enough footage for a part because it's been so long, even with being out for so long with injuries. The hard part, really, was just getting quality footage. Things that I can look back on and can be proud of pushing myself physically and hard enough.

Who's going to have the most surprising part?

To me, the one who keeps surprising me is Brandon Westgate. Just the sheer fucking power. He's just a ridiculous skater. It doesn't make sense--the speed, the power, the natural skill. It's such a heavy combination.

How about Tancowny?

Yeah, he's another one of those constant rippers. He has so many tricks in the bag, We'll go to a gap and it's amazing to watch. He'll do so many different tricks down big shit. It's nuts.

Are you guys buddies?

Yeah, totally.

Do buddies usually cock block each other?

Ah, Leo wrote that in the mag. I was pretty bummed about that actually. I think that was totally taken out of context.

Well what's your side of the story?

We were in Paris and Jamie invited some girl. She was just there for one night, which was when we were staying on the boat. We all went out to dinner and I guess she was paying too much attention to me and, at the time, I had a girlfriend. Yeah, I was talking to her or whatever and we were all hanging out, but I don't believe that I was trying anything.

So there was no actual blocking of cock?

No, that's not my way at all. Not by my account

Is Heath having a full part?

I'm not really sure. I can't really speculate on that. I think that comes from him filming that awesome part and not having very much time to film another one that he can be happy with because he's so critical of his own shit. I'm hoping that once he's given some more time he'll do another part because I don't think he's peaked by any means. I mean, everyone just wants to see Heath skate. He looks good doing anything.

Has he ever given you a black eye?


What's the most brutal he's ever harassed you?

Not very brutal at all, actually. I don't know. I'm pretty, well, definitely, physically nonconfrontational, but he doesn't really harass me too much. I think I missed that window when I was a kid. He wasn't in the "harassing young kids" phase when I was a kid.

Who's he give it to the hardest?

When Figgy first got on, he got it pretty good just with the constant questions and testing. Also, Jetski. When he first became team manager, he got pretty tested.

How'd he go at Jetski?

I think we were on a trip in Canada and he was just seeing how he could push his boundaries just with weird questions and seeing how much he could get away with. Nothing too malicious.

What do you think of the band AFI?

I haven't really listened to them in years, so I don't know. When I was a kid I liked them, but I haven't heard that shit for many, many years.

How'd you end up in their music video?

Well, I was super young so I sort of forget. Some of my older brother's friends worked with this guy who was making a video for them and it was right in my neighborhood, basically. My friend, Daniel Desure, was helping out with the video and he got a bunch of us kids to go skate. We used to do a bunch of shit like that because he'd drag us to hardcore shows and stuff. We were super stoked.

Did you get paid at all?

No, at that time it was super small. It was not a big deal at all, just a couple hours filming a video. Quick and easy.

How about the Histories video?

That was through O'Dell and then I know this guy, Mickey, who's in that band. Patrick told me the concept and I didn't really hear the remake of the song before that. I was just super into the concept of other skaters sort of redoing or covering someone's part.

Did you get to piek your triek?

No. I was sort of half-skating again at that point, so we rolled around and I just did anything I could, anything close to the vibe of that part.

Have you been in any other random videos or eommereials or anything?

When I was a kid, I did commercials.

What kind?

I was super young. When I was two, I did a Yoplait yogurt commercial, and when I was five I did an Oscar Mayer hotdog commercial.

That's awesome. Can you call up Osear Mayer for a erate of hotdogs?

I don't think so. I think they only played like once or twice. One of them played right after Johnny Carson. I remember that. They're pretty jacked. I think my dad still has the tapes of those.

How'd the Skate Roek tour go?

Oh man, it was so good. It was fucking insane. Just two weeks of madness, so much skateboarding, then every night there was something to do because we played shows almost every night. There was probably 25 or 30 of us in the whole crew, so it was super high energy throughout, and everybody got along, which was almost kind of surprising because there's so many different personalities and vibes. Everyone totally meshed and became great friends. It was one of my favorite tours I've ever been on.

What was one of the highlights?

