Skateboarding’s digital evolution

Skateboarding’s digital evolution

Skateboarding is never shy about patting itself on the back when it comes to pushing the progression of the sport. It makes sense when comparing it to other mainstream activities where progression is measured in milliseconds, not staircounts, endless bags-of-tricks or the current robot-like consistency that is prevalent within skateboarding's elite today. As impressive as skateboarding's technical growth is, it might be wise to keep an eye on the nerds. They've come a long way.

1 720[degrees]


Platform: Arcade (A)

Time was of the essence while playing this arcade classic. As the player pushed his way around the isometric city in search of cash and tickets to enter skate events, a rabid pack of bees would descend on the skater.

Fun Fact:

-A controller like no other, the off-axis joystick was spun-and I mean spun hard-in an effort to pull the ultimate trick: THE 720[degrees]

2 Skate Boardin': A Radical Adventure best skateboard


Platform: Atari 2600 |B)

This game sucks. Largely unheard of and for good reason.

Fun facts:

-It is possible to skitch on the back of moving vehicles!

-The fire button makes the player hippie Lump, although there Is no need to do this in the game.

-Programmed by David Crane, the creator of Pitfall.

3. Skate or Die!


Platform: NES (C)

Fondly remembered by many, Skate or Die featured two ramp events, two downhill events and the pool joust. Presumably inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster, Thrashin'.

Fun fact:

-Features charaters: Rodney Recloose, Bionic Lester, Poseur Pete and Aggro Eddie all of whom would blend in seamlessly with today's real-life top pros.

4 T&C Surf Designs: Wood Si Water Rage


Platform: NES (C)

A pretty fun game. Ollies and boardslides are among the possible tricks. Just like in real life, the skate portion of the game is WAY better than the surf, but there ate far fewer babes.

Playable Charaters:

-Joe Cool, Tiki Man, Kool Kat & Thru la Gorilla

5 Top Skater


Platform: Arcade (D)

How many kid's lunch money went into these things, the world may never know. A true "skateboard simulator" the player stood on a skateboard that could be popped and turned to perform various tricks. Sort of like DDR for skateboarders at the time.

Fun Fact:

-Penny wise songs comprised the entire soundtrack

6. THPS*

1999 - PRESENT

Multiple sequels in between

The game that changed everything. .ID graphics. Responsive controls. Playable top pros. Actual streets spots. Combos, combos and more combos. This was not just played by skaters. Nerds of all walks of life embraced this game making it one of the most influential game franchises of all time.

Skateboarding's digital evolution

Fun Fact:

-Being Spiderman in THPS2 is still super sick!


2007 - PRESENT

Three editions so far ...

One of the most realistic skateboard video games ever made and for the newbie, one of the most difficult. The game's "flick it" control system has revolutionized the genre.

Fun Fact:

-If you haven't seen them. Google up the mini-movie commercials for these games. They ere amazing.

* Due to apace restrictions "Platform" for both #6 and #7 should be regarded generally as "present generation" consoles.

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