Skateboarding etiquette: the do’s and don’ts of attending

Skateboarding etiquette: the do’s and don’ts of attending

IT'S FUNNY TO ME as soon as I chose to not write about skateboarding, the only thoughts I had for posts were around skateboarding. It is kind of like if you tell yourself that you are"not planning to drink tonight" then you wind up polishing off a twelver until 10:00 pm. Or is that only me? Anyhow, I moved to a presentation the other day and discovered a whole lot of younger dudes appearing around with kind of a fearful look in their eyes. Cool New First Buy Skateboard Price Online For The Money

Like they'd no clue what they were supposed to do. Plus it sort of made me unhappy. So I thought I would put together this useful little collection of do, and don'ts, so you can be calm and collected at the following demonstration you visit. You may thank me afterwards.


In the event you find a professional skateboarder (or an entirely awesome and familiar amateur) attempting to get a quiet corner to sit in so he could relax for another, certainly make a point to sit right down next to him and begin asking him about something having to do with handrails. Make certain to sit farther than six inches from him.

IF ONE OF THE RIDERS has been producing numerous efforts at a very tough move and they eventually land the hint that they have been working towards, and then you need to probably turn into a friend and inform them that you have already noticed that specific stunt done with a local rider that doesn't have official .

OKAY, NOW LETS SAY that you are really skating with the group throughout the demonstration. Perhaps you're sponsored with the skatepark. I really don't understand. But let us say you are out there with all the men the audience is really there to view skate. It is crucial that you familiarize yourself that everyone who's attending the demonstration is really there to see that you do the same old dull ass regular. Own that regular. Attempt to get in as many dude's manners as you can, only for bonus awesomeness.

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Skateboarding etiquette the do's and don'ts of attending

IF YOU observe that the group has their very own ice chest with waters or beer or shit like this inside, then certainly hover round it using a glazed look on your eyes. If no one offers you something to consume only help yourself. Trust me, that they brought enough for everyone. It is kind of like their own tasks. What Size Skateboard Should I Get Do I Need

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY (badly, that is significant ), go around each one of those featured demonstration skateboarders and inquire to get free shit. Request the deck they are riding. Request their top notch. Request their bandanas or headbands or spikey bracelets. Anything they have, attempt to receive it. Should they appear unresponsive, then do not feel terrible. You always have the option to talk shit on them on the world wide web the moment you get home.


DON'T neglect to use an additional serving of hair gel that the afternoon of the demonstration. You are likely to need your bleached recommendations to be spikey as possible can be. And do not forget to wear this skate top you have in the mall. You know the yellowish Beefy-T with all the significant ass logo on front.

DON'T ASK some of those athletes to get an autograph unless you're inclined to get the autograph put either in your brow, your mother's tits, or even your sister's bra. If you are requesting them to sign up for board then it is compulsory that the board you're requesting them to sign isn't a board that's fabricated from the business that's throwing the demonstration.

DON'T TRY to produce BUDDIES with all the visiting skateboarders by giving them some of the following: drugs, booze, pool parties in your parent's home because they are in Aspen, sensual recovery, skatespots beyond their wildest fantasies. No wait actually, do so. No wait, I had been hoping to be amusing I am confused now. Basically only bug the shit from this dudes. Make sure you blow cigarette smoke in their faces even though you're speaking to them.

DON'T SIT IN YOUR auto in the parking lot smoking bud unless you've got a bumping ass system that's loudly enough that everyone at the demonstration can listen to you hammering that. Eminem CD your uncle left on your own trip. Additionally, when you depart the parking lot, then do not just casually push off. You are gonna wish to break up a smokey burnout into the max.

And should the DEMO ENDS using any type of product throw, do not stand idly by and allow another fucker grab that plank. You are likely to wish to be eager to get rid of a few goddamn teeth more than a 40 dollar cost point deck. Should you come from the pit free, I am going to become disappointed with you personally.

SO THAT SHOULD pretty much put you up and operating. Oh, one more thing. In case you've got a very shitty marijuana leaf tattoo on the arm, then you need to probably tip off the sleeves of your top so that everyone can view it. But that is sort of a no brainer, huh? Fantastic luck, dudes. Waitone more thing: make certain to wear a few silver bracelets.

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