ready to take chances, has mastered the skills of skateboarding

ready to take chances, has mastered the skills of skateboarding

Lip slides, kick-flips and 50-50s. All of these are maneuvers which are extremely familiar to people that are to skateboarding. A man game, right? Wrong.

Sarah Englund, 15, resembles any other woman hanging in the mall with her buds talking about college, crushes and the most recent CDs. What is special about Sarah? Sarah, ready to take chances, has mastered the skills of skateboarding and best skateboard brands.

It was her big brother that challenged her to try out the game. "He got real kicks doing all the various tricks. Afterward, he pulled out some of the normal'you-can't-do-it-you're-a-girl' opinions and that is all that I needed. It looked like fun, and so I purchased my board and began skating and, needless to say, falling," groans Sarah.

The man skaters did not believe it was cool that a woman was invading their land. They taunted and teased her for carrying spills that led to lumps and bruises. "Their mindset only made me strive harder," says Sarah. "After I demonstrated I had been as excellent as they were, I had been approved."

Sarah's friends laughed about her brand new"thing" Some played with the board and tried a couple of hints, then--OOPS! sprawled on the sidewalk. "Not needing to be klutzy, they stop," Sarah laughs. "They think that it's OK for me, but not because of them. Skateboarding isn't simple, and it takes practice to find the perfect balance."

ready to take chances, has mastered the skills of skateboarding

Due to her love for skateboarding, Sarah and nine boys in her hometown of Kirkland,WA., took on the job of persuading town hall to finance a skate courtroom. A couple of years before, the town council turned down a skate courtroom petition so whenever the town's new rec manager suggested that the children try again, all that happened was a lot of whining,"We are just children. They'll turn down us." Grumble. Grumble. What Size Of Skateboard Should I Get | Do I Need

The manager cut a deal with the band: When the children composed a proposal, she'd make them a gig before the town council. Oooh, an obstacle!

To council members, skaters have been a nuisance on roads and sidewalks. They did not see inline skating and skateboarding as valid sports. So the children made a movie revealing skating maneuvers. Sarah made the courtroom, building a plaster and cardboard version. Subsequently the"children' committee" went to city hall. The council members were impressed with all the well-thought-out proposal. Funds were approved and five months afterwards, Kirkland had its very own skate courtroom!

So Sarah spends her days performing skateboard moves along with... body . Huh? When Sarah found herself at a headlock when goofing off with some man buds, she became interested in wrestling. Yet more, she began from the floor and fulfilled with all the athletic director. She is currently the sole member of her college's brand new female wrestling group! "It is likely for adults to listen , even when you're just in eighth grade," says Sarah.

Doing The Unusual

Sarah's Hints for dangling from the Comfort Zone

* Do on your own --maybe not for others or as it is cool.

* Work on being self-confident. Begin with little suggestions and goals.

* Do not be scared of messing up. Learn from your own mistakes. Try more difficult or try something different.

* End a target even though it does not prove to be the most suitable one. It is satisfying to finish a job for its own sake.

* Everybody is a person. Not everybody wishes to become a wrestler or skateboarder. Respect your peers who they are.

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