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Skateboarding’s digital evolution

Skateboarding is never shy about patting itself on the back when it comes to pushing the progression of the sport. It makes sense when comparing it to other mainstream activities where progression is measured in milliseconds, not staircounts, endless bags-of-tricks or the current robot-like consistency that is prevalent within skateboarding’s elite today. As impressive as […]

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TEEN SENTTHREE FEARKESS INTERNS TO THE ALL-GIRL SKATE JAM SKATE CAMP. DID THESE BEGINNER SKATERS RIP IT UP–OR RIP THEIR PANTS? NEW SKATE BETTY GLORIA FRANKE REPORTS Girls I’ve got news yuh: Skateboarding is no longer “boys only” territory. Just ask any of the kick-butt lady pro instructors at this year’s All-Girl Skate Jam Skate […]

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