Why I don’t skateboard: an interview with the creator, Josh Robertson

Why I don’t skateboard: an interview with the creator, Josh Robertson

How would you describe "Why I Don't Skateboard" to the clerk behind the counter at Pac Sun?

I'd describe it as a carefully-constructed photograph collection highlighting the downsides of admitting that I am a skateboarder, or that I like good skateboard for beginners.

Was there one singular inspiration for WIDS?

I love skateboarding too much, and it's always hard trying to explain skateboarding to a non-skater. No non-skater will never know what it's all about. In a world full of deceptions, it's 100-percent raw and real. The photos on the blog are a representation of those people I don't want to be associated with when I admit that I skate to normal humans. We're not on the same team.

Do you have an army of bloggers on the lookout for these atrocities?

My friends have all joined in on it. I don't do pictures off the Internet--no screen grabs or reblogged photos. My ultimate plan is to have it evolve into a well-oiled machine of user-submitted photos. Some good submissions have started rolling in, thanks to Thrasher posting it up on Facebook.

Who's the most famous person you've caught in a shameful act for your blog?

Maybe someone really famous who I don't know about ... That would be awesome. I do have clips of Cody McEntire and Josh Matthews on there, just some "everyone wishes they could rip that hard" type posts.

Do you really not skateboard anymore?

Nah, I fucking love skateboarding. I just don't like being grouped into the same category as the people on the site. It's irritating. This is my way to vent.

How must the Heavens align to make for a perfect WIDS post?

It's pretty easy here in SF, with the amount of photo opportunities you see in one day. I've fully skated off mid-conversation and switched directions on the street to get a photo.

What's worse, a cute girl mall grabbin' while crossing the street, or a dude taking the bus after bombin' the avenues with his Sector?

Why I don't skateboard an interview with the creator, Josh Robertson

Oh man, I'd say the chick.

Speaking of, how long's your Sector, bro?

I got a wicked 7-footer with a killer whale graphic on the bottom.

What does the future hold for WIDS?

Keep the photographic collection going.

It hasn't lost its enjoyment yet. I like to screenprint, so I'm about to make some shirts and stickers to promote the cause. Maybe give the blog a much-needed face-lift.

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