15 things you didn’t know about Steve Olsen

1. Steve Olson was Skater of the Year in 1978 for SKATEBOARDER MAGAZINE. The same year he also won SKATEBOARDER'S Poll Awards, which pissed off Tony Alva, the runner-up, causing him to throw his second place trophy into a trashcan.

2. If you were introduced to punk rock through, you largely have Steve to thank as he's the man who bridged the gap between the two. "Without a doubt, I was the first," Steve says. "I cut my hair and had an earring and I dressed differently and they all called me 'faggot.'" https://skateszone.com/seminole-weighs-wallet-priorities/

3. Steve's played in bands since his teen years, the first of which was called The Hoods. He played bass in The Hoods, whose guitarist went on to play in T.S.O.L., who Steve also sang for, but only for a second. Steve's also played guitar in other groups like The Joneses and G.A.S.H. Currently, Steve sings and plays guitar in a new band called Drag City Racing.

4. Admittedly, smoking is probably the worst life decision Steve's ever made. He picked up the habit while dating Melanie Griffith and has yet to stop. His brand of choice is Parliament, but he's determined to quit.

5. The Olsons are the first legacy in skateboarding. While professional skateboarders have long been making babies who grow up to skate, Steve is the first to prouduce one who grew up and turned pro while he was also pro. Steve and Alex have both appeared on the cover of SKATEBOARDER MAGAZINE separately, and in 2007 they appeared together on the cover. The Hawks will probably be the next unless someone hooks up Grant Taylor's dad soon.

6. Before Google Stone-Cold-Stunnered the web-browsing game, there were few other options for your pornographic and music-thieving needs. One such site was Excite.com, for which Steve Olson was the poster boy. He appeared in all its TV commercials, print acts and the like, and was once featured on a huge billboard in Times Square advertising the brand. His character's name for the campaign was "Mr. Lucky."

7. There was a time in skateboarding when there were two Steve Olsons, and you'd have to clarify which one you were talking about. There was OG Steve Olson, and then there was Shorty's Steve Olson, who would go on to rock the illest sweatsuits skateboarding has ever seen. The two Steve Olsons met once at a trade show and shared a cookie.

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8. A hustler by nature, Steve's made a living as a bike messenger, an actor, an artist, a telemarketer, head of advertising for Jimmy Z ("which was a joke," he says), selling stocks and futures, writing for juice Magazine and, of course, as a professional skateboarder. Today he makes  best skateboard for a beginner and picking up random jobs as they come. 

9. SOS was Steve's skate company. Most people assumed SOS stood for "Steve Olson Skates," but according to him the meaning changed all the time. From Steve Olson Skates to Surf or Skate to Same Old Shit to Sex or Skate. SOS was a division of Santa Cruz and was poised to do very well. The mall store Nordstroms wanted to carry SOS in their stores across the country, but before this could happen Steve opted to split "not wanting to make more money for a guy who didn't get it."

10. Steve was once wanted in the questioning of a murder in New York City. Unbeknownst to Steve, he called his friend the morning after she'd been murdered and left a message on her machine. The police found it a bit coincidental and brought him in for a sit-down. They quickly figured out that he wasn't involved and let him go, but it was very odd to go from being the most-wanted suspect to eliminated from the list altogether in one day.

11. Devo's music video for "Freedom of Choice" is one of the first music videos to ever feature skateboarding. Steve Olson, along with Stacy Peralta, Dave Andrecht, Tony Alva and others appear in the video, fully padded, skating through a misty, Del Mar Skatepark. Steve also appeared in Green Day's "When I Come Around" video, though he wasn't skating.

12. Steve's nickname is Bulky, a derivative of his brother's nickname, Bucky.

13. When the producer of Thraskin' approached Steve to play the role of Shade, Olson pulled out a switchblade and stuck it to his throat. The producer started to panic and asked what was going on, to which Steve replied, "I'm just acting." Since Thrashin', Steve's appeared in films such as Colors, Buster's Bedroom and Machtaildrop.

14. Set to release this year, Johnny Christ is a new film featuring Steve. He plays Larry Dagger, the father of a family trying to help a Christ-like drifter who Larry comes across. The film was made by French skateboarders, but other than that random fact it has nothing to do with skateboarding.

15. Steve's slaved more supermodels and actresses than you can shake a stick at--including (but not limited to) Stephanie Seymour, Pamela Des FSarres and Melanie Griffith.

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