the first thing that went through your mind when you took the hit

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you took the hit?

"Are my teeth in? Is my ankle still on?"

What went south on you? It looked like you were about to do it.

I thought I had it. It was the last time I went for the trick and it was kind of windy. I said, "Fuck the wind!" and tried it anyway, but I shouldn't have said that. That's when it happened. I rolled my ankle and hit my teeth on the bottom step pretty much at the same time. I grabbed my face to check if my teeth were still in. Luckily they were. But they were all in my lip. 

This is your first Baker part and I know you want it to be good. How did the filming go for you?

Yeah, I don't have enough stuff. I got some things I like but you always want more. But shit, with my ankle now, I guess I'm done filming for this one.

You don't think you'll be back in action before the deadline's up?

We got what, 15 days left to film, and my ankle still looks like a damn grapefruit. So, no, I think I'm forced to sit out now. I can roll around and I've been going in the van and hanging out, but I can't jump yet. I can't put any real pressure on it. I don't want to make it worse and have to stay out for another month over something stupid.

Are you going back for the 50 when the ankle's good?

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you took the hit

Yeah. There's already talk about the Baker 4 video, so I've started to think about that part. And I'm definitely going back for that 50. That's the first thing I'm doing when my ankle's OK.

What have you been doing with your down time?

I've been going fucking insane, man. I've been making wallets, for some reason, for all the friends. I'm so bored. I just bought a bunch of tools and started making leather goods. It's a new hobby. I have to do something to pass the time, you know? It sucks just sitting around.

Do you have any new wallet designs?

Yeah. Mine have a spot for your papers. They have dispensers in them so you don't lose your papers.

Any other new hobbies? What's all this Volume 4 stuff?

Volume 4 is some new shit that me and Baca are starting. That's all I can say about that!

Tell us about the TMZ "Gooks of Hazard" backlash that you and Shimizu have been getting. Would you like to stick up for yourself real quick and explain the graphic?

Can I make a statement?

Yes. This can be your official, on-the-record statement.

I was making a joke about myself and my friend and it got out of hand. Now the Asian Justice Department hates me.

The Asian Justice Department! Is that a real thing?

I don't know, some Asian Civil Liberties group is all mad. I'm scared to go eat Pho now. I keep thinking all these people have seen it and they're eyeing me up.

Why are you vacationing right now in Kentucky?

I'm hanging out with my wife and her family, and then we're going to Oklahoma to see mine. Just doing a big family tour. Decided it was a good time to go visit since I can't skate.

How long until you can skate again? You've been doing all your exercises, right?

Yeah, I've been doing all the rehab stuff. It's getting better fast. It's not the worst injury I've ever had, but it's bad timing with the video.

Whose part are you looking forward to most?

I mean, shit, Figgy! I heard his part is a visual assault on your eyeballs. I can't wait to see all of it. Everyone's been going out everyday and getting theirs. It's been insane to see and hear about all the shit that's been going down. I know Baca's killing it. Everyone's been killing it.

Who were you skating with the most before you fucked your ankle? 

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The whole team. Beagle picks us all up in the van. He'd come pick me up and then we'd go get Herman, Braydon, Spanky, Figgy, Slash--everybody. Whoever's skating, he just swoops 'em. It makes it way easier when we're together. We feed off of it. Beagle's the Captain for sure. He went away for two days not too long ago and everyone was lost! We all just sat there and waited for him to get back. No one knew what to do.