Look at a vitamix blender Nowadays and you May Not believe

Look at a vitamix blender Nowadays and you May Not believe

Look at a vitamix blender Nowadays and you May Not believe Much has changed in the past 30 or 40 decades. Just take a closer look, however, and you might be surprised. Recent alterations appear small, but create a significant difference in the way these machines function.

If you are like many operators, you need two items from Your best vitamix blender. "It needs to be quite strong to chop up things fast," states Tracy Finklang, corporate beverage director for Rock Bottom Restaurants, located in Louisville, Colo..

"Noise-free is important," based on Rene van Camp, corporate beverage manager for InterContinental Hotels Group, located in Atlanta.

In short, most pub and restaurant operators are searching For its"strong, silent" type. Here is what to think about when you take a look at vitamix blender makers' latest offerings.

MOTORS. You can still locate 1/2-hp two-speed blenders on The current market, and they are relatively cheap. They are fine if you create just a dozen frozen cocktails per day. Push them any more difficult than this, and they will probably burn out fast.

Heavy-duty Business pub blenders come outfitted with Motors generally ranging from 2 to a bit more than three hp, giving you plenty of power for everything from frozen cocktails to ice cream beverages and fruit juices.

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Horsepower is still a Fantastic way to contrast and compare Blender power, but it is only one thing that counts. Blender motors require enough torque for the blades began if the container is filled with ice or ice cream. And motors have to reach speeds that correctly combine all of the ingredients.

Some grinder manufacturers push amps as a Means to differentiate machines With more energy. A normal 13-amp blender, as an instance, can do a very good job in a pub making 50 frozen drinks a night. But pubs cranking out 100 or even 150 beverages a night may want a more strong 15-amp as well as 20-amp blender, based on George Wright, advertising director at Blendtec.

Likewise, some producers encourage"bare motor Rate," touting RPMs up to 45,000. Bare motor rate, clearly, is your engine running with no immunity. Again, as you need high RPMs to homogenize your own drinks, you still need enough preliminary torque (or amps so the engine does not breed when meeting a great deal of immunity ) to find the blades moving.

BLADES. Speaking of blades, you may notice that a lot Of the vitamix blenders no more possess the older four-blade assemblies (although many versions still perform ). Blade assemblies now frequently feature two-blade layouts. These more and tougher stainless blades cut strong components, such as ice hockey, ice cream and fruit easily. They are also designed to pull on down ingredients to the blades and then push them out and up the sides of the container, mixing ingredients faster.

You can eliminate blade assemblies on several Vitamix versions, Says vice president of earnings Scott Hinkley. Most, however, are an essential component of the container.

CONTAINERS. Yes, you can still purchase stainless steel Containers on a blender versions. However there are a great deal of benefits to this polycarbonate containers available on the market. To begin with, bartenders may observe the components, and because most containers are marked in oz measuring is simpler. And clients see the mixed drinks since they're poured for longer attention appeal.

Polycarbonate containers have yet another advantage over the Old cylindrical stainless steel containers. They are shaped in a manner that promotes mixing action within the container. Container blades and shape operate in concert to pull down ingredients to the vortex at the middle of their container and then up and out the sides. That eliminates cavitation, or air pockets forming round the blades.

Polycarbonate also is practically indestructible, and with Good care lasts quite a while. Ultimately (here is where we reach the"quiet" component ), these containers normally are more silent than stainless. "You can not eliminate the sound of ice hockey crushed," states InterContinental Hotel Group's van Camp,"but plastic can really make a difference"

NOISE REDUCTION. Producers have integrated a Number of developments in the last couple of years which help reduce noise. The clearest is that a cover that fits within the whole unit, but a great deal of surgeries do not like them since they take more space.

"We had to use vitamix blenders," Finklang States,"but a cover is merely one more measure bartenders must take to produce a beverage. They would rather not make mixed drinks in the first place only because they take some time."

Even without covers, even However, the polycarbonate jars or Containers are made to decrease the sound of mixing drinks.

Motors are becoming quieter, also, as well as lovers are Made to create less sound with enhanced air flow to cool the engine. Some producers incorporate baffles from the unit's foundation to soften motor audio farther. Several models can also be mounted at the countertop so that the engine is beneath the counter, decreasing the engine sound even more. Mount your own in-counter unit using a gel gasket and you're going to decrease sound and vibration.

BELLS AND WHISTLES. Controls range from easy on/off And two-speed rocker switches less costly versions to touch keypads which allow you to program a range of distinct mix cycles into more costly machines.

Why the latter? To Finklang's stage, bartenders frequently Get active behind the bar. Blended drinks take some time, and frequently, after bartenders have rich ingredients to get a mixed drink in the container, they will change it on and walk away to make other beverages. Programmable vitamix blenders supply you with the capability to place the blade rate and time of this mix to coordinate with the beverage. By way of instance, program grinder rate and cycle length one way for your"granita" feel of a Margarita, and yet another for an ice cream drink. Once installed, these mix cycles are as simple as pressing a code on the keypad, so making sure good consistency drink after drink.

LCD displays on programmable versions guide you through Applications and even signal cycle counts and maintenance messages. Some versions also let you download mix cycle apps by a PC or notebook.

A Less Costly alternative is a simple timer, which Ensures that drinks will not be over-blended if bartenders become tied up awaiting clients. "Timers are extremely fine," Rock Bottom's Finklang enthuses. "Bartenders can place them for around 15 minutes and walk to pour a couple pints."

Many machines also have a"heartbeat" change as an Alternative that refreshes drinks which have been sitting for a moment or so.

Another cool feature on many new heavy-duty vitamix blenders is An automobile shut-off that turns off the motor if it overheats or even the blades jam. Some have a reset button to turn the device on after you have removed the blades. Others reset automatically once the system has had time to cool down.

And do not forget to purchase off-the-shelf pliers that offer Bartenders that the ease of adding ingredients while the blender's running.

MAINTENANCE. Luckily, vitamix blenders do not require much maintenance. "They are fairly fussy," says van Camp,"but you need to keep them tidy. We usually rely on them to create sweet beverages, so that they could attract fruit flies if you do not wash them."

For many, cleaning is a snap. The two Blendtec and Vitamix Make rinsing gadgets which you attach to a tap. Only invert your container onto the apparatus, press , and it pushes water to the container. Finklang recommends placing a bit soapy water from the container and turning to the blender before rinsing thoroughly.

Producers generally recommend not operating containers Via the dish washing machine. Compounds and hard water may lead to polycarbonate to undertake a muddy look with time, states Vitamix's Hinkley.

Vitamix does advocate daily sanitizing for versions For example its Ice Shaver Blender. The device was created with an eye on durability --rather than clutches, which wear out with time, it sports a patented magnetic push cup and vitamix blender.

With a little research and a Bit More investment, Savvy operators can find a true workhorse of a system nowadays. The pay-off could be rewarding.

"Blenders give you the capability to throw together Ordinary ingredients and produce something fantastic that may provide you a greater margin," opines Finklang. Who does not want that?

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