Hollywood Miniramp contest

Hollywood Miniramp contest

How can you get a number of the best experts of the past, present and potential to come out and skate a competition where there is no prospect of a $150,000 prize purse? You throw a sick-ass miniramp competition in the heart of Hollywood at The Standard Hotel that is more of a laid back session in relation to a competition, that is how.

And supplying free meals and booze does not hurt either. This past September that the Sunset Rampage Miniramp competition presented by Matador was only this, and turned out to be much more enjoyable than we anticipated. best skateboard brands list

We squeezed an 18ft broad miniramp on the pool deck of this swanky resort situated on the notorious Sunset Strip and encouraged a number of the very best and most admired skaters from the world to come skate and have a fantastic time, all of the while letting them understand they are those judging who won the"contest" Co-Sponsored by our buddies at Lakai and Redbull, the event attracted out the very best dogs in the likes of Andrew Reynolds, Brian Anderson, Mike Carroll, Dylan Rieder, Kenny Anderson, Arto Saari to legends such as Lance Mountain, Sal Barbier and Alfonso Rawls. The firearms showed up in drive also; Andrew Langi, Curren Caples, Louie Lopez, Vincent Alvarez, Raven Tershy, Tom Remillard and much more ripped up the ramp for over four hours straight.

Hollywood Miniramp contest

Following a day of good beats, fantastic music and decent skating, all of the skaters who engaged wrote down to their judging sheets that the top 3 skaters of the night were. After the votes were tallied, a bloodied Raven Tershy walked off with the top prize of $2,500 bucks with Andrew Langi taking second position with $1,500 and Tom Remillard becoming next to $1,000.

We want to extend enormous thank yous to Matador, The Normal Hotel, Lakai, Redbull, Ryan Field, Tristin Akahoshi, Billy Deans, Kelly Bird, Sam Smyth, Anna Christy and Armine Martirosyan for assisting this event occur. See you next year for around two of those Sunset Rampage. How To Get Better At Skateboarding

"Skating with the best experts like Reynolds, Kenny Anderson, Mike Carroll has been wonderful. It was among the funnest competition I have ever been in. I have completed a few other miniramp competitions but they have been super severe just like,'GotId triumph. GotId win' This one was actually laid back and much more of a session. I had a excellent time. I would certainly do it again."

--Andrew Langi, madonna

"I thought we'd be skating outside at the parking lot, not in the resort. It was a cool place with a great deal of sexy girls. I enjoyed the entire notion of it. And only skating with my buddies Raven and Brandon was wonderful. And getting to watch Sal Barbier skate was rad. However, I was somewhat worried about my plank flying outside and breaking up a window, however. I am glad that did not happen."

--Tom Remillard, Nosegrab tragedy celebration

"I did not know what to expect before I got there. I only knew there was gont be a ramp. There was a fairly legendary team of skaters on the ramp. Tight. Kenny Anderson and Mike Carroll were all ripping the miniature all evening. I was stoked to only be part of it"

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