Vans Inc continues skate parks expansion, despite economic worrie

Vans Inc., that will be launching a 37, 000-square-foot indoor skate park in Metrocenter mall Nov. 8, which is dedicated to opening added parks nationally, even though economic concerns. Neal Lyons, president of retail branch, said that the Santa Fe Springs, Calif.-based”‘ firm was on an aggressive growth, starting approximately five indoor skate parks annually […]

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Hellions on wheels. (News and Trends about skateboarding)

It’s the height of the summer, along with younger men’s fantasies have looked into nollie noseslides along with melon homosexual spins. No, they aren’t tropical drinks, but rather elaborate skateboard suggestions practiced by most teenagers. Regrettably, the”stadium” is many times a shopping centre parking lot or memorial plaza. And though the series might possibly amuse […]

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Mountain mama Skate

Surf season is finished, and also you also can’t watch for snow? Jump on another kind a plank, and then also shred a mountain. Mountain boarding is fast mounting whilst the brand new brand fresh, urn, will we say… board-game? Have not been aware of how mountain biking? It’s together with shocks, just like a […]

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Wear a helmet when skate

How Do You Stay Safe This Summer? Helmets Maintain Your Head secure Many children ride bicycles or scooters. Experts say that those children must wear helmets. Why? Children riding bicycles or scooters may collapse. They can hurt their minds. Keep heads secure. Experts say all children riding bicycles or scooters need to wear helmets. How To […]

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On the ground: the Zoo York skate team files a report from the middle of a two week long journey to China

Ten days to our 15-day visit to China, we’ve started to have a handle to the culture and way of life. Our everyday routine is made up of leaving the resort in the afternoon and Assessing the sprawling Southeastern Chinese towns for hours seeking amazing skateboarding places. It’s a simple and exciting endeavor, since the […]

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Reclaim your sport with skate

As soon as I began skateboarding across the mid 70’s, the game was quite young. The brakes were so tender and the trucks had been softer. The ball bearings utilized to drop from these wheels. There was just one skate park at all of the United Kingdom. The ollie was a way off being considered. […]

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