Dave Bachinksy’s Lowell Massachussetts


It's about 35 minutes from my house to get to the city. It's amazing to drive in and cruise around at night with all the buildings lit up. Too many good sessions to pass up. Take a cruise down to the financial area and you'll see what I mean.


This place is kind of far away from me. A natural 150-foot waterslide and camping with some friends is never too far. Lincoln, New Hampshire.


This place was built when I was around 12. It's the training ground for everyone in Lowell. We did the miniramp video here. It's such a shitty, amazing park, ha ha. Lights stay on till around 11 at night, so you shred all the time. It's amazing.


This place is right down the street from my house. The people across the street are my third cousins, and they completely suck. We've had a lot of fights trying to skate there. Come to Lowell and shred it and have fun. There's a gap over a sidewalk after you do a stall so it's amazing for footage. Tell the neighbors to save it and fuck themselves for being so lame.

5. 99

If you're coming to the Northeast, you should definitely stop by a 99 restaurant. It's top shelf for eating out. I get so hyped when I get back from a trip and I'm back in Lowell, because I know there's gonna be amazing buffalo wings awaiting me. It's walking distance from my house, so I end up going there three or four times a week. It's the goodness.