Greg Lutzka: The Lutzka skate

Greg Lutzka: The Lutzka skate

What is happening?

I have only been filming to my 411 part coming outside.

Let us get some stats moving, as you're a newcomer to the picture.

I am 16-years-old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My patrons are Illenium, Spitfire, Independent, Hurley, Globe, and Stage 3 Skateshop. I have been skating for six decades. What Size Skateboard Should I Get

Who is the best skater to come from Wisconsin?

To come in Wisconsin? I would have to mention Dave Mayhew or Jon Allie, Correct. I would also have approved Paul Zitzer.

Oh yeah, also Paul Zitzer.

What is hockey in Milwaukee enjoy?

It is amazing in the summertime, however it snows in winter. We have got a playground, the Four Seasons skatepark, therefore it is not actually a issue. We have got some decent places but it's not that mad.

Are there any children that get on the railings on the market?

Yeah. There is some kids that skate railings and children that get technician. We have got a fantastic mix.

What is Milwaukee's nickname?

What's the nickname of Milwaukee? The Cheese State?

That is Wisconsin.

The Brewery State?

I believed it had been Beer City.

Oh yeah, Beer City.

What has been riding for Beer City skateboards enjoy?

It had been ill since it was a local business. They also helped me out a whole great deal, got me a couple advertisements and sent me back into the Tampa'm.

Are the women worse or better than those in California?

Absolutely much better in California. The women here are not as fine and tan like in California; it is chilly here so they are all coated. They are out in their homes'cause it is so chilly.

Do you feel that'll remain there for awhile?

I want to proceed into the West Coast once I graduate. I am in 10th grade at this time, so perhaps in a couple years.

Did you skate the most famed cement park The Turf?

No. This was before my period.

I heard that you have steak with Jon Allie.

Got beef?

Greg Lutzka The Lutzka skate


Uh, maybe not really. Him and him are still cool. Why, is that exactly what he said?

No, I am only hoping to begin any shit.

Nah, he is cool. We just utilized to visit exactly the very exact competitions and type of skate in each other, sort of a cross-town competition I figure.

I understand that you turned down a deal from Toy Machine to remain with Illenium. Was that a difficult choice?

Yup, it sort of has been'cause I was quite stoked on Toy Machine a year or two back. I am just stoked on Illenium'cause it is a brand new coming business where Toy Machine has been larger back then. It is still great, however I do not think that it could become as large as it was. I believe with Illenium it is gonna acquire larger and we could come up since it is a brand-new thing.

Who is your favourite skater nowadays?

Arto. The Reverse team. Arto, Bastien Salabanzi and Appleyard.

Are you gearing up to Tampa?

Yeah, pretty much. It has not been snowing here I've been skating a bundle and filming.

Have you got any competition strategy?

I just attempt to skate and have fun--texture it out. I have worried the first season, but I've been there before I do not think that it is going to be bad.

Do you feel that'll do great?

I expect so; I would love to.

Perhaps you have been in trouble with the law?

Nope, not. I received a curfew ticket to being outside yet time, but not for skating. That is it.

What should you consider experts with sneakers or their own businesses who have not done anything in a long time?

There are particular experts who deserve sneakers, such as Arto, however you can find different dudes with expert shoes that do not deserve it. I would not be overly stoked because of them. I do not actually understand how to answer this query.

Can you let a bond shot at a magazine?

No, I would sure don't to. That is sort of sketchy. I really don't enjoy this. It useless and everyone knows he did not pull on it.

Who do you believe ought to be Skater Of The Year?

Arto Saari. Definitely.

Do a lot of men and women call you"The Lutzka?"

Yeah. A good deal of folks do not even use my name. They simply call me"The Lutzka."

That is a good deal of pressure, taking into consideration the standing of this Muska.

Yeah. I guess it's. I never thought about it like this.

Who would be the top amateurs out?

Dennis Busenitz, caswell Berry. Chris Cole's quite ill.

Who is your favourite East Coast skater?

Brian Wenning's ill. Kerry Getz and the Habitat team.

What is the very best place you have skated up to now?

What is that Heath college known as?


Yeah, UCI is fantastic. The majority of the material is knobbed, however.

Thus Lutzka, what exactly would be the big plans?

Hopefully go ace for Illenium.

When are you going to know you are prepared?

I really don't understand. Possibly after Tampa'm. I would like to do a bit more video components and find some more protection; ideally develop. Freedom to ride? In its B.C. mecca, the future of longboarding is in jeopardy

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