Getting on board: meet a teen who turned his passion for skateboarding

Getting on board: meet a teen who turned his passion for skateboarding

Here is actually the second in a collection of posts on teens that are receiving a head start on potential careers by operating in trendy jobs today. Within this problem, Alternatives interviewed Daniel Uribe, 18, who attends El Camino College in Torrance, California. A skateboarder for the previous five decades, Daniel made his own business, Lazer Bearings.

Alternatives: What's Lazer Bearings? How To Get Better At Skateboarding 1

Daniel: A posture is a antifriction apparatus involving the axle of the skateboard as well as the wheels of the shredder. Utilizes bearings. My bearings are all made from ceramic balls. The ceramic is also a unique form called lithium nitride. This substance is much lighter, tougher, more rust-resistant compared to some other metal bearing. My bearings have been made specifically for skateboarding.

Alternatives: Why burn off skateboarding to your company ?

Daniel: Skateboarding is exactly what I really like doing. That is the key to a thriving company: doing what you enjoy as you are likely to be committed for this.

Alternatives: what kinds of things did you do to begin your enterprise?

Daniel: I had been selling skateboards at high school. I would paint them and market them for my pals. I wished to create my money and my future. What actually motivated me were the folks at NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship). They advised me"You can accomplish this, as a young individual. You are able to begin a small company enterprise."

Alternatives: What exactly does it require to conduct your company for a teenager?

Getting on board meet a teen who turned his passion for skateboarding

Daniel: If you are motivated and prepared, adults may look beyond your youthful age and speak for you because they wish to provide help. You have to have the area to keep tabs on prices and produce a business strategy and operate with it.

Alternatives: What exactly would be your' aims along with your' business, Lazer Bearings?

Daniel: Together with bearings, I will enlarge to whatever. Whatever rolls utilizes bearings. My idea would be to style bearings unique to software. I am focusing on skateboarding, however I wish to expand to additional markets for the claws marketplace.

Alternatives: What advice do you give to young men and women that wish to produce and operate their own companies?

Daniel: Get out there and research. Here is time in your own lifetime to make errors and find out, so do it. You are likely to learn from the experiences. Do not hesitate since you are likely to be disappointed about what you did not do than what you did .

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