There was one show where we had an off night. We were in North Carolina somewhere. Jake [Phelps] was always super keen on trying to organize a show, even on the off nights. He was so enthusiastic the whole time. So, Dan Murphy suggested we play this open mic thing, which we didn't know it was an open mic. He was like, "Yeah, I got this place you guys can play." So we just thought it was going to be this small spot and we show up and there's all these squares, like dudes playing John Mayer songs barefoot. And Bad Shit was gonna play first, so they got up there and the crowd was just so frat boy and stuff like that. So they went on and started thrashing super heavy, and then fireworks started getting lit off inside this nice bar. It was just chaos. That was probably the highlight for me. Of course, we were gonna play after them, but we fully got kicked out.

How was opening for Bad Brains?

That was insane, just super surreal. I'm a big Bad Brains fan, but I didn't realize how heavy it was till we got there. The stage was kind of big, bigger than what we should be playing, a bigger venue than what we should be allowed to play. I was super nervous, but it ended up being fun. It's always easier when it's more of a skate event. I'll never forget that.

spanky long

Would you have rather opened for Soul Brains?

No. There's not a lot of bands I'd rather open up for than Bad Brains.

Did you party with those guys afterwards? They're sort of old right?

A little bit. Yeah they are. We hung with them after. I was afraid to even make eye contact with H.R. because I've heard so many stories of him just being crazy, so I didn't want to awaken his wrath. I stayed out of it. And I just sort of felt like, "What the fuck are we even doing here?" But yeah, those guys were super cool.

Are they ragers?

They weren't going crazy. Everyone was having beers and stuff. I think they were super overwhelmed because when they played it got so out of hand. I remember during their set, I think Dr. Know or somebody was like, "What are you guys doing? Settle down, man. This ain't the '80s anymore," or something like that.

Yeah they kind of found God or something and aren't really into that kind of aggression anymore.


What would your dream line-up for a Goat show be?

See, I don't know because I just like playing with Bad Shit and skate rock bands. Just skate rock bands, I guess. Keep it skate.

So if you got offered a huge record deal would you quit skateboarding to pursue music full time?

Hell no. I'm a skateboarder. The music thing is just fun. It's just a hobby.

How'd you end up on the Dinosaur Jr. shirt? Don't they know you don't ride for Workshop?

Ah, you fucker. No, I get that one so much. Whatever.

People legitimately think that's you don't they?

I don't know. I've never had someone actually think that's me, but there's definitely a lot of jokes. I'm sure people have. I was in Paris a month ago and some dude asked me to sign a copy of the CD as a joke, but yeah.

Is it a touchy subject?

No, not at all. I don't really care about that kind of thing.

Your family is mostly Irish right?


Does being a little on the smaller side run in the family?

Yeah, kind of. I mean, my whole family's on the shorter side.

That's sort of ironic, right? Being short with Long as a last name.

Yeah, I don't know. I guess so, ha.

Do you think if you go back far enough one of your relatives is a leprechaun?

My dad's a leprechaun.

Is he still in Mexico?

No, he's got a place where he stays quite often, at this surf shack. He lives a little north of L.A.

Do you still have your Harley?

No, I sold it a couple months ago.

What brought that on?

I've just been traveling so much that the thing was collecting dust. When I'd come back to L.A. I wasn't really riding it anyway, just because it wasn't that much fun to sit in traffic. I mostly try to stay off the road anyways. I had great times on the motorcycle but I sort of felt like I was cutting my losses. I got to see the country a few times, do cross-country trips, and it felt like it was enough.

Did you have any close calls or sketchy experiences in traffic?

Yeah, plenty. I remember one time I was coming from my ex-girlfriend's house and I almost got rear ended twice. Just sitting at a stop sign, somebody didn't see me and was skidding toward me and I had to go into oncoming traffic to get away. Then, two blocks later, somebody turned into me. I was in their blind spot or something. I remember getting home from that ride and just being like.

Are you still in Hollywood?


Do you run into a lot of celebrities living there?

No, not really. I mean, you see some every once in a while, but I'm not really frequenting any hotspot nightclubs or anything. It's pretty mellow. Living around here, I guess you get a little desensitized to that. It's not something I look for or really care much about.

What's up next once Stay Gold's out?

I'm not sure, probably keep traveling. I think we'll be doing some RVCA tour-style things and I'll start focusing on the Baker part for the Deathwish video. Might take a little break, but probably just keep going in the same direction while I'm healthy.