Activision breaks new ground beyond skateboarding

Activision breaks new ground beyond skateboarding

INVESTORS have a tendency to concentrate on companies which are No. 1 in their own industry, and that's why videogame publisher Activision Inc., the No. 2 participant, occasionally gets short shrift compared with the own nemesis, Electronics Inc..

Activision is over one third the magnitude of Digital Arts, even when measured by earnings. However having a market cap of just over $3 billion, it's given significantly less than one-sixth the worthiness of its bigger rival.

Activision could shortly realize that the playing area starts to point out. What Size Of Skateboard Should I Get

The Santa Monica-based Firm. Which will be poised to record quarterly earnings on Feb. 7, which is breaking from its picture as the writer famous for its"Tony Hawk" skateboarder matches, scoring current strikes with"Doom 3" and"Spider-Man 2"

And it's being seen by bigger media companies because of takeover potential.

Activision stocks got a boost on Jan. 13, when News Corp.. President and Chief Operating Officer Peter Chemin, talking at a Smith Barney Citigroup conference in Phoenix, spoke about"kicking tires of pretty much all videogame businesses." Activision notched a 13% profit more than two days prior to hitting opposition at $22.35 per share.

Chernin told analysts he saw a difference between the purchase cost commanded by Electronics, which reported earnings a week, and the next tier of companies including Activision.

"People used to see Electronics as Snow White, even though Activision along with another historians had been the Seven Dwarves." Said Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities, with a $25 price target on Activision's inventory. "But today Activision is concentrated on making every match a 1 million-unit vendor. They've a lot of great games with thighs left in these, together using sequels, and fresh content following year.

Worldwide video game revenue reach $20 billion final year--a figure which currently exceeds the film industry's annual national box office receipts.

The sector has attracted attention from Viacom Inc.'s Summer Redstone, that has amassed an 80% stake in Chicago-based Midway Games Inc., publication of the"Mortal Kombat" series.

Activision breaks new ground beyond skateboarding

Microsoft Corp., manufacturer of the Xbox apparatus, is rumored to be hauled around.

Two additional game publishers gaining focus are Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., the manufacturer of this"Grand Theft Auto" series, also Calabasas Hills-based THQ Inc., that has licensing arrangements using World Wide Wrestling and Nickelodeon.


With powerful recent earnings reports along with a good name lineup, Activision has published an 81 percent boost in its inventory in the last calendar year, to $22.11 at Jail. 26.

Analyst Bill Lennan in WR Hambrecht revealed a"buy" rating on Activision a week using a 12-month cost goal between $21 and $27 per share. He explained in a research note that Activision will gain from consolidation in the market given its considerable cash reserves.

Arvind Bhatia, an analyst in Southwest Securities Corp. in Dallas, said Wall Street is bullish on Activision since the provider already gave powerful advice for the next quarter ended Dec. 31.

Back in December, the business said that it expects to record that a 12 percent increase in net earnings to 55 cents a diluted share, versus 49 pennies pet diluted share at the year-ago span. Revenue is forecast to grow 23% to $615 million.

By contrast. Redwood Shores-based Electronics stated last week that earnings and gain both felt at the all-important holiday season, its own third quartet+ finished Dec. 31. The business also handed out pink slips to 60 developers, designers and directors from its own L.A. studios in Playa Vista.

Like most of video game publishers. Activision is enormously determined by blockbuster names to drive earnings. "Spider-Man two" and"Doom 3" contributed 42% towards earnings in the Sept. 30 quarter.

Its permit by professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, that runs till 2015, has generated five names and cumulative earnings of over $820 million. Activision has nine matches which sent over I million units annually in 2004up from,only four blockbuster names in 2003.

However, competition is ferocious. All game developers are attempting to obtain economies of scale and make powerful name lineups to get ready for the launch of next-generation sport apparatus.

Activision stated its purchase earlier the mouth Vicarious Visions Inc., its growth associate for"Doom 3" about the Xbox platform, also provides it technologies it could integrate into its software for next-generation games console games.

There's a legal issue hanging over the business, and the sector as a whole. This past year, six distinct securities class-action suits were consolidated at Superior Court in Los Angeles using allegations that former and current executives and executives of Activision overstated earnings and resources throughout a 22-month span commencing in 2001. Not too different from the current skateboarders, correct?

Along with the Securities and Exchange Commission launched a formal evaluation in mid-2003 to the accounting procedures of videogame produces and vendors, with a particular emphasis on revenue recognition.

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