Raymond Molinar: “Put this guy on”

Raymond Molinar: “Put this guy on”

What's the situation?

Situation? Everybody's been saying that. Who came up with that?

I think Spanky. Where are you at, Miami?

I'm with Pete Thompson. Seriously, no joke--never again. I'm not going on trips with him anymore. If we don't get a photo one day, he'll be the most sourpuss ever--he won't talk or he'll pretend he's asleep like a fucking idiot. I'm over it; I don't want to ever put up with that shit again. If the situation came up that Cairo called and said "You're going to Australia with Pete Thompson. You go or get kicked off the team." I'd be like, "I'm off the team." That's how bad it is.

Damn. So who do you like skating with?

All the 508 guys. Cairo. All the Popwar dudes, pretty much.

What's 508?

It's the Long Beach crew. I'm not in it, but I just kick it with all those guys.

I saw Dave Hoang has the 508 tattoo on his wrist.

I got one on my ass.

Is Jon Newport on the trip with you?

Yeah, he's fucking sick. Newport's so funny; I could be around that dude 24 hours.

Are you filming for anything?

We're working on the Popwar video. The deadline is in September. Everyone says that's too soon, but whatever.

What kind of photos do people want to see in a magazine? Handrails?

I think people want to see handrails, but I don't want to see that. I want to see sequences of Gino doing nollie 270 tailslides. Or a good still shot.

Raymond Molinar Put this guy on

What skaters do you like now?

Danny Garcia, Jason Dill, Quim Cardona. That's about it. Those are the only people I get psyched on.

What about when you first started skating?

Jeron Wilson, that's pretty much it. That's the only person I liked when I first started skating. His board was the first board I ever had.

Do you still have your Santana gear?

Oh, my poncho? My dashiki? Yeah, and I still rock it too.

What music have you been listening to?

Matt Costa. He used to skate awhile back and I guess he blew out his knee and can't really skate so he started playing music. Now he has a CD out. I listen to Kings of Convenience; you should listen to it. You'd like it.

After that trip we went on and you played Bob Dylan's New Morning in the van all the time, I've been listening to it so much.

Do you still have that fedora you bought?

No, a girl stole it.

Nike is making boots now, like cowboy boots.


No, just kidding.

You ride for them, don't you?

Yeah, but flow. You should write, "Put this guy on. He's killer."

Do they send you rare shoes that you can sell on eBay?

Yeah, but I've never done that. Everyone says to do it, but I don't know.

When you walk down the street do people fan out?

Daniel was walking down the street and he had the Heineken Dunks or something, and a guy was like, "I'll give you $200 for them." And he said no, so they guy asked if he could take a picture of them, and pulled out a camera phone and took a picture of his shoes. Can I tell you about Tampa? I got wasted every night.

What happened?

The moment I missed my first trick in my first run I was like "Ah, I'm getting wasted. I don't even care." I got kicked out of all these bars. That guy Weiger got kicked out and he was yelling in the street; "I'm from fucking Holland! I've been drinking since I was 14! America sucks!" All these people were getting pissed at him, telling him to go back there.

What did you get in the contest?

Like last place.

Who won?

This guy Sierra. I heard that right when he won Jamie Thomas was there with his contract all printed out and new outfits for him.


Yeah, "Here's a couple bandanas, you're pro now." He's good. He did some shit in his lines, I heard, but I didn't watch. I was trying to get some chicks.

Yeah, that's what this is all for. What are you motivations for skating on this level? Fame, money, chicks?

Respect, I guess. I don't really care. I just want to do my thing. That's it.

What music are you going to skate to in your part?

I just finished a part for Furnace and I used "Ceremony" by New Order.

I remember that you were on a Joy Division kick.

I still am. That's my favorite band ever.

I just read Touching From A Distance, the Ian Curtis biography. It's pretty sad.

When he was younger him and his friend would steal drugs from old people, get all fucked up on their pills. He was young; he was at his peak when he died.

Are you going to follow in his footsteps and kill yourself at 22?

I want to.

You should skate to "Went To See the Gypsy" by Dylan.

That song is so sick. Do you smoke?

Yeah. Cigarettes.

No, like the good times?

No. I don't like it.

Well you should, and then listen to that song.

That song is about Elvis. Bob Dylan met Elvis and wrote a song about it.

Really? That makes so much sense now. I thought the gypsy was like a miracle man.

O'Dell, Patrick

